A teenager was seriously injured Friday night after she was struck by a police car apparently on its way to help quell fighting after a high school football game in upper Montgomery County.

She was hit about 9:15 p.m. on Apple Ridge Road, near the grounds of Watkins Mill High School in the Gaithersburg area. .

Reports from law enforcement reports indicated that a fight broke out after the game at Watkins Mill between Watkins Mill and Clarksburg High School.

Mark Sroka, chief of the Gaithersburg police department said one of the first calls from the scene reported “a fight involving several females.”

A spokesman for the county police said numerous fights were reported at the school after t he game. It was not clear what touched them off. However, he said, a 15-year-old student at Watkins Mill was struck after she stepped off the curb and entered the roadway between two arriving police cars. She was struck by the second of the two, the spokesman said.

In an e-mail, Scott Murphy, the principal of Watkins Mill told members of the school community that a 10th-grade student was struck and injured as she was on her way home after the game. .