(The Washington Post)

More rain fell in Washington on Friday than the city often sees in a full month. It closed roads, swamped sewers and postponed sporting events, while forecasters warned that more was still to come.

By day’s end, Washington had recorded 2.83 inches, the most rain in a single day in at least two years. Parts of Montgomery County reported four or more inches.

Trees toppled, thunder pealed and the day’s deluge forced the shift of both the Washington Nationals baseball game and the Washington Mystics basketball game to Sunday. Basketball games are seldom postponed by storms, but Friday rain leaked into the Verizon Center.

Streams ran swift and swollen, and airline flights were delayed. In the Wheaton area of Montgomery County, rescue crews pulled motorists from stalled cars.

A truck turns around rather than risk going further on a flooded street Friday in North Beach, Md. (Ray K. Saunders/The Washington Post)

Overburdened, the District’s combined sewers sent part of their overflow into the Potomac River near the foot of Virginia Avenue NW. Krissy Hopkins of Arlington, who saw it, said a massive pipe disgorged “all sorts of things you’d see on roads and anything you’d flush down your toilet.”

The city sewer system includes pipes that that carry only one kind of sewage but also has pipes that carry both storm water and sanitary sewage.