A 67-year-old man and his 25-year-old girlfriend were found shot to death Tuesday in Anne Arundel County in an apparent domestic- related homicide and suicide , county police said.

They said Charles Benton White shot and killed his girlfriend, Elizabeth Leigh Thorpe, in a house on High Point Road in the Orchard Point area, which is in the northeastern part of the county, near Baltimore.

Police said they went there after a shooting was reported. When police arrived, they were told that a woman had been shot and her assailant was still in the house, police said. Shortly afterward, police said, they heard a gunshot.

Inside the house, police said, they found both White and Thorpe with gunshot wounds. Investigators were told that White had shot Thorpe after an argument in the house that they shared.

Police said they were told that a witness tried to get the gun, described only as a long gun, from White, According to the witness, however, White held on to the gun, and shot himseolf, police said.

Police said Thorpe was lying near the basement steps, and White was seated near the front door.

This report has been updated.

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