Police in Anne Arundel County say deer jumped through the glass doors of Southern Middle School early Monday. The deer were followed by two dogs, who attacked the deer. One deer died and two others were euthanized as a result of their injuries. (Courtesy of Anne Arundel Public Schools)

Two dogs attacked three deer early Monday morning after they crashed through the glass door of an Anne Arundel County school, police said.

Just before 4 a.m. Monday, officers responded to an alarm at Southern Middle School in the 5200 block of Solomons Island Road in Lothian. When the officers arrived they found chairs knocked over in the lobby and broken glass at a door next to the cafeteria. They also found a deer on the floor being attacked by a German shepherd.

When officers passed another doorway, they found a second deer “sitting on the floor in distress.” Police said the animal was suffering from “apparent bite marks.” Another dog — possibly a black Lab mix — was later found in the school, police said.

A third deer was found and trapped in a narrow hallway of the school. That deer had extensive injuries and died, police said. The other two deer were severely injured and later euthanized “due to the severity of their injuries from the dog attacks,” police said.

Officials closed the building Monday so crews could clean up the school.

“Three deer came through a door next to the cafeteria, followed by two dogs,” said Bob Mosier, a spokesman for the Anne Arundel County Public School system. “Suffice it to say that a chase ensued in the hallways.”

Southern Middle School’s building is also the temporary home of Lothian Elementary School, which is being renovated. Both Lothian and Southern were closed Monday.

“The extent of the cleanup that was necessary was such that we could not open either school,” Mosier said. “It was a pretty gory scene.”

School officials said the damage ranged between $3,000 and $5,000.

Police said the dogs were not wearing collars. They were captured by animal control officials, and police officers were able to locate their owners at a nearby home.

The dogs were in the custody of animal control Tuesday.

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