UPDATE: Joshua Robert Rosene, who was charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer, was found not guilty in Prince William General District Court.

A Manassas teenager pretending to be a police officer tried to stop another driver on Sunday.

Unbeknown to him, that driver was a real policeman.

Prince William County police said that the real officer saw a blue Pontiac G6 following him with blue lights flashing on Sudley Manor Road at about 12:30 a.m. on Sunday.

The officer thought the vehicle behind him looked suspicious, so rather than pulling over for the flashing lights, he called police.

Joshua Robert Rosene (Prince William County Police Department)

The driver of the Pontiac, realizing that the man he was following was not stopping, turned off his lights and sped away. But the officer followed the Pontiac, and reported the license plate number and location to police.

At the intersection of Sudley Manor Road and Bethlehem Road in the Manassas area, real on-duty officers caught up with the fake officer and the off-duty one.

The fake police officer, Joshua Robert Rosene, 18, was charged with impersonating a police officer. Police spokesman Nathaniel J. Probus said that officers investigating the case have not learned of any other traffic stops that Rosene attempted before he happened to try pulling over a cop.

Rosene did not indicate what he planned to do if he did stop someone, Probus said.