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Days dwindle to precious few for Wendy’s at key D.C. intersection

We appear to be only days now from the last meal, literal and symbolic, at a well-known eatery at one of the better-known Washington crossroads.

“We were informed today that the last day of operations for the Wendy’s will be next Tuesday,” D.C. Mayor Muriel E. Bowser (D) said Friday in a tweet.

The reference is to the Wendy’s at the heart of what District residents know as “Dave Thomas Circle,” in a sardonic reference to the chain’s founder.

The site is at the crossroads of First Street NE and New York and Florida avenues, known as one of the city’s more hazardous intersections. Eminent domain was used to acquire the property at a price of $13.1 million. The funds committed for the full revamp have been put at $35 million.

A report earlier this year in The Post said construction was expected to begin next year and take about 18 months.

Bowser said Wendy’s will leave the premises by Sept. 30.

“Onward to a less confusing and safer intersection,” she said.

That left Washington with a weekend to begin savoring and storing memories, both automotive and gastronomic.