These cases were handled by the Washington Humane Society, which operates its shelter at 7319 Georgia Ave. NW, and the District’s, at 1201 New York Ave. NE. For information or assistance, call 202-723-5730 or go to

Soaking wet dog rescued: 14th Pl. NE, 200 block, Dec. 10. Responding to reports of a pit bull left outside with no shelter from the cold and rain, a Humane Society officer impounded the dog.

Comfort cut short: Fifth St. NW, 6000 block, Dec. 12. An animal control officer captured a squirrel that entered a bedroom through a chimney. The animal was released.

Hawk’s flight cancelled: Eighth St. NW, 1800 block, Dec. 14. A Humane Society officer picked up a red-tailed hawk found with an injured wing. The bird was taken to the shelter, and it was later sent to City Wildlife.

Ownership restriction: 37th St. NW., 2000 block, Dec. 15. An animal control officer found a domestic duck in a backyard. It was unable to fly because its feathers had been trimmed. The fowl was taken to the shelter. Ownership of domestic waterfowl is prohibited in the District.

Unknown flight pattern: Parkwood Pl. NW, 1300 block, Dec. 15. An animal control officer found a red-tailed hawk in an alley. It had no visible injuries, but it could not fly. The bird was taken to the shelter and transferred to City Wildlife.

Domestic waterfowl restriction: 15th St. NW., 2500 block, Dec. 16. Animal control captured a domestic chicken in a front yard and took it to the shelter.

Stranded and alone: Forrester Pl. SW, unit block, Dec. 15. Animal control used a ladder to rescue a cat from the third-floor balcony of a vacant building.

Owners to be investigated: Douglas Rd. SE, 2600 block, Dec. 15. The Humane Society is investigating a case in which the owners of a cat failed to provide veterinary care. The animal was surrendered to the society. It had a severe respiratory problem and was euthanized.

Adoptable dog: New York Ave., 1200 block, Nov. 27. An 8-year-old shepherd mix was surrendered by an owner who could no longer care for it.

These cases were handled by the Washington Animal Rescue League, 71 Oglethorpe St. NW. For information, call 202-726-2556 or go to

Surgery recommended: Aspen St., NW, 300 block, Dec. 12. A man took a 7-year-old Maltese to the league’s medical center because of a mass on its back that had grown in the past six months.

Owner moves on: Michigan Ave. NE, 600 block, Dec. 12. A man relinquished a 9-month-old kitten to the league because he was moving and could not keep the cat.

Longs for company: Silver Spring, Manchester Rd., 8600 block, Dec. 12. A man surrendered a 7-year-old cat to the league because he was always away from home.

One too many: Fourth St. NW, 2500 block, Dec. 13. A woman relinquished a 1-year-old cat and four newborn kittens to the league because she could not afford to care for them.

Allergy problem: Rockville, S. Stonestreet Ave., 700 block, Dec. 17. A woman surrendered two 1-year-old cats to the league because relatives who moved in with her were allergic.

— Compiled by Ria Manglapus