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A St., 1415-William C. Cook to Keira E. Franz, $524,500.

C St., 812-Fairbairn Properties to Mechael Wallach and Jeanne Francis, $456,000.

Carlton Ave., 2946-Urbiz Development to Renee Perrier and Karen Combs, $479,000.

Division Ave., 118-Patrica W. Jones to 118 Division Corp., $113,000.

Eads St., 4719-Joan E. Stewart to Jack Spicer Properties Corp., $63,700.

F St., 323-Julia D. Hovden to David Gorman and Lindsay A. Widle, $710,000.

G St., 315, No. 302-315 G Street Corp. to Allison K. Wyman and Daniel A. Vallone, $360,000.

Gallaudet St., 1905-Fredimos Seifu to Fekadu Ashenafi and Getu Mekonnen, $150,000.

Kennedy St., 734-Jeanette P. Jackson to Stephen C. Dowdell, $252,000.

Newton St., 1618-Rupsha Corp. to Adrienne Kilgore and Ryan Walton, $643,900.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 301-329 Corp. to Benjamin Persett and Thomas Freeman, $369,900.

Staples St., 1424-Holly Investment Corp. to Lula G. Adal, $345,000.

Webster St., 219-Sharon Wesley to Jamal Daniel, $189,900.

Third St., 627-Nantucket Holdings to Brian M. Bradley, $800,000.

Eighth St., 1011-James P. Baldwin and Iyoel Monreal to Huzefa S. Rangwala and Ameena M. Bahrainwala, $560,000.

15th St., 435-Karen F. Lee and Jeffrey C. Campione to Robyn W. Klein, $492,268.

19th St., 706-706 19th Street Corp. to Carl E. Brown Jr., $240,000.

24th St., 3815-Valdir Mendes Inc. to Michelle L. Sedgewick, $440,000.

51st St., 850-Wyjean Garrett and Bertha Chatman to Akela D. Crawford, $160,000.


Adams Mill Rd., 2627, No. 401-Linda Ah Sue to Froylan Gracia and Mara G. Yanez, $355,000.

Arcadia Pl., 3257-Timothy M. Phelps and Helen Winternitz to Mercedes V. Martin and Johannes Wiegan, $930,000.

Beech St., 3227-Jason Valkenburgh to Lisa R. Hopson, $895,001.

Blagden Ave., 4834-Gerald D. Denton II to Douglas M. Beridon and Taryn R. Joswick, $936,000.

California St., 1807, No. 103-Jeremy R. Schwer to Craig S. Chanoff, $530,000.

Cathedral Ave., 3300-Marjorie A. Chorlins to Christopher A. Landberg and Amanda M. Fernandez, $125,000.

Channing St., 50-Pamela E. Taylor to Melinda Pavin, $431,000.

Clifton St., 1305-Michael Brogioli to Gerald L. Seizert, $473,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3100, No. 320-Walter A. Heann IV and Elizabeth A. Reidy to Brad Neumann, $390,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4701, No. 305-Sheila D. Rajabiun to Jaime Porter, $520,000.

E St., 915, No. 511-Charles Phillips to Margaret L. Flanagan, $370,000.

Euclid St., 1705-Adam H. Manson to Erik Lambert, $487,500.

Fairmont St., 1444-1444 Fairmont Partners Corp. to Christopher Schubert, $419,900.

Farragut St., 819-Catherine F. Gaines to Nikki Lugo, $341,000.

Florida Ave., 929-Goldstar Floridian Corp. to Madison L. Mellish, $507,000.

Fulton St., 5028-Arlyce S. Dubbin and Kathleen G. Heintz to Irby J. Thompson, $1.06 million.

Greenwich Pkwy., 4453-Douglas Johnson to Sudeep Anand, $814,999.

Huntington St., 3706-G. Claude Villarreal to Michael McNeely, $690,000.

Ingraham St., 1209-Daws Real Estate Corp. to Michael A. Hudson, $490,000.

Irving St., 1636, No. 4B-Emily Hupman to Christopher Weber, $365,000.

Kansas Ave., 4713-Landbreeze Corp. to Jessica L. Watson, $629,000.

Kenyon St., 526-526 Kenyon Street Tenants Association to Byron Tau, $183,000.

L St., 1001, No. 804-Eric D. Miller to Vamseen Jetti and Veena Pillai, $493,500.

Locust Rd., 1305-Michael J. Anderson and Pamela M. Rogers to Prudential Relocation Inc., $590,000.

M St., 425C-Kristina Ingram to Joel D. Grossman, $421,000.

Macomb St., 5129-Benjamin M. Rowland to Lisa J. Bender and Gregory S. McCue, $1.3 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 4315-Edward L. Olsavicky to Martha D. Castro and Andrew J. Kitchen, $465,000.

Montague St., 1431-John H. Newby to Jacquelyn D. Leatherman, $635,000.

N St., 1300, No. 417-Mark Mlakar to Jon H. Elliott, $388,000.

N St., 2114, No. 47-Jeffrey C. Carter to Andrew Posner, $357,000.

Nebraska Ave., 5301-Jennifer S. Farland to Sean M. Tepe and Erin E. Oshiro, $939,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 3642-Alfred I. Burke Jr. to 3642 New Hampshire Corp., $300,000.

Newark St., 3851, No. 457-PNC Bank to Theresa J. Demaio, $480,000.

Ordway St., 2730, No. 4-Tamara Ulrich to David A. Waldner and Elizabeth F. Thompson, $419,999.

P St., 3132-Sarah Papineau Marshall to Jaems F. Humphreys, $2.1 million.

Poplar St., 2721-William Pietragallo III to Robert B. Goodman, $785,000.

Q St., 1615, No. 902-Parker Bell to Kay Rousslang, $363,500.

R St., 59-Michael D. Sullivan to Amy M. Levin, $652,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1437, No. 411-Bryon T. Wasserman and Judith Risch to Alan E. Silk, $610,000.

S St., 21-Cherrie Smith and Lachrista Jones to Jessica J. Desvrieux and Jeffrey Chin, $630,000.

Sheridan St., 707-Dorothy G. Menifee to DMJ Holdings Corp., $190,500.

Swann St., 1402-Swann Street Partners Corp. to C. Joseph Pugliese, $399,000.

T St., 1822, No. 1-Christopher E. Macks and Avery B. Gillett to Lynn V. Housen and Olivier J. Marie, $465,000.

Tewkesbury Pl., 608-Tammy P. McCoy to Christina B. White and Johnathan J. Smith, $275,000.

Underwood Pl., 11-John H. Bratton to Cindy S. Ticknor, $275,000.

V St., 1204-Mark E. Pollard to Mark W. Taylor, $1.03 million.

Varnum St., 1720-Linda E. Chastang to Katherine A. Trafz and Thomas S. Fletcher, $967,500.

Warder St., 3011-Hubert Hodges to Joe Perna and Diane Shapson, $375,000.

Willard St., 1774-Kalorama Holdings Corp. to Franz R. Rassman and Margaret L. Taylor, $1.62 million.

Woodley Pl., 2634-Elbert M. Boyd III and Simon W. Jones to Tilden Enterprises Corp., $1.58 million.

First St., 5040-Berkeley House Corp. to Denise M. Greene, $152,000.

Third St., 6722, No. 104-Dennis L. Rubin to Chad D. Sawyer, $236,500.

Fifth St., 4008-Ulysses S. Glee to Thomas Kulish and Teresa E. Snyder, $615,000.

Sixth St., 1919-Behzad Hosseinkhani to Amy Dempster and John Fitzpatrick, $630,000.

10th St., 1118-Jerald L. Newberry to Laura J. Gross, $1.32 million.

12th St., 2020, No. 502-Farzad Davarya to Hugh B. Scott Jr., $445,500.

13th St., 1245, No. 900-Denise M. Douglas to Eric Dunn and Kathryn Dibitetto, $425,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 311W-Tihomir N. Yankov and Laura Galante to Anand Rammamoorthy and Steven D. Perez, $830,000.

16th St., 3420, No. 410S-Gilbert Hendrickson to Shirley Horn and Kyle Browning, $449,000.

18th St., 1815, No. 202-Portia Hensley to Stuart P. Dekker, $389,400.

24th St., 922, No. 716-Selvanayagam Sathananthan to Maria Sebastian, $240,000.

30th St., 1077, No. 612-Christopher F. Crowder to Maggy E. Gawly, $425,000.

38th St., 3410, No. 426-Gustavo Viteri to Jose Silveira and Veronica Espinosa, $440,000.

40th Pl., 2339-Adams 40th Place Corp. to Rebecca E. Johnson, $252,000.

42nd St., 4426-Michelle Krisel to Daniel J. Simons and Jane R. Foster, $795,000.


A St., 1443-Jason Bordoff and Michelle D. Greene to Katherine Travis, $741,000.

Bass Pl., 5411-Grace Egbagbe to Lawon R. Helton, $145,000.

Carolina Ave. S., 1007-Katherine C. Bradley to Maia Comeau, $573,000.

Foxhall Pl., 526-Rose M. Allen to Darrell Brown, $65,000.

High St., 2336-Fannie Mae to Lashon J. Brown, $72,000.

H R Dr., 837-Shaun Donovan to Alexander Biniam, $145,000.

Independence Ave., 1315, No. 3-Barbara C. Stewart to Cynthia A. Downing and Jennifer L. Lawhon, $902,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1344, No. 9-Monica Manor Corp. to Kelly D. Davis, $868,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391-Adam Ereli to Sanjay Sola, $335,000.

West St., 2520-311 E Street Corp. to Johnnie M. Treadwell, $229,000.

First St., 1025, No. 809-699N Corp. to John Leach, $491,900.

Eighth St., 250-Eknath Belbase to Jeffrey Breinholt, $800,000.

16th St., 1704-Marcina Williams to Paula Wu, $328,855.

46th St., 1116-James P. Davis Jr. to Gwendolyn Bass, $263,000.


M St., 300, No. N614-Carol D. Boone to Sean T. Wolridge, $190,000.

Fourth St., 800-Potomac Place Associates Corp. to Jeremy W. Martin, $234,000.

Seventh St., 700, No. 142-Susan G. Needham to Sarah J. Highland and Matthew D. Kindzerske, $229,000.