District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Financial Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


A St., 1614-Trevor A. Moe and Traci J. Crockett to Brent Parton and Brennan Alexandra McMahon, $625,000.

Ames St., 5342-C and B Holdings Corp. to Eugene Fertelmeyster and Danielle Poole, $412,180.

Buchanan St., 832-832 Buchanan Street NE Corp. to James F. Gehrke and Coleen Kelly, $605,000.

Chancellors Way, 2891-Andrew H. Salzman and Elspeth D. Leech-Black to Daniel and Rina Rodriguez Mehdi, $795,000.

D St., 419-Stephanie D. Hui and Benjamin A. Rohrbaugh to Elizabeth Barrett and Roger Shane Karr, $837,777.

Dakota Ave. S., 2925-Belinda Alfaro to Brandi Phipps and Rebecca Ward, $710,000.

Delafield Pl., 1236-Leroy A. Bagley to Gerardo A. Zarceno Martinez, $370,000.

Duncan St., 1422-Dilan Investment Corp. to Brian Gregory Evans and Eric A. Nicole Oleszczuk Evans, $675,000.

Evarts St., 401, No. 301-Bethany and Ryan Evans to Gerardo Evaristo Cruz-Ortiz and Elena Maria Muzzi, $310,000.

Girard St., 635-Patricia Ward and Renee James to Anne Knapke and Mark Copeland, $450,000.

Hawthorne Dr., 3133-Renee S. Kinder to Amir Ali Ebadi, $345,000.

Hurston Lane, 2521-Andrew Opoku-Agyemang to Kofi Marfoh, $226,505.

Lyman Pl., 1748-Elaine D. Fields to Ricky A. Tillery, $323,000.

Maryland Ave., 1125, No. 4-Amy E. Pope to Valerie Winschel, $285,000.

Regent Pl., 567-Michael and Pai-Jiun Belcher to Daren Purnell and Amanda Kimball, $760,000.

Sargent Rd., 4820-Todd K. Bell and Alisha M. Lutat to Marcus and Caribbean Ross Moon, $515,000.

Taylor St., 2020-Christopher Jordan Rash to Latoya Huggins and Michael Huggins, $509,000.

V St., 314, No. 206-Fernando Nsi Gomez to Caitlin M. Haney, $229,500.

W St., 1340-Fred Smith Jr. and Eli J. Guiterman to Rezene Medhani and Alganesh Medhani-Kuflom, $202,900.

Third St., 2425-2425 3rd St. Corp. to Stephane Verani and Van Anh Vu Hong, $805,000.

Fourth St., 2827-Tyrone Hall to Matthew David Watts and Emily Adams Crowley, $525,000.

Seventh St., 3009-Brian C. Bonner and Samatha Spiiney to Travis W. Ollom and McKenzie Haynes, $631,000.

10th St., 4822-Mae S. Barnes and Brenda J. Colwell to Jared Edmonds, $300,000.

11th St., 430-Dilan Investment Corp. to Albert J. Muldoon III and Ashleigh M. De La Torre, $1.48 million.

12th St., 528-Eileen Kessler and Joan Calvano to Nikhil Kekre, $873,750.

13th Pl., 2302-Willco Properties Corp. to Angela Montfort, $554,000.

13th St., 3630-Elenora Giddings to Anthony and Ginger Gaines-Cirelli, $984,500.

16th St., 308-Eric Garcia to Adam D. and Alexandra S. Miller, $879,000.

17th St., 108-Cedence Ventures Inc. to Bradford Dayspring, $770,000.

20th St., 817-Miguel Rubiano and Serena Mehra to David A. Doher and Lindsay N. Smith, $569,000.

25th Pl., 531-Kia L. Smith to Jennifer L. Rellis, $593,000.


Alton Pl., 4444-Daniel Barlow Burke Jr. to Yahia Khairi Said and Sarah Bamat, $981,000.

Bates St., 200-Mandi L. Wiggins to Bayan C. Misaghi, $700,000.

Belmont St., 1451, No. 311-Stacey L. Bielick to Donald R. Arrington, $494,000.

California St., 1839-Samuel Rodriguez to Marc S. Forni and Vica R. Bogaerts, $1.65 million.

Cathedral Ave., 2244-Miriam Elizabeth Mims Donley and Elizabeth Donley to Amy and Matthew Girgenti, $1.5 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4200, No. 807-Abrahm J. and Sarah M. Vogel to Alexander Richard Jue and Kaitlyn Larson Evans Jue, $330,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 120W-Janice L. Austin to Kelly Mack, $285,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 721W-Carolyn L. Reinhardt to Beth P. Brown, $249,900.

Cedar St., 343, No. 303-Christopher E. Dickerson to Eliz-Talida Serif and Francisco Orellana, $450,000.

Clifton St., 1427, No. 1-Kristen Brady to Zachary Clay and Laura Page Weeks, $601,972.

Columbia Rd., 1901, No. 105-Michael Scott Garrison to Brandon and Molly Green, $559,500.

Connecticut Ave., 3701, No. 715-Karen Renee Benner to Vaishnavi Rao, $250,000.

Cortland Pl., 2801, No. 304-Kimberley K. Allen to Maximilian Robert Ziemer and Ani Avetisyan, $374,500.

Dexter St., 4520-Susan Elaine Foote Burke to Michael and Elizabeth Clifton, $2.02 million.

Edmunds St., 4004, No. 9-David Dunipace and Lauren Barros to Samira Georgi, $685,000.

Euclid St., 907, No. 103-Erlk A. Knapp and Chelsea K. Looper-Stockwell to Kalissa Hendrickson, $351,000.

Farragut St., 811-Elvira Cooper to John Kenneth McCoy and Megan Ryan Melly McCoy, $525,000.

Florida Ave., 237-Dilan Investment Corp. to Colin R. MacDonald and Nadra E. Wass, $1.34 million.

Garfield St., 2918-Forrest T. McKennie to Choon Kyu and Eun Hui Kim, $1.57 million.

Hamilton St., 24-Marie A. Vodicka to Jacqueline and Nathan Ward, $470,000.

Harvard St., 1450, No. E-Gregory W. and Elizabeth S. Warr to Angela and Hendrik Bennink, $674,000.

Hobart St., 1745-Faith Payne and Mark Naegeli to Elizaveta Perova, $777,000.

Illinois Ave., 4010-Marc F. Schleifer and Amber D. Latner to Brian P. O'Connor and Mallori Merandino, $800,000.

Irving St., 1636, No. 4B-Christopher Weber to Anne Kolker, $439,000.

K St., 2515, No. 305-Bhagya Laksumanage to Clare Orvis, $337,500.

Kenmore Dr., 4628-Jessie Kane and Dieter Schellinger to Eva Nimmons Kasten, $1.6 million.

L St., 1001, No. 606-Sartaz Ahmed to Megan Whittemore and Gary Anthony Nuzzi Jr., $546,000.

Lamont St., 1651, No. 1E-Evan M. and Megan P. Belser to Dana Catherine Mueller, $490,000.

Longfellow St., 317-Joseph Tam Lung to Pamela Jeanne Bender, $516,000.

M St., 910, No. 117-Luke A. and Andrea D. Lisell to Megan Carey Connor, $616,783.

Macarthur Blvd., 5067-Kevin Carey and Sara Sklaroff to David Gorodetski, $850,000.

Mansion Dr., 4066-Evelyn Hirsch to Anthony Nuland and Alexandra Simmonds, $1.68 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 4301, No. 8007-Mary C. Hutchinson to Nancy M. Whiting, $291,450.

Mount Pleasant St., 3155, No. 202-Jill Kronstadt to Timothy M. Ballard, $415,000.

N St., 1300, No. 519-Thomas T. Troke to Alexander Manners, $455,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1725, No. 706-Karen L. Sheive to Thomas E. Burton Jr., $382,000.

New York Ave., 61-Patrick E. Sandoval and Douglas A. Vasquez to John E. McGlothlin, $651,000.

Newton St., 1417, No. 104-Marilyn T. Brown to Marisa Meyers, $350,000.

O St., 1107, No. 3-Patrik Ringstroem and Manjari Goenka to David E. and Amy Bauch Griggs, $797,500.

Ontario Rd., 2450, No. 4-Suzanne Wen-Li Chang and Michael David Alpern to Matthew Michael Ladra, $851,000.

P St., 3018-Hugo Antuna and Sofia Isabel Antuna Owen to Outerbridge Horsey and Georgina Owen, $1.49 million.

Park Rd., 1328, No. A-Amrithi Devarajan and Ken Furuya to Anamika Dwivedi, $693,000.

Park Rd., 2023-2023 Park Road Corp. to Daniel Villar Vallenas, $1.5 million.

Porter St., 2902, No. 36-Zachary M. and Alexandria Walton Radford to Shin-Je Ghim, $621,500.

Q St., 801, No. 1-Thomas M. Foye to Benjamin Russell Stickel and Rebecca Helene Williams, $770,000.

Q St., 1625, No. 205-Anita and Dinesh J. Bhat to James M. McCarthy and Cong Xiao You, $700,000.

Q St., 3250-Christopher R. Molitor to Mahesh Balakrishna and Pallavi Tyagi, $1.1 million.

R St., 1738-John Brooks and Giuseppe Perrone to Matthew E. Shkor, $2.35 million.

Rhode Island Ave., 5, No. 202-Marcine V. Hunter to Zaheer Tajani, $327,900.

Rhode Island Ave., 1322, No. 8-Danny N. Price to Christopher Schneller and Matthew Mitter, $725,000.

Rittenhouse St., 1421-Cesar Parrado Marinas and Lyana M. Maso-Martinez to Susan Tahmasebi, $560,000.

Rodman St., 3514-Michael S. and Elizabeth H. Clifton to Matthew David Strickler and Samantha Carey, $1.61 million.

Scott Cir., 1, No. 109-Lisa Iswari Budiman to Thomas M. Dow, $250,000.

Shepherd St., 1611-Lucas C. Grodsky to Adam James Broecker and Ana Sifia Carteiro Alves, $1.26 million.

Sherier Pl., 5514-Hanlon Design Build Inc. to Farleigh J. and William B. Cunningham, $2.77 million.

Springdale St., 4451-Andrew I. Killgore and Marjorie N. Killgore to Paul and Laura Lynn Profeta, $1.04 million.

Taylor St., 310-John and Tiffany A. Yowell to Philip and Julie V. Bolin, $529,393.

Tunlaw Rd., 2610, No. 302-Beth Joseph Walton and Johnny W. Joseph to Erica R. Oakley and Kristian S. Rogers, $380,000.

Van Ness St., 2939, No. 326-Mary Janet Conley and John James Dicarlo to David T. and Maryl A. Shoneman, $310,000.

Varnum St., 1826-Mary B. Barnes and Christopher M. Vatidis to Boriana Yontcheva and Jules Erik, $1.57 million.

W St., 4403-Rory L. and Lauren B. Pillsbury to Galina Perova Kingston and Albina Perova, $1.54 million.

Westminster St., 908-Kevin M. Dailey and Clare R. Donelan to Nancy Connors, $1.16 million.

Willard St., 1731, No. 301-Daniel L. Goldberg to Scott T. Sweitzer, $399,999.

Wisconsin Ave., 3024, No. 207-Timothy Slattery to Fiona Ciliotta, $280,000.

Third St., 6009-John Newton Thurber and Pamela T. Duncan to Toby Rogers and Andrew Howard, $750,000.

Fifth St., 1334-Monarch Building and Development to Roger L. McClung and Mary L. Brown, $1.46 million.

Sixth St., 715, No. 301-Anthony Ortman to Tanya Tiwari, $429,900.

Seventh St., 5124-Hillside Road SE Corp. to Ellen Tarquinio, $649,900.

10th St., 2116-Praveen Goyal to Robert D. Horvath Jr., $1.34 million.

11th St., 2101, No. 401-Kyle and Christine Andres to Prajakta A. Chitre, $685,000.

12th St., 2130-Joanna S. and Ryder F. Riess to Sumitra Siram and Emil Kerenji, $960,000.

13th St., 1225, No. 213-Eric A. Lundin to Bjorne M. and Anatoly M. Levkov, $387,500.

13th St., 1705, No. 1-Benjamin Singer and Susan K. Park to Christopher Creenough and Sarah A. Roberto, $789,250.

13th St., 3916, No. 2-Brendan Selby to Jo E. Gutterman and Robert D. Levy, $746,000.

14th St., 2750, No. 608-Katherine Hua-Pekno and Peter Chih-Chao Kuo to Caroline Sara Kim, $585,000.

16th St., 2440, No. 501-Andrew S. Leben to George K. Philips, $585,000.

21st St., 1321, No. 6-David B. Stewart to Alexandra Tana Bosshard, $982,000.

28th St., 2850-Nathaniel C. Fick and Margaret B. Angel to Stephen Michael Pezzi and Abigail Mia Dosoretz Pezzi, $1.73 million.

30th St., 1077, No. 309-Sherrie L. Rhine to Justin Lee and Marianne Ranere Bacon, $815,000.

31st Pl., 6353-Aidan H. and Constance D. O'Connor to Benjamin and Christina Scher, $1.27 million.

35th St., 1318, No. 5-Ryan Russell Raybould and Brooke Ila Carroll to Danielle L. Clausnitzer, $500,000.

39th St., 3531, No. C501-Susan Griffin and Byron Sandford to Donald Fredericks Jr., $430,000.

40th Pl., 2339, No. 202-William A. Nisbet II to Kevin J. Buckley, $321,916.

45th St., 3006-Timothy C. and Kathryn D. Luwis to James P. and Ellen B. Patterson, $3.08 million.


B St., 4824-Gerald S. Brown to Diane Jenkins, $250,000.

Bass Pl., 4815-Domestic Renovation to Jack Britton and Max Pastore, $330,000.

Burke St., 1822-Katie Mae Brown and Jerry Hunter to Declan Shine, $560,000.

C St., 1352, No. A-Frank E. Kulbaski to Juli Tomaino and Mark Ascione, $779,000.

Carolina Ave. N., 619-Brenda G. Boone to Michael and Kristen Powers, $1.49 million.

Cook Dr., 1034-NVR Inc. to Ramona Barber, $426,360.

Elvans Rd., 2315-Hubert G. Bishop to Calvin Hines Jr. and Kyndall Elam, $390,000.

Gessford Ct., 3-Teresa J. Peeler to Jessica Centella and Joshua Holmes Kiffer, $605,000.

Hanna Pl., 5118-Joy Solo 401(k) Trust to Vincent Campbell, $272,950.

Howard Rd., 1456-Dale R. Watson to Joshua D. Mitchell and Joycelyn B. Martinez Moreira, $203,000.

M Pl., 3108- Frances P. Kearney and Burnice S. Kearney to Michael Tynes, $256,250.

Minnesota Ave., 2312-Elijah W. Thorne to Beatriz Otero-Lemos and Fernando A. Lemos, $300,000.

Ridge Pl., 1920-Joyce B. Wiseman to Paul and Abigail Conner, $282,000.

Sayles Pl., 2517, No. 7-Laura Sweeney Yu to Brad and Elisabeth Russo, $300,000.

Southern Ave., 4370-Phoebe May to Frank Kelly and Sheila Bryant, $317,500.

Xenia St., 100-Crystal S. Hughey to Janet Basilan Gardose, $315,000.

Fourth St., 916-Nicholas A. Bever and Rachel L. Alfonso to Alexandre Steven Ejan Thibau, $975,000.

16th St., 2351, No. 102-Kondaur Capital Corp. to Ricky Lee Williams Jr., $130,000.

18th St., 321, No. 1-Stacy J. Sanders to Daniel Gershman and Aneesha Badrinarayan, $425,000.

34th St., 2530-3919 NEH Corp. to Eliezer Joshua and Melissa Lee Lee, $530,000.


Carrollsburg Pl., 1226-DC Southwest Development Corp. to Robert C. and Alison Kavanaugh, $750,000.

G St., 350, No. N413-Jennifer R. McKinney and Christina M. Wells to Pamela Britton, $399,999.

M St., 300, No. N413-Henry L. Ines and Rachelle M. Valencia to Ellen Opdyke, $206,000.

Second St., 3972-6709 Stanton Road Corp. to Ashley T. White, $358,000.

Fourth St., 800, No. N403-Le Quan and Timothy M. Turner to Le Quan Turner, $120,730.