Post reporter Jenna Johnson and author Daniel Reimold, who has studied sex and relationship columns in the collegiate press, took reader questions about the state of love and sex on college campuses in a live online chat Thursday.

Q: What are the top three latest "trends" when it comes to love and sex on campus?

Reimold: 1) Dating is dead. 2) Monogamy is dying. 3) Romance is so 20th-century. (Happy Valentine's Day!)

According to the columns published in student newspapers across the U.S. and in Canada, students nowadays exist mainly within a casual-sex-centric, or "hook-up," culture.

It is a socially ambiguous setup. It's filled with people whom students randomly meet, sleep with and never see again, and individuals on students' cellphone speed dial lists available for commitment-free sex after a quick "booty call."

Q: It is a fact that sex has NOT "always" been a part of college life. To the youth of today it may seem that way, but this it not truth. One who knows and remembers well. . . .

Johnson: Really!?! College students one, two or three generations ago never ever had sex?!

Joking aside, you do have a point. Thanks for chiming in!

Q: Is it a college thing or has the casual hookup culture extended beyond the college years and become the new lifestyle for "Gen Z"?

Reimold: It does seem to be embedding itself into the twentysomething post-college crowd as well - at least according to one big recent study.

The key thing to realize about the hookup culture: It does NOT mean that relationships are entirely kaput. What's missing is what one student columnist calls "dating with a lowercase 'd.' "

It's what our parents called courting: the dinners and movies and mini-golf-type activities that came after the first kiss but before all-out commitment.

Nowadays, students are jumping right into hardcore marriage-like relationships at a blistering pace, often accompanied by sex at their first or second meet-up.