These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


A St., 1413-Pamela Perun to Robert Youmans, $510,000.

Buchanan St., 836-Joann M. Williams to Esther E. Amaya, $338,900.

Capitol St. N., 2407-Charnay M. Henderson to Judith M. Mills, $360,000.

Clay Pl., 3936-Joyce E. Ellison to Donna A. Green, $210,000.

Corbin Pl., 1313-Tanya W. Johnson to Rainbow Properties Corp., $408,540.

Eads St., 4538-Fannie Mae to Paul D. Alvaranga, $104,000.

Franklin St., 2421-Rupsha Corp. to Samuel A. Bunton, $460,000.

Gallaudet St., 1304-Mi Casa Inc. to Jamal A. Watkins, $160,000.

Hawthorne Ct., 1-Marvin L. Sims Jr. to Lachrista R. Jones and Cherrie C. Smith, $250,000.

K St., 717-Rainbow Properties Corp. to Erik P. Heilman, $693,750.

Newton St., 1524-Paul J. Nuti to Emily K. O’Rourke, $535,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 104-329 Corp. to Jonathan D. Powers, $299,900.

Seaton Pl., 221-Alan L. Williamson and Brenda Halter Glenn to Stephanie A. Robinson and Seth A. Rosenthal, $460,000.

Webster St., 216-Charles C. Estelle to Alejandro Sanguinetti, $175,000.

12th St., 2605-Kenneth J. Miller to Daniel Schramm and Amanda Frayer, $395,000.

15th St., 125, No. 2-Urbiz Development Corp. to Mohammad R. Khan and Sairah G. Saeed, $509,000.

19th St., 307-Judith Peterson to Amelia M. Sparks and Steven M. Stasiowski, $291,500.

24th St., 3600-William J. Anthony to Clearview Homebuyers Corp., $247,500.

49th St., 1023-5037 Meads Street Corp. to Darren Kittrell, $220,000.


Adams St., 46-Juanita Doby to RBL Ventures Corp., $410,000.

Appleton St., 3548-Ashley Doherty to John N. Young and Donna Aggazio, $990,000.

Beach Dr. W., 7932-Wayne Frederick to Jerome R. Netter and Leora F. Klapper, $800,000.

Blagden Ave., 4520-Illinois Ventures Corp. to Calvin R. Robinson, $735,000.

California St., 1807, No. 101-Chad See to Andrea Moreland, $510,000.

Capitol St. N., 5110-John Saab to Bounyasith Mitthivong, $425,000.

Champlain St., 2301-Mary N. Lehner to Diane C. Gaylor, $355,000.

Church St., 1450-Eugene Flanagan to Gregory C. Kloth, $596,000.

Connecticut Ave., 2725, No. 508-Ira D. Scharf to David N. Bonine, $424,500.

Connecticut Ave., 4700, No. 309-Jacqueline A. Brophy to Christopher Paranicas, $520,000.

Dumbarton St., 3124-Lianne Holzer to Atila Omer, $1.82 million.

Euclid St., 1678, No. 23-Jason A. Abell to Gaynor Bourgeois, $362,000.

Farragut St., 817-Thomas M. Durkee to Catherine Ogorzaly and Kristofer A. Lofgren, $434,500.

Flagler Pl., 2134-Kenneth Hickson Jr. to Orchid Properties Corp., $300,000.

Florida Ave., 1418-Signal Tree Holdings Corp. to Sagarika Nayak, $845,000.

Girard St., 1323-1323 Girard Street Corp. to Sean Clifford, $485,000.

Irving St., 1615-Samuel E. Logan Jr. to Rex Winter, $815,000.

Kansas Ave., 4309-Christina Weinstein to Christopher Josey and Lara A. Pukatch, $659,000.

Kennedy St., 527-Ryan J. Fubini to Janet Lawrence Johnson, $379,000.

L St., 440, No. 412-David Nicolardi to Emily Annick, $415,000.

Locust Rd., 1305-Prudential Relocation Inc. to Jalene S. Thomas, $590,000.

Lowell St., 3509-Katherine M. Belber to Timothy R. Schantz, $1.85 million.

MacArthur Blvd., 5347-Paul A. Casasco to Andrew Martin and Julie Avetta, $1.2 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 1312, No. 210-Debra Armentrout to Rocio R. Galvez, $350,000.

Monroe St., 1200-Jennifer C. Concino to Daniel Mazmanian and Melissa Tooley, $520,000.

N St., 1300-Markley L. Au to Robert A. Edwards and Windsor Johnston, $620,000.

N St., 1440, No. 815-Susan K. Maloney to Steve Rys, $180,000.

Nebraska Ave., 5142-Anastasia Seremetis to Jennifer Ayres, $750,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 3314-Wells Fargo Bank to Jeffrey Kuenzi, $515,000.

New York Ave., 437-Meredith Rider to Jesse L. Rauch, $399,999.

Ontario Rd., 2125-Benjamin E. Berkman to Mehmet O. Ozlu and Romain Bordes, $781,000.

P St., 2734-Christian Bailey to Timothy J. Naughton, $1.02 million.

Pennsylvania Ave., 2555, No. 410-Norma W. Wilson to Sally G. Willis, $562,500.

Q St., 1449-Russell S. Applegate to John P. Barabino and David M. Huebner, $1.1 million.

Rhode Island Ave., 440-Sequar Development Corp. to Patrick J. Alwine and Brian Bedsworth, $430,000.

Rodman St., 3850, No. 231-Michael G. Vera to Giovanni Diviacchi and Chandra Priestley, $329,900.

Shepherd St., 727-JBY Homes Corp. to Brent E. Troyan, $628,000.

Sutton Pl., 3233D-Claudia C. Stewart to Ahmed M. Abdelkader and Sherine Monir, $550,000.

T St., 1519-Timothy O’Shaughnessy to Gerard B. White, $1.24 million.

Tennyson St., 3319-Ruth Harris to Neil J. Numark, $1.22 million.

U St., 1735-Kenneth H. Nuss to Adelaide Prevot Sailler and Romain Papassian, $780,000.

Upton St., 2930-David Morris and Selena Smart to Steven M. Kaufmann, $1.24 million.

Varnum St., 705-Melissa A. Riley to Dennis M. Lee and Colleen L. Nehl, $615,000.

W St., 1418, No. 502-David J. Barre to Ian D. Wandner, $375,000.

Westover Pl., 4312-H. Rowan Gaither to Bruce C. Zotter and Betty J. Carter, $775,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3026, No. 105-Joel P. Braniecki to Alexandra Zaslavsky, $230,000.

Wyndale St., 7055-Nancy B. Wood and Allen Belden Jr. to Andrew Geary, $625,000.

First St., 5013-Samuel Fletcher to Shawn Ross, $385,000.

Fourth St., 4313-Robin E. Thomas to A&M Homebuyers Inc., $265,000.

Sixth St., 715, No. 901-Ellen D. Lee to Dawn Schrepel, $425,000.

Ninth St., 6926-Joseph A. Cabigas to Brian Leatherman, $558,000.

12th St., 2001, No. 103-Timothy P. Olson to Jason S. Peelemeier and Ambika D. Ganesh, $445,000.

13th St., 1245, No. 600-Deutsche Bank to Judith R. Kalan, $370,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 108W-Henry T. Jinich to Rachel Snider, $601,000.

16th St., 3060, No. 706-Benjamin S. Ball to Mary R. Conroy, $290,000.

18th St., 1545, No. 519-Rachel Valentino to Francesco D. Nesci, $392,000.

21st St., 1280, No. 701-Jose C. Quirce to Sharon J. Bangert, $396,000.

29th St., 6100-Kirsten Williams to Robert E. Tucker Jr., $350,000.

37th St., 1817-Patricia Davies to Suzanne E. Erickson, $930,000.

40th Pl., 2339-Adams 40th Place Corp. to Elizabeth A. Hall and Claire A. Ward, $325,000.

41st St., 2400, No. 512-Emily Rademacher to Solange Tissandier, $259,900.

46th St., 4204-Jason Klug and Jamie Hechinger to Aristotelis Papageorgiou and Madallna G. Papahagi, $820,000.


B St., 5213-Max Chaikin to David Alaga, $360,000.

Camden St., 3670-Calvin C. Johnson to Erica Westendorf, $290,000.

D St., 1358-Larry Elliott Jr. to Vincent J. Mareino and Sarah F. Erdreich, $595,000.

Fort Dupont St., 1681-Stephan Wilson to Lincoln L. Shanklin, $245,000.

Howard Rd., 1464-Shaun Donovan to Jeanice Stewart, $102,000.

Minnesota Ave., 1630-Van Hoose Properties Corp. to Terriynn E. Crenshaw, $260,000.

O St., 3100-Lauretta H. Lightner to Robert M. Osberger, $127,000.

U St., 3321-Nantucket Holdings Corp. to De Andre Anderson, $377,500.

First St., 1025, No. 610-Square 699N Corp. to Shuchi Batra, $483,000.

Sixth St., 515-Andrew Tilghman to Tabitha Almquist, $672,350.

12th St., 324, No. 1-12th & D Corp. to Andrew Etten and Adrian S. Blue, $679,000.

16th St., 1626-Fannie Mae to Mohamed H. Elias, $80,000.

46th St., 1107-Reyes Services Corp. to Eugene H. Banks, $270,000.


I St., 355, No. S113-Kay Ryder to Emily Schenker, $310,000.

Fourth St., 800-Potomac Place Associates Corp. to Maria Zaman, $183,000.

Fourth St., 1250, No. 813-Anne Stom and Donna Kelly to Paul Jones, $137,500.