A longtime D.C. drug dealer pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiring to distribute heroin and to a related gun charge, admitting that he sold the narcotics that were connected in some way to three different deaths.

Eugene Asomani Williams, 35, who also went by the nickname “Shine,” admitted as a part of his plea that he sold heroin from 2004 through September 2013. And in three separate occasions, according to his plea, his heroin ended up in the hands of people who, authorities would later conclude, died at least partly because they used the drugs.

One of the users was a 23-year-old Army private stationed at Fort Belvoir who died of an overdose not long after taking Williams’s heroin in January 2012. Another was a 22-year-old Fairfax County woman who drowned in a bathtub after using Williams’s heroin in February 2012, according to the plea. The third was a 33-year-old Fairfax County man who died after using Williams’s heroin and another drug in April 2013, according to the plea.

Williams ultimately pleaded guilty to drug and gun charges not explicitly connected to the deaths — an important distinction because he now faces a minimum of 15 years in prison instead of 25, said his attorney, Todd Baldwin. Baldwin said Williams had “no complete knowledge of what happened to the heroin after he sold it,” and “he certainly wasn’t intentionally causing anyone’s death.”

Williams is scheduled to be sentenced April 18, authorities said.

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