These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ames St., 5003-Travis M. Dyer to Anthony S. Booker, $285,000.

Capitol St. E., 1450, No. 1452-Jonathan Levenshus to Scott Martyna, $499,000.

Constitution Ave., 1532-William S. Henley to Denizart P. Vallada Neto, $619,000.

E St., 2013-Ronnie L. Bowman and Anita L. Scott to Renovation Specialists 100 Corp., $399,999.

Emerald St., 1316-Evelyn Washington to Lee A. Grigsby, $485,000.

Fort Lincoln Dr., 3229-Christopher Roberson to James O. Myers III, $385,000.

I St., 1239-James M. Stevenson to Garfield Development Corp., $31,000.

K St., 408-Brian D. Rich to Christopher R. Carver and Zenaida H. Uriz, $608,500.

L St., 616-Emily Abramsky to Joshua Friedman, $680,000.

Minnesota Ave., 4920-Nicole C. Reams to Spicer HB Corp., $110,000.

Oglethorpe St., 606-Linda Y. Sroufe to Roberto A. Paz, $232,750.

Taylor St., 817-S2 Development Corp. to Kalorama Park Corp., $524,999.

V St., 303-Steven R. Winkler to Brookland Homes Corp., $240,000.

First Pl., 6116-Theodore R. Moore III to Lilian M. Volcy and Lawrence Howell, $185,000.

Sixth Pl., 5050-Tamiko Tarver Washington to Sharon A. Malachi, $295,000.

Eighth St., 4705-Maxwell Pitts to KCE Inc., $153,000.

12th St., 440, No. 310-Brandon C. Gregoire to Kathleen P. O’Connor, $419,000.

18th St., 3119-Square Root Corp. to Samuel A. Modlin, $400,000.

19th St., 4411-Shannon Collins to KNS Corp., $205,000.

25th Pl., 500-25th Place Corp. to Matthew G. Honea, $185,000.

52nd St., 829-Renata P. Moon to Knovell L. Scott, $150,000.


Bancroft Pl., 2305-Bancroft Place Family Partners to 2305 Bancroft Place Corp., $2.82 million.

Buchanan St., 1114-Patricia L. Willingham to Alfredo X. Darquea and Kyoko Terada, $405,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 805E-Doris Kafka to Barbara Kafka, $257,500.

Church St., 1460-Bryant E. Gardner to Rosebusch Corp., $900,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3701, No. 702-Colin J. Davies and Mary E. Lane to Robert J. Rich, $275,000.

Corcoran St., 1624, No. 2BU-Benjamin A. F. Nussdorf to Barry King, $587,500.

Devonshire Pl., 2737, No. 322-Marc A. Goldman to Karen N. Hanson, $355,000.

Elm St., 320-Jason Hedley to John Girgenti, $420,000.

Euclid St., 1324, No. 106-Richard Yost to Jacob B. Bakst and Erin K. Wilson, $418,000.

Fern Pl., 506-Metro DC 1 Corp. to Monty Hobbs, $335,000.

Floral St., 1302-Barbara A. Reynolds to Douglas B. Weinfeld and Valeie P. Graff, $475,000.

Hanover Pl., 26-Shawn Armstrong to Vivek Narula, $278,000.

Illinois Ave., 5232-Tina L. Eskridge to Allison S. White and Francisco X. Fabian, $510,000.

K St., 475, No. 616-Clem R. Kirkland to Sarah Kafka, $660,000.

Kilbourne Pl., 1708-Harriet A. Klontz to Nahid Mazarei, $806,000.

Logan Cir., 20, No. 1-2-Arthur Russell to Daniel P. Schmelzer and Mercedes Garcia Escribano, $550,554.

M St., 2501, No. 707-Bernard J. Holland to Kevin Houlihan, $675,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 519-Martin H. Resnick to John J. Young, $699,324.

Mintwood Pl., 1842, No. 8194-Jennifer S. Thomas to Grant Ovsepyan, $440,000.

N St., 1300-Euler V. Uy and Junghee Kim to Michael H. Balter, $629,000.

Nebraska Ave., 5010-Todd Delelle to Smita Kuriakose and Ankur Huria, $728,000.

New Mexico Ave., 2801, PH-12-Stanley Presser to Lawrence A. Milller, $1.12 million.

Newton St., 1823-Cobalt II Corp. to Alice S. Standish, $419,900.

Ogden St., 1466-Geraldine A. Brown to Cecilia Sanabria, $455,000.

P St., 2141, No. 805-Deborah Schreiber to Farrokh Khatami, $421,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 601, No. 1408-Dawson P. Ponder to Michael J. Kemp Jr., $360,000.

Q St., 218-Roger Mills to Julia Wilton, $585,000.

R St., 2126-R Street NW Corp. to Samantha Siranli and John J. Dabney, $2.28  million.

S St., 1010-Christopher H. Prokop and Jennifer S. Larsen to Matthew Adinolfi, $890,000.

Stephenson Pl., 3388-Michele M. Dombo Construction to Adam S. Berman and Emily Friedman, $1.15 million.

Unicorn Lane, 2714-Harvey A. Levin to Joseph F. Lewis, $860,000.

W St., 1407, No. 301-Christopher M. Hockley and Claire E. Sheahan to Patrick Nemeroff and Amy Kurren, $525,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3010, No. 406-Sarah Lawler to Francene J. Blythe, $255,900.

Wyoming Ave., 1801-Urban Investment Partners Xii to Jana M. Lind, $579,900.

Fourth St., 1223- DR Corp. to Erin L. Stevens, $759,900.

Fourth St., 6707-Calvin Simpson to Coite Manuel, $315,000.

Seventh St., 777, No. 510-Colby D. Raley to Robin G. Gordon, $339,000.

10th St., 1812-Charles R. Platt to Mark G. Masone, $561,000.

11th St., 3605-Karan M. Motley to Maxwell T. Malloy, $757,213.

12th St., 1125-Bank of America to Feng Hou and Hongru Li, $200,000.

13th St., 1300-Chandler Arnold to Sharon Hudson Dean, $399,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 724-Brian Borkowicz to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $635,000.

16th St., 2440, No. 404-Mary Z. Deshazo to Edna Boyle Lewicki, $193,000.

19th St., 3105-Rebecca R. Bisgyer to Simon Stolp, $919,000.

22nd St., 1616-Roderick K.V. Lipsey to Timothy O’Shaughnessy, $2.15 million.

25th St., 920-Susan M. Gschwendtner to Craig Franek and Susan Simpkins, $655,000.

37th St., 4224-Bryan P. Wilson to Mclean M. Quinn, $870,000.

41st St., 2647-Pamela R. Johnson to Leslie A. Archer, $898,800.


Carolina Ave. N., 101, No. 108-Elisa Shyu to Paul W. Laymon Jr., $380,000.

Dexter Terr., 1334-Rabi Ullah and Tahira Yasmin to Tamika N. Hall, $130,000.

G St., 314-Michael Conathan to Courtney J. Tate and Johanna B. Elsemore, $591,000.

Independence Ave., 1524-Christina M. Wallaker to Gabriel A. Well, $360,000.

Maple View Pl., 1322-Patricia Fisher to Richard R. Harrison, $164,000.

Newcomb St., 416-Dale T. Sampson to Newcomb Street SE Corp., $175,000.

Reed Terr., 4616-First Sussex Realty Corp. to Ebony Windy, $274,500.

Talbert Terr., 1347-Todd Norris to Anne Marie Reidy, $169,950.

First St., 1025, No. 1310-Square 699N Phase I Development Corp. to Adam D. Silverman, $525,000.

13th St., 1022-Andrew H. Emerson to Christopher B. McCarthy, $561,000.

17th St., 420-Monica C. Valdes to Jason J. Soltis, $460,000.


I St., 355, No. S-225-Curtis L. Eichelberger to Bert R. Bratton Jr., $370,000.

Fourth St., 800-Potomac Place Associates Corp. to Devi S. Ramkissoon, $167,000.