For the second time in eight days, a small dog was stolen in a home burglary in the District. On Thursday, Lolita Woodson’s teacup Yorkie was taken, along with a lot of electronics.

“I’m really upset,” Woodson said. “It’s my little baby.”

Teacup Yorkies typically are among the tiniest of dogs. Woodson’s pet, black and tan, weighs about a pound and a half and is six inches long, she said.

The dog is called Ms. Pella, a name Woodson said she found on the Internet.

The theft occurred while Woodson was at work. On returning to her home on 50th Street NE, she opened the door, saw that there had been a burglary and called in vain for Ms. Pella.

As to why someone would take a family pet, she said, she has no idea.

Earlier last month, Margo, a 20-pound cockapoo, was taken from a home near Capitol Hill. Margo was found safe by police.

As of Sunday evening, Ms. Pella was still missing.

In another trying incident involving a dog, a Labrador retriever belonging to an Anne Arundel County family was shot and killed Saturday by a county police officer investigating a burglary in the Pasadena area.

Police said the dog “confronted the officer” in front of the house on Lombardee Circle, and the officer fired. County Police Chief Kevin ­Davis went to the home. Police said Davis offered his condolences and said the police would conduct an internal investigation.

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