Two Loudoun County sheriff’s deputies were injured Saturday while attempting to apprehend a man suspected of trying to steal televisions from a Costco.

A Costco employee spotted the man taking the TVs out of the store and called the sheriff’s office, according to sheriff’s spokesman Kraig Troxell. When the deputies arrived, they spoke with the man. Then he jumped into the driver’s seat of his car, and slammed the door on the hand of one of the deputies, police said.

The other deputy reached through the car window, and the suspect started driving. He dragged the deputy about 60 feet and hit a parked car in the Costco parking lot, Troxell said. The man drove away.

Both deputies were treated for their injuries and released on Saturday.

Troxell said that the sheriff’s office captured images from security videos of the suspect and his car — a 2004 to 2006 Acura with a New York license plate — but could not make out the license plate number.