Thirteen parakeets and six parakeet eggs were stolen from a home in Manassas — the second parakeet theft in the city in recent months.

Adrienne Helm, a Manassas police spokeswoman, said that the homeowner, a resident of the 9700 block of Bragg Lane, went inside her house for about 15 minutes on the afternoon of April 16. When she came out, the white wire cage holding her birds and their unhatched eggs was gone.

Parakeets, one of the most popular pet birds, are commonly sold by pet stores for as little as $10 or $20.

“I’m sure you can resell them,” Helms said. “I don’t know what it takes to look after a parakeet, but whoever took them thinking they’re going to resell them is going to have to nurture them.”

She said police are pursuing at least one lead and hope to return the birds to their owner unharmed.

Two parakeets were stolen from another Manassas residence in December.

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