Some of the plagues of life in the Washington region are the thieves who steal from the inside of parked cars. But in parts of the District recently, thieves have been taking things from the outside of cars: their tires.

On a mailing list used by the police and residents in upper Northwest, a D.C. police official told of a rash of thefts from cars and said that, in most of them, “the tires from the vehicles were stolen.”

One resident likened the incidents to how swift pit crews replace tires during auto races.

“These are crimes of opportunity,” the resident wrote online. “I have read before that they operate in teams and fast kind of like Nascar.”

Another resident reported seeing “two vehicles with all four wheels stolen off it overnight.”

He said one incident occurred around the Wisconsin Avenue and Macomb Street area last weekend and a second took place at 43rd and Yuma streets in the middle of the week.

He said the thieves apparently took the wheels and left the cars propped up on bricks.

According to police, the thefts have been occurring in an area bounded roughly by Connecticut and Massachusetts avenues NW, including much of the Wisconsin Avenue corridor.

They said they have increased patrols and asked residents to report suspicious activity.