These cases were handled by the Washington Humane Society, which operates its shelter at 7319 Georgia Ave. NW, and the District’s, at 1201 New York Ave. NE. For information or assistance, call 202-723-5730 or go to

Animals being sold illegally: N. Capitol St. NE, 1400 block, April 11. Upon investigating a report, animal control officers confiscated 53 baby slider turtles from a store owner who had them for sale.

Unrelated discovery: Wheeler Rd. SE, 4300 block, April 11. Humane Society officers removed two underweight dogs discovered while police executed a search warrant at a home.

Cat family orphaned: 18th St. SE, 1600 block, April 15. Three cats and three kittens were surrendered to the Humane Society by relatives of an owner who had died.

While checking another report: B St. SE, 4400 block, April 11. A Humane Society officer removed eight cats from an unmanaged colony of outdoor cats.

Adoptable cat: 21st St. SE, 3500 block, March 26. A 7-year-old cat was surrendered to the shelter when its owner passed away.

These cases were handled by the Washington Animal Rescue League, 71 Oglethorpe St. NW. For information, call 202-726-2556 or go to

Owner short on patience: Sargent Rd. NE, 4900 block, April 10. A woman relinquished a 4-year-old Chihuahua mix to league because it was not house trained.

Surgery scheduled: Hayes St. NE, 3800 block, April 11. A woman took a 12-year-old poodle mix to the league’s medical center because it strained when urinating and defecating. X-rays revealed bladder stones.

Surgery and grooming recommended: Oates St. NE, 1200 block, April 11. A man took a 5-year-old toy poodle to the league’s medical center because the dog was limping. Examination revealed luxating patellas (loose kneecaps), as well as severely matted fur and overgrown toenails.

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— Compiled by Ria Manglapus