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A St., 324-Gordon K. MacDowell II to Michael J. Schaeffer, $749,000.

Acker Pl., 617-Isabell B. Marsellus to Rainbow Properties, $453,000.

Constitution Ave., 415-Jeffrey W. Sherman to Maria A. Lugo and Justin C. Sandefur, $1.18 million.

D St., 1740-Cornelius Dudley to Emma I. Dudley, $485,000.

East Capitol St., 604-Claire S. Cesna and Dean A. Phillips to Elizabeth B. Karr, $1.3 million.

G St., 315, No. 206-315 G Street Corp. to William H. Woodward, $425,777.

Groff Ct., 520-Harold Yu to Kara Benson, $485,000.

I St., 1009-Ted D. Stux to Christopher C. Dick and Laura A. Nash, $410,000.

M St., 425-Roshawnna Novellus to Gerald A. Morrissey III, $685,000.

Randolph St., 2615-Rosa H. Rambeau to Guy Prudhomme, $320,000.

Sheriff Rd., 5143-MAC Properties Corp. to Yvette Neal, $175,000.

Third St., 625, No. 5-Wendy J. Lombardi to Jason C. Woodle, $519,000.

Third St., 2429-VBC Community Ventures Corp. to Joseph Husted, $455,000.

Seventh St., 311, No. 6-Joshua L. Sheilds to Emily Yee, $365,000.

Ninth St., 417-Haluk O. Aslanturk to Mikhail Soldovnikov and Irina Koval, $710,000.

14th Pl., 633-Benjamin O. Young to Charles W. Dawson, $542,000.

16th St., 1254-Modcom Inc. to Eugene Okwudo, $160,000.

19th St., 304-Northeast Ventures Corp. to Michael Green and Eric J. Wohlschlegel, $475,000.

26th St., 3003-Qi M. Tan and Ze P. Guo to Caroline N. Chi, $345,000.

44th St., 812-Shaun Donovan to Basim Azzam, $150,000.


Appleton St., 3735-Boris Weintraub and Kay Mussell to Casey Richter, $830,000.

Benton St., 3801-David A. Smith and Hillary E. Quarles to Raphael Anspach and Teresa Weiss, $795,000.

Calvert St., 2501, No. 703-John R. Keiper Jr. to Robert N. Ganz III, $380,000.

Cedar St., 343-Paul F. Dauer to Charles E. Redmond II, $376,500.

Clifton St., 1205-Mark C. Finnemann to Hollice Fisher and Noah Skillin, $375,000.

Columbia Rd., 2022, No. 603-Patricia M. Ferguson to James J. Jay Jr., $345,000.

D St., 631-Theresa M. Oliva to Elizabeth Goeke, $420,000.

Davenport St., 3218-James S. Portnoy to David A. Smith and Hillary E. Quarles, $1.41 million.

E St., 616, No. 301-Albio Sires to Jenny Ogasawara, $440,000.

F St., 912, No. 407-Christina Daulton to Stanley R. McCormick, $464,500.

Florida Ave., 984-Bradley B. Gillian to Theodore J. Pentzer, $416,000.

Garrison St., 4434-Jeffrey M. Goldstein to Joseph J. Furco, $718,750.

Hanover Pl., 33-Temnit Afework to William W. Sehestedt, $425,000.

Illinois Ave., 4845-Betty M. Thomion to Derrik J. Smith, $285,000.

Johnson Ave., 1737D-Steven Amos to Paul B. Burke, $1.2 million.

Klingle St., 4351-Paul H. Delaney to Mary G. McGrath, $1.15 million.

L St., 2425-Evan J. Weisman to David R. Noel, $470,000.

Lanier Pl., 1729-Lorimer V. Merriwether Jr. to Sandra L. Decker, $859,555.

Longfellow St., 822-Elveda M. Wright to Antti O. Koskenrouta and Jennifer E. Holshue, $320,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1010, No. 606-Barbara V. Horne to David Fogle and John Miller, $609,900.

Massachusetts Ave., 4200, No. 708-Philippe Chanel to Benjamin Marks, $250,000.

McKinley St., 3936-Jeffrey S. Weaver to David Fontana and Naomi Schoenbaum, $1.07 million.

N St., 1300-Hector Herrera to Casey Redmon, $312,300.

New Hampshire Ave., 1330, No. 522-Helen Ebeid Benz to Randall Prudhon, $310,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1816, No. 606-Katherine A. Dace to Chee Yuen Hung, $266,000.

New Jersey Ave., 1604-Troy K. Centazzo to Amit Magdieli, $480,000.

Newton Pl., 766-Platinum Investments Corp. to Jason W. Neal, $575,000.

Oglethorpe St., 419-Katrina A. Wilkins to Melinda V. Golub, $425,000.

Otis Pl., 729-Lynn Garfinkel to Lukas P. Kohler and Lucrecia A. Ledesma, $450,000.

P St., 2141, No. 510-Deanna Rockefeller to Alicia N. Orkisz, $365,000.

Park Rd., 524-524 Park Corp. to Jennifer L. Holcomb, $545,000.

Peabody St., 708-Ronald W. Grose Jr. to Jose C. Santiago and Yanira Broeck, $380,000.

Porter St., 3209-Martha G. Granger to Monique Cioffalo, $319,500.

Q St., 1447-James T. Nozar and Adam M. Unger to Brett A. Snyder and Jason S. Forman, $1.06 million.

Randolph Pl., 18-Michael W. Dixon to Gregory Nixon, $400,000.

Reservoir Rd., 3524-Judith F. Hopkins to Babak Bahador, $1.35 million.

Sherier Pl., 5745-Jeffrey L. Squires to Jessica Buckley and Andrew O. Brien, $1.1 million.

T St., 1325-Ronald L. Straight to Danielle Insetta, $1.22 million.

Underwood Pl., 48-Goulda A. Downer to Heather K. Dickson, $245,000.

V St., 4809-Michael L. Sigal and Yvette H. Freeman to Michael Quimby, $1.2 million.

W St., 1216-Josef G. Bluechel to Jamison Grella, $728,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 2111, No. 321-Florence K. Lambert to Kareen Shebaclo, $330,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3010-Kristen M. Johnson to Tamara A. Berg, $260,000.

Second St., 1722-1722 2nd Street Corp. to Sach Sokol and Tali Vardi, $707,500.

Fourth St., 811-Sharlene M. Lofty to Christine J. Setzer, $555,000.

Fourth St., 4606-Atlantic Capital One Corp. to Ross D. Margulies, $455,000.

Seventh St., 3917-Sara A. Mangiaraclina to Saskia Lenaerts, $330,000.

Eighth St., 1844-Joseph Resch Jr. to Andrew Shaw and Laura Hall, $605,000.

10th St., 1117-David W. Cattin to Noah H. Pollak, $485,000.

12th St., 2108-Brett A. Snyder and Jason S. Forman to Christopher Kenny and Nicola A. Stewart, $740,000.

13th St., 3642-Endanchy Girma to Mamie Mesfin Preston, $350,000.

14th St., 2125-Timothy Mckenna to Joel L. Michaels and Jennifer R. Russell, $439,000.

15th St., 1617-Daniel A. Freilich and Donna M. Wilder to Mark Hanekom, $820,000.

16th St., 2001, No. 701-Deann Hapner to Mary S. Silveus and Michael Lattanzi, $504,500.

19th St., 3140-Hewan K. Tomlinson to Iris M. Rothman and Shannon B. Ferguson, $828,030.

20th St., 2456, No. 308-Marci C. Eggers to Michelle Edelman, $338,000.

22nd St., 1511, No. 51-Giovanni A. Bonita to Ai C. Wee, $499,500.

25th St., 1124, No. T6-Brian A. Wagner and Nicolas Ojeda to Kasey K. Murray, $522,000.

31st St., 6322-Matthew R. Jezior and Melissa L. Kelley to Sandra L. Rusher and Christopher M. Clark, $829,000.

37th St., 2002-David E. Haynes to Michael Weber and Todd A. Dunbar, $740,000.

48th Pl., 4203-Comerica Bank to Ronald Watt, $825,000.


A St., 638-Getinet Bantayehu to Tony M. Lee and Ellen Stiefvater, $1.48 million.

E St., 1360-Gregory K. Price to Emily S. Bulter and Michael Agosta, $599,900.

Good Hope Rd., 1907-Carlton L. Wilson to George D. Jia, $35,000.

Kentucky Ave., 233, No. 2-William Marshall to Renee Faulkner, $275,000.

Newcomb St., 416-Jeffery M. Cook to Dale T. Sampson, $143,500.

North Carolina Ave,. 634, No. 4-Judith G. Zamore to Amy MacIntyre, $425,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 4010-Bernard McKoy to Tamera T. Adams, $236,000.

Savannah Pl., 1907-Franscisco Guzman to Elaine Iseley, $147,000.

First St., 1025, No. 1202-Square 699N Corp. to Maria C. McLaughlin, $398,900.

Sixth St., 124-Robert P. Decoste and Amanda L. Yaun to Kevin A. Walsh and Rebecca A. Richardson, $795,000.

16th St., 1602-Stephen L. Watsky to Bemard L. McKoy, $88,333.

32nd Pl., 2200-637 10th Street NE Corp. to Richard Cunningham Sr., $300,000.


Capitol Square Pl., 816R-William D. Daigneault to Russell A. Johnson, $775,000.

Third St., 735, No. 408-Louise Maxienne Dargans to Amy Stringer and Jaan Laaspere, $315,000.

Fourth St., 800-Potomac Place Associates Corp. to Lindsay D. Washington, $174,000.

Seventh St., 700, No. 218-Munawar A. Laghari to Mable S. Meares, $170,000.