Two people were robbed at gunpoint early Sunday about a block south of the busy H Street NE dining and entertainment corridor.

The two were ordered to lie on the ground about 1:50 a.m in the 1100 block of G Street NE, D.C. police said. The teenage robbers took $180 in cash and two cell phones.

Police said officers in the area took two suspects into custody shortly afterward. The stolen items were recovered and a black plastic bb gun was seized, police said.

The site of the robbery is about half way between H Street and the northern edge of the Capitol Hill historic district.

Early Saturday, someone walking with a Kindle in hand was struck in the head by three robbers who seized the device and fled, police said.

That robbery, involving assailants in their 20s, occurred about 1 a.m., and was three blocks east of Sunday’s incident. The site of the Saturday robbery, the 1400 block of Maryland Avenue NE, was also just south of H Street.