These cases were handled by the Washington Humane Society, which operates its shelter at 7319 Georgia Ave. NW, and the District’s, at 1201 New York Ave. NE. For information or assistance, call 202-723-5730 or go to

A flighty museumgoer: Constitution Ave. NW, 1400 block, Feb. 8. Animal control officers found a sharp-shinned hawk stuck between pigeon netting and the ceiling of a museum loading dock and lured it toward a hole, through which it escaped.

Death investigated: New Hampshire Ave. NW, 5100 block, Feb. 9. A deceased Yorkshire terrier was taken to the shelter.

Cat injured: Otis St. NW, 1300 block, Feb. 10. An owner surrendered a cat that had broken its leg during an altercation with a dog because she could not afford treatment for the pet.

Surprise rescue: 55th St. NE, 700 block, Feb. 9. During a warranted search conducted by the Metropolitan Police Department, a poodle was found abandoned with minimal food and water.

Adoptable dog: Third St. NW, 1400 block, Jan. 29. A 2-year-old hound mix was taken to the shelter.

These cases were handled by the Washington Animal Rescue League, 71 Oglethorpe St. NW. For information, call 202-726-2556 or go to

Sick cat gets help: 14th St. NW, 1300 block, Feb. 7. A woman took a 10-year-old cat to the league’s medical center because the animal had been losing weight rapidly. After an examination, hyperthyroidism was diagnosed.

Unwelcome roommate: Alexandria, N. Ripley St., 700 block, Feb. 12. A woman took a 6-year-old cat to the league because she was moving in with her father, who was allergic to cats.

WARL receives special award: The Humane Society of the United States has named the Washington Animal Rescue League as one of its top 10 Emergency Placement Partners of 2012.

— Compiled by Ria Manglapus