Robbers exchanged shots with the crew of an armored car in Takoma Park on Friday and police were investigating whether they were also involved in a carjacking in which a man was shot.

In the armored-car holdup, robbers took money from the vehicle’s crew in the 1300 block of University Boulevard amid a flurry of gunfire, Takoma Park police said. The amount taken was not known, and it appeared that no one was seriously injured by the shots.

A damaged car, possibly used as a getaway vehicle, was later found abandoned on Conway Avenue in Takoma Park about a mile from the scene of the robbery.

A man who lives in the neighborhood said he saw young people leave an automobile in late afternoon and head down the normally placid street. Within moments, he said, he heard gunfire.

“Bump, bump, bump, bump,” he said. “Four shots.”

A man who was driving away from his house on Conway was wounded and his car was taken, according to a source who knows the man’s family.

D.C. police later found an auto burned and abandoned on Kansas Avenue NW, and the family source said it was believed to be the car taken on Conway Avenue.

The site where the car was found is roughly two miles southwest of the site of the armored vehicle robbery, and about one mile in the same direction from where the shooting occurred on Conway Avenue.

The wounded man was taken to a hospital. His condition was not immediately known.