D.C. Council member Vincent C. Gray said a bouncer shoved him out of a nightclub in Northeast on Saturday night during an arts event sponsored by city government, according to authorities.

Advisers to Gray said a dispute began around 9 p.m. over acceptance of his council identification card at the D.C. Eagle club in the Democrat’s Ward 7 district.

According to Gray’s chief of staff, a bouncer wouldn’t accept the card which shows no date of birth.

Gray, 75, asked to speak to a manager and the bouncer came from behind the counter and shoved the lawmaker out of the door, said Sheila Bunn, Gray’s chief of staff. She said Gray was at the club for his third stop during Art All Night, a citywide arts festival at local businesses.

Gray called police after he was shoved. A police report said Gray reported that he fell and was injured after being pushed out the door. The report said he declined medical attention at the scene.

“He wasn’t going to party or drink or anything like that,” Bunn said. “This is a government-sponsored event, it was open to the public, he showed his council ID and he wasn’t belligerent about it.”

Bunn said Gray plans to press charges. She said one of the club owners apologized to the lawmaker and promised to fire the bouncer.

Representatives of D.C. Eagle could not immediately be reached for comment, but the club provided a statement to NBC 4:

“Councilmember Gray did attempt to enter the DC Eagle last night, but refused to provide proper identification to our door staff after being asked for it several times, as required by DC law,” the company said. “He asked to see an owner and was told he would have to wait outside.”

Gray served a term as mayor before losing a reelection bid in 2014. He was elected again to the council in 2016.