District of Columbia

These sales data, recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue, were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


A St., 601, No. 3-Alexander Zernovoj Jr. to Asa T. Briggs, $361,000.

Ames St., 3904-Loretta L. Kelly and the estate of Maude R. Young to Orchid Properties Corp., $200,000.

Brentwood Rd., 2819-Barbara F. Elmore and ARMJ Properties Inc. to Robert and Jolene Caspar, $465,000.

C St., 1647-Carol M. Frausto to 1647 C St. NE Corp., $337,000.

Central Ave., 4706-Shaun Major and Donniece Gooden to Nigel Armand Franklin, $245,000.

Clay Pl., 3940-Dorothy L. Goode and the estate of Robert Martin to Jose A. Moreno, $200,000.

Constitution Ave., 635-Jack Properties Corp. to C. Street Holdings Corp., $575,000.

D St., 1354-Laurinda Cameron to Michael P. and Margaret K. Marquis, $775,000.

D St., 2012, No. 2-2012 D. Street Corp. to Jacquelin Antoinette Jackson, $357,000.

Division Ave., 272-Robin Hedgeman to Sparta Corp., $146,700.

Evarts St., 400, No. 203-Ifeanyi A. Menkiti to Christopher Hoyt, $250,000.

F St., 1616-Gwen H. Tran to O. Development Corp., $420,000.

Franklin St., 611-Lauren Graham to 611 Franklin Corp., $370,000.

G St., 1419-Aindriu and Sean P. Colgan to Russell Alexander Meadows and Sarah Adam, $610,000.

Hamlin St., 2017-Freddye L. Marshall to Doane J. and Jasmyn Richardson, $380,000.

Hayes St., 4306-Mys Land Investment Corp. to Antonio Rafael Cadogan and Elizabeth Michelle Anderson, $330,000.

I St., 1829-Carrie M. Ward to Seven Brick Road Corp., $316,000.

Jefferson St., 925-Selma Siddig to Courtney Keaton and William Nesbitt, $385,000.

Lawrence St., 1918-Barbara B. Strange and the estate of Earl Randall Bushrod to Kilmurry Properties Corp., $405,000.

Maryland Ave., 322-Scott Foote and the estate of Clarence J. Fogelstrom to Lucas N. Pipes and Sarah E.c. Paden, $1.25 million.

Maryland Ave., 1301-Leslie Fein and the estate of Ida P. Morrison to Nantucket Holdings, $761,750.

Neal St., 1114-1114 Neal Corp. to Karyn R. Durbin and Claude Kabera, $735,000.

Orren St., 1224-Paul and Tamara Moore to Level Thirteen Corp., $675,000.

Owen Pl., 1145-Jay and Sonia Shultis to Deanna Darlington, $555,000.

Queen St., 1201-Jorge Bruno to Lee Smith and Kimberly K. Pudans-Smith, $674,900.

R St., 10-Joseph L. Bruss and Brett Barlow McMillan to William Broderick Prendergast, $950,000.

S St., 233, No. 3-233 S. Inc. to Yvette C. Hatfield, $575,000.

Staples St., 1115-Robin Coleen Wilkins to Red Door Investments Corp., $335,000.

Todd Pl., 145-Mark Wittstadt and Vincent M. Anderson to American Global Trading Intl Corp., $416,000.

Second St., 1937-Paul J. Robinson to Mehdi Dris, $875,000.

Fourth St., 2615, No. B3-Adam Wald to Kyle Hauptman, $205,000.

Fifth St., 1118-Joseph and Elizabeth Traini to Chad Giron, $563,500.

Ninth St., 1018-Heather M. Albarano and Andrew A. Phebus to Marc Ross and Thatcher I. Sloan, $570,000.

11th St., 5105-Dilan Investment Corp. to Steven and Kathryn Byrd, $515,000.

13th St., 2257-Randolph Brevard Sr. to Phillips Capital Group Corp., $130,000.

15th St., 711-Renee Lashawn Murphy and the estate of Alfred Owalker to 711 15th Street Partners Corp., $350,000.

17th St., 1223-Cheung Ming Properties Inc. to Sandra Derensis, $345,000.

20th St., 432-Rebecca Jean and Amy Elizabeth Hinze-Pifer to Paul Rivas and Colenn Berracasa, $430,000.

22nd St., 4025-Winifred A. Davis and Winifred A. Stokes to Nationstar Mortgage Corp., $335,566.

25th Pl., 545-Ahniwake Rose to Andrew Barnes and Dorothy Garcia, $495,000.

36th St., 208-Glover Stacey to 208 36th Street NE Corp., $240,000.

56th St., 220-Glen Thomas to 620 58th Street Corp., $120,000.


Adams Mill Rd., 2611, No. 408-Katie Yanushonis to Michelle Doran, $315,000.

Barnaby St., 6512-Leonard Andrew Wimsatt and Tracey A. Primrose to James D. and Maribeth Walton McGinley, $1.4 million.

Belmont St., 1310, No. 2-Giorgio Valentini to Marc Shaller, $512,000.

Brandywine St., 4306-Kenneth W. and Angela P. Johnson to Scott Welker and Katherine Fox, $830,000.

California St., 2230, No. 5BW-John Owen Taylor and Jacqueline L. Prendeville to Sandra R. Baum, $1.48 million.

Center St., 3511-Forrest and Sophia Tinsler to Samuel and Patricia Harper, $765,000.

Chevy Chase Pkwy., 5336-Jonathan C. and Yardena C. Slattery to AE Tower Corp. and Re Opal Corp., $805,000.

Columbia Rd., 1851, No. 404-Jeffrey W. Groton to Eleanor Grant, $318,500.

Connecticut Ave., 3701, No. 620-James M. Colman Jr. to Ryan Tam, $250,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4444, No. 701-Michael G.B. Boyd and Sara Bullon to Shawn Michael and Melissa Katherine Nolen, $435,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4740, No. 918-Kurt F. and Jennifer N. Klemperer to Sharon Kay Weiner and Zia Ullah Mian, $329,000.

Corcoran St., 1756, No. 3A-Gregg Sheiowitz to Peter Dickos, $455,000.

Dent Pl., 3338-Blotr Corp. to Daniel Cochran Sale and Helen Lee Williams Sale, $2.08 million.

Dumbarton St., 2728-Zewditu Wondemu to 2728 Dumbarton Street NW Corp., $908,266.

E St., 616, No. 648-Bretta Schneep to Elise M. Jensen, $619,000.

Euclid St., 1354, No. 401A-Ernest Wade Green Jr. to Stephanie K. Jones, $387,000.

F St., 912, No. 205-Brian T. Weiss to Thomas and Sharon Fried, $500,000.

Flagler Pl., 2010-Estate of Jeannette R. McLemore to Bridge Management Holdigns Inc., $418,000.

Florida Ave., 929, No. 5005-Natalie R. Handel and Guillaume D. Meyer to Bhavna Sharma, $595,000.

Garfield St., 5045-Monica Geber and the estate of Antonia Geber to James Zalenski and Susan Lukacs, $957,000.

Glenbrook Rd., 4871-Hanlon Design Build Inc. to Med and Shari Ross Lahlou, $5.3 million.

H St., 925, No. 1006-Boyana Popova to City Center DC 1006 Corp., $1.61 million.

I St., 2141, No. 503-Jose M. Braz to Rafic Jouejati, $223,500.

Ingraham St., 1401-William C. Bush and Sally B. Pfund to Peter Okoobo, $910,000.

Jefferson St., 902-Franklin and Pablo Avalos-Munguia to Abel Kassahun Jembere and Frehiwot Asrat Gudisa, $515,000.

K St., 1150, No. 503-Michael L. Lazarus to Jane Lucas, $437,500.

Kanawha St., 3745 1/2-Timothy A. Peterson to Cheryl Saenz, $735,000.

Kenyon St., 1343, No. 1-1343 Kenyon Street Corp. to Jesse Phillips, $940,000.

L St., 2201, No. 108-Christoph Kessler and Carole M. Brawerman to Livi Pejo, $230,000.

Lamont St., 701, No. 49-Branko Primetica to Michael Griffith and Geraldine Gassam, $422,500.

Longfellow St., 315-Garey C. Burton and Malbour Watson to Garey C. Burton, $220,000.

Lowell Lane, 5116-James P. Blair to John C. Lepore and Christina K. Gungoll Lepore, $2.28 million.

M St., 910, No. 505-Lea Alice L. Parker and Matthew B. Parker to Eric R. Bartheld, $480,000.

Madison St., 811-Aaron Devereaux Milburn to Charles L. and Denise K. Askew, $510,000.

Marion St., 1525-Rac Closing Services Corp. to James S. Holm, $761,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 4301, No. 5010-John G. Barrientos to Monica Garcia and Alina Montes, $260,000.

Meridian Pl., 1425-Robert L. Linette and Roberto Rusca to Paul and Kimberly Lewis, $650,000.

Mintwood Pl., 1867, No. 2-Douglas E. and Erin L. Weinstein to Wayne and Lynn Frankenfield, $650,000.

N St., 907, No. 2-Richard C. Vogel to David W. and Yolandah Knopp, $670,000.

N St., 1440, No. 505-Phillip E. Tirey to Andrew Q. Callahan, $205,000.

N St., 2712-William F.X. Moody to David M. Dubois and Nicole Asquith, $1.46 million.

Nebraska Ave., 5610-Jeffrey and Ibukunoluwa Falcusan to Kelly M. Orzechowski, $1.02 million.

New Hampshire Ave., 1735, No. 603-George A. Makris III to Justine Lore, $830,000.

New Mexico Ave., 2916-Richard M. and Lucile Olson Huber to John J. Palmieri and Tristan Gorrindo, $1.2 million.

Newton Pl., 538-Maria Sanchez to Tareq Siblini, $603,000.

O St., 3261-Jason B. Cardenas to Matthew H. and Olivia A. Kroenig, $932,900.

Ontario Rd., 2510, No. 2-2510 Ontario Road Development Corp. to Elizabeth Axelson, $540,000.

Otis Pl., 1021-Hazel Smith to Hazel Smith and Eric Allen, $240,400.

P St., 3015-Ronald J. and Craig S. Cohen to John and Theresa Mogan, $2.9 million.

Park Rd., 647-Michael C. Morris to 647 Park RD NW Corp., $615,500.

Park Rd., 1531, No. 6-Park Sixteen Corp. to Robert S. Shaw, $415,000.

Porter St., 2902, No. 30-Sean S. Mullen to Thomas Eric Waters, $625,000.

Q St., 18-Marjorie C. McCollough to Valentin Riazanov and Mala Azella Mahmood, $725,000.

Q St., 624, No. 2-Stephen John Spiridopoulos to Jason H. Green, $340,000.

Q St., 2500, No. 342-Michael C. Moore and Ariana Kroshinksy to Pedro Vicente Zapta Morales and Juliana Castano Isaza, $415,000.

R St., 449, No. 10-Tatyana Kalinga to Jennifer L. and Jaleh A. Schulz, $360,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1441, No. 106-Michelle Mulder to Nicholas A. Sidawy, $642,000.

S St., 143-Avon E. Barbour Sr. to Kout Corp., $657,500.

Scott Cir., 1, No. 509-Melissa D. Rubin to Sabrina Altema, $239,900.

Shepherd St., 1428-Jacqueline D. Desouza and the estate of Bernice E. Powell to 1428 Shepherd St. Corp., $600,000.

Spring Rd., 1458-Carlos M. Jackson and Ricia K. Weiner to Lartease Tiffith and Joy Silvern, $710,000.

T St., 1413, No. 401-John H. Fitzgerald to 1413 401 Corp., $86,031.

T St., 3817-Gail H. Henry to Raphael U. Goodstein and Erica R. Schreffler, $1.2 million.

Tunlaw Rd., 4000, No. 312A-Barbara Pinto and Pinto Properties Corp. to Luciana Storelli-Castro and Liliana Castro, $219,900.

Upton St., 3658-Edward and Cheryl Healton to Lisa E. Danzig and Alexander B. Downes, $1.6 million.

Van Ness St., 2939, No. 506-Nicholas N. Kittrie to Jimmy and Marlene Moss, $490,000.

Vermont Ave., 1239, No. 601-Iec Properties Corp. to Ka Nam to, $295,000.

Warder St., 3208-Seth D. Novick to Benjamin Frazell and Emity Hestness, $642,000.

Webster St., 333-Annie Louise Bennett to 333 Webster Street Corp., $300,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 2111, No. 121-Gregorio and Silvia Koss to Rostam Nassiri, $290,000.

Yuma St., 4420-Vivek and Anjali Jain to Avi L. Kumin and Isabel F. Friedenzohn, $1.14 million.

Second St., 6621-James W. Crosby to Kristoffer Crosby and Alesia Read, $592,000.

Fifth St., 5611, No. 16-NW Concord Corp. to Daphine A. Mugayo and Brian Kwesiga, $169,500.

Seventh Pl., 5028-Eva L. Watties to Helen Marie Stephens, $439,000.

Eighth St., 2030, No. 211-Atlantic Residential B. Corp. to Allison Bender, $220,100.

Eighth St., 4126-Jacqueline D. Thompson to Congressional 4126 8th Street Corp., $675,000.

Ninth St., 6407-Jorge Rios Ponce to Sara T. and Matthew J. Clark, $530,000.

10th St., 3534, No. 320-Adriana Suriano to Barry F. Huston, $285,000.

11th St., 2004, No. 322-David Strashnoy to Stephanie A. and Danielle M. Suber, $519,000.

12th St., 1935, No. 1-Carmencita N. Whonder to James T. and Jill H. Adams, $1.14 million.

14th St., 1133, No. 1001-Eric and Randi Guajardo to Jessica Howe Randall, $481,000.

14th St., 3902, No. 422-Randolph Towers Cooperative Inc. to Jason S. Spector, $315,000.

15th St., 4408-Howard Jimenez to Diana L. Ziegler, $739,900.

16th St., 1801, No. 412-Tenacity 1801 16th Street Corp. to Truman Gregory Packard, $919,500.

16th St., 2440, No. 108-Sean Madigan and Jennifer O. Aulwes to Kristen Ford Glasgow, $378,000.

17th St., 1700, No. 306-Isabelle Mateos Y. Lago and Celso Mateos Y. Lago to Robin Linnett Nunn, $442,500.

20th St., 2415, No. 32-Melissa Bowie to Geraldine K. Richter and Wayne W. Thompson, $625,000.

21st St., 1512-Lewis H. Curd Jr. to 21 Dupont Condos Corp., $2.25 million.

23rd St., 1155, No. 6F-Goldwindow Corp. to 1155 23RD Street NW 6F Corp., $772,500.

26th St., 955, No. 210-Michael C. and Edith M. Gelfand to Vinith Annam, $479,500.

36th Pl., 2608-Mahomud A. Pradhan and Debra Lynn Perry to Anita Livia Mitra Crabtree and Daniel James Crabtree, $2.22 million.

39th St., 2650, No. 3-Nolana Yip and Keith Ward to Rebecca D. Miltenberger, $399,000.

44th St., 4627-Rebecca Epstein and Jeffrey A. Shesol to Aaron I. Hamburger and Anthony M. Palatta, $960,000.


Alabama Ave., 2472, No. A102-Joseph P. Thomas to Independent Holding Corp., $65,000.

Barnaby Terr., 1365-George W. McKittrick to Sheila Burr, $125,000.

Capitol St. E., 1621, No. 6-1621 East Capitol Condo Corp. to Spencer F. Lucker, $370,000.

Congress St., 741-Urban Construction & Renovation Corp. to Michelle Mittler, $345,000.

D St., 3220-William A. Savoy to Ricardo A. Reid, $135,000.

Duddington Pl., 132-Lauren Rapp to Michael and Emily Kirlin, $745,000.

G St., 4331-Ronald A. Ruffin to Dejanelle A. Aggrey, $245,000.

Halley Terr., 3865, No. 202-Alexis Y. and Joseph D. Herbert to Elsabeth Belay, $59,900.

Kentucky Ave., 349-Daniel L. and Rachel D. Blair to Duane Bailey and Lala Lunstrum-Bailey, $828,500.

Massachusetts Ave., 3801-Jonathan N. Gueverra to Rhea T. Walker, $425,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. 221-Mark A. Betka to Marcia Bove, $377,000.

S St., 1849-Mae Carolyn Woodlan-Adams and Shafton T. Adams to Stuart Varvel and Alisha Scott, $315,000.

T St., 3250-William Bryant to Chuchart Kampirapang, $500,000.

W St., 1712, No. 23-Manna Inc. to Theresa Irby, $158,541.

Woodcrest Dr., 427-Woodcrest Towns Corp. to Yonas Abebe, $414,752.

Third St., 906-Colleen D. Tredway and Beth M. Martter to Holly E. and Robert D. Fuller, $795,000.

11th St., 420-Christopher Abbott to Michael A. and Esther Napolitano Konrad, $680,000.

13th St., 720-Ramona Sonntag to Heather S. Carlson, $470,000.

17th St., 131, No. 1-Jason Mudd to Joseph Michael Enrico, $215,000.

23rd St., 3432-Daryl Bernard and Gregory Charles Smith to 3432 23RD ST Corp., $100,000.

34th St., 121-Delores Lee Matthews to Shumeka Moore, $230,000.


Forrester St., 181-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Carolyn Branch, $324,000.

I St., 355, No. 421-Kelly M. Matoney to Kyle N. Ohlson, $411,000.

M St., 300, No. N606-Adam J. Lltienthal to Mary Virginia Foley, $310,000.

Fourth St., 800, No. N405-Kathleen Hazlett to Casey Valerie Tanoy Linsey and Travis Sherman Wells, $273,525.