Two students from Mongolia say they were lured to a Burke home on the pretense of working at a housecleaning job and then sexually assaulted and beaten, according to a search warrant filed in a Fairfax County court.

One of the victims told investigators that she was told before the incident that a couple had been preying on women in the local Mongolian community. Police said in a release there could be victims in other cases. No one has been charged yet.

The incident began March 8 when the women, ages 20 and 31, went to the Ballston Common Mall in Arlington to look for jobs. They had arrived in the country two months earlier to attend school at a university that was not named in the search warrant.

At the mall, the victims met another Mongolian woman, who told them she owned a housecleaning business and had a client who wanted a job done. The victims told investigators that the woman invited the pair to come along with her.

The woman then introduced the victims to a man, who said he worked at a phone store at the mall, according to the search warrant. He told the victims that he would take them and the other Mongolian woman to the house for the job.

The victims said they felt safe with the arrangement because the other woman was Mongolian, according to the search warrant. After about 30 minutes, they arrived at a large home in Burke.

All four entered the home, and the man poured the victims glasses of wine, according to the search warrant. The victims felt they couldn’t refuse the wine because they were bound by cultural customs to accept the drink.

The victims were given more wine and at some point blacked out, they later told investigators. One of the women said she awoke to find the man sexually assaulting her, and she vomited, according to the search warrant.

That victim told the investigators that she did not consent to sex. The woman suffered multiple contusions, lacerations and other injuries during the encounter, according to the search warrant.

The next morning, the woman said she heard another occupant of the house ask the Mongolian woman from the mall: “Is that the girl that was screaming last night? What happened to her eye? Did someone hit her?”

The victim told investigators that the Mongolian woman they met at the mall responded, “Shh, they don’t know what happened, just get out of here.”

The second victim told investigators that she awoke in the middle of the night to find the man who had driven them to the Burke home touching her and kissing her. The second woman passed out again and awoke the next morning.

Later, while taking a shower, the second woman noticed contusions, abrasions and other injuries consistent with a sexual assault, according to the search warrant.

Both women went to the hospital and reported the incident to police and the Mongolian Embassy, Fairfax police said.

One of the victims said she was warned by a Mongolian friend that a couple was preying on young Mongolian girls and that the man works at a phone store at the Ballston Common Mall. She was told the couple lures girls into situations that involve sexual and physical assaults that result in their “possible enslavement,” according to the search warrant.

Detectives wrote in the search warrant that they visited the Burke home and found blood and vomit on a carpet. The house was just as described by the victims, and the residents were “extraordinarily nervous and being deceptive,” according to the search warrant.

Police obtained a search warrant to get a DNA sample from the Mongolian woman whom the victims met in Ballston. Although the couple is named in the search warrant, The Washington Post generally does not name suspects until they are charged with a crime.

Fairfax police ask anyone who knows of similar cases to contact them.