District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


A St., 1469-James Rimensnyder to Declan Jeremiah Dwyer, $412,500.

Blaine St., 3349-Froilan Mamani to David and Marybeth Washington, $385,000.

C St., 632-Mary Russell and David Bucknum to Sawsan Said-Hanna, $1.15 million.

Constitution Ave., 1319, No. B-Adrienne Spahr and Andrew Kim to Margret Bjarnadottir, $949,500.

Dix St., 5211-Terrance and Cynthia Blalock to Ahmed and Anis Bizri, $240,000.

Edson Pl., 4525-Wells Fargo Bank to Adjaratou Traore, $125,000.

F St., 1385-Nicole A. Chulick and Peter B. Zimite to Gerard Petrella and Meghan Taira, $710,000.

Gault Pl., 4112-Sandy Bay Properties Corp. to Christian S. and Holly Taylor, $387,500.

Hamilton St., 1015-1015 Hamilton Street NE Corp. to Aileen Gleizer and Anderson Heiman, $512,500.

Holbrook Terr., 1271-Brooks Harrison to Benjamin Bahk and Irene Chiao, $685,000.

Jackson St., 904-Colleen Dailey and Abdelhamid Elaissami to John T. Liipfert, $616,000.

Kearny St., 2232-Park Road Corp. to Bonnie Hochhalter, $670,000.

Maryland Ave., 726-Community Connections Inc. to Qingqing and Donghui Chen, $859,000.

Meade St., 4219-Remberto Hernandez to Mark L. Miller and Jennifer S. Hatch, $255,000.

Montello Ave., 1328-1328 Montello Avenue NE Corp. to Jared Leisner, $621,250.

Neal St., 1280-Elizabeth Ann Allen Freudenberger to Thomas H. Shepherd II and Leah R. Goldstein, $711,000.

Rand Pl., 2211-A.C. Scott and Vincent C. Shirley to Sarah Mariel Mosbacher and Kevin George Frisch, $410,000.

S St., 233, No. 1-Nicole McKinney Cook and Olivia Grace McKinney to Farhad A. Fatakia and Huma Sikandar, $595,000.

Tennessee Ave., 231-Timothy J. and Elizabeth Chapman to Patricia G. and Kenneth J. Eisner, $1.4 million.

Trinidad Ave., 1229-Project Alpha Nova Corp. to Jacqueline Frederick-Maturo and Justin Maturo, $719,000.

First St., 5409-Ella Moore Flowers to Jeffrey David Klingman and Veronica Leah Norman, $523,000.

Second St., 5725-MRC Investors Corp. to Jarrett B. Stroman, $450,000.

Fourth St., 2615, No. 302-Deutsche Bank to Trina Truong Hulamm, $245,874.

Sixth St., 517-John M. Walk to Lutherina R. Walk, $373,935.

Seventh St., 5157-Cheryl McDow to Henry Ndoh, $432,500.

10th St., 238-Hardik Modi and Alexis McDougall to Brian and Phoebe Walsh, $1.33 million.

11th St., 410, No. 1-Elizabeth Meghann Kerr to Jehan Khaleeli and Carl Lawrence Culp Robinson, $480,000.

12th St., 4006-Robert L. and Sheila H. Bradley to Steven Emmitt Newth and Brianna Lynn Gavio, $633,000.

15th St., 25-Vasco Molini and Alies H.K. Van Geldermalsen to Gregory Carter and Kyla Gregoire, $842,000.

18th Pl., 308, No. 2-Jan M. Hall to Arup Mallik, $320,500.

50th Pl., 825-Dilan Investment Corp. to Kaida Yissirou, $317,000.

59th St., 541-541-59th Street Corp. to Eliyaim Gonzalez, $350,000.


Albemarle St., 5009-Kemble Hagerman Garrett to John Colvin and Elise K. Atkins, $1.09 million.

Beecher St., 4004, No. 301-Thomas B. and Joanine S. Fleeter to Patrick Laurence Brown, $259,000.

Belmont St., 1451, No. 423-Gregory W. and Alison B. Poland to Jordan T. Levine and Alexis C. Gimovsky, $745,000.

Brown St., 3430, No. 4-James S. and Erin Higgins to Brian Fung and Elizabeth Lamme, $826,000.

Calvert St., 1822, No. 1-Vincent M. Brinly and Hallie A. Shuffler to Andrew Fitzgerald and Sydney Lupkin, $620,000.

Cathedral Ave., 3816-Neil A. Simon and Justyna Beckwith Burr to John and Gillian Rogers, $1.96 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 316E-Victoria A. Casey to Anjan Kar and Ramona Stoltz, $235,000.

Cedar St., 343, No. 305-Beth Baskin Davidson to Puja Bery and Manka Sharma, $450,000.

Church St., 1401, No. 126-Michael John Barluk to Frank Stanley Czerwiec Jr. and Sheri Lynn Hamersley, $760,000.

Clifton St., 1323, No. 3-Laura F. Baldwin-Wortman and Charles J. Wortman to Diana Lynn Friedman, $488,000.

Columbia Rd., 712-Dean E. Blackley to Gayan Agalawatie and Natasha Pastora Ghent Rodriguez, $629,330.

Connecticut Ave., 2311, No. 403-Kathryn M. Rodgers to Maria Paloma Silva De Anzorena, $410,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3100, No. 331-Nicole F. Schulman to Abigail Barnard, $410,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5233, No. C-01-Maria F. Blanc to Stephanie Benson, $369,000.

Delafield Pl., 922-Candida M. Delcid Deceased and Miguel A. Jiron to Jean-Michel Dominique Humbert and Jessie Lynn Madore Wetherby, $521,000.

E St., 616, No. 814-Karen Padgett Davis to Karyn E. Sper, $690,000.

Fairmont St., 1019-Marsha K. Middleton to Tyler Edward and J. Duncan Phillips, $530,000.

Gallatin St., 63-Michael A. Suman to Franklyn G. and Jasmine Miannette Musgrave, $562,550.

H St., 2401, No. 507-Falak and Yousef Arikat to Azar M. and Zekrollah Momeni, $295,000.

I St., 920, No. 1003-Daniel E. Vecchi to William N. and Janice G. Herman, $760,000.

Jefferson St., 608, No. 102-Tomar Nicole Brown to Joy S. White, $270,000.

Kalorama Rd., 1820, No. 1-James Albert Brown to Joseph R. and Cody B. Light, $710,000.

Kenmore Dr., 4675-Tzannetis Aristides and Elizabeth T. Serlemitsos to Joshua A. and Julia M. Kramer, $2.19 million.

L St., 2425, No. 421-Ji M. and Chung S. Chung to Irene Fang, $621,500.

Loughboro Rd., 4829-Kathleen B. Biden to Kathleen Mary Macpeak, $1.6 million.

Macomb St., 2710, No. 111-Lee S. Roesch Jr. to Oleksiy Ivaschenko, $227,500.

Marion St., 1526-Carolyn V. Lamson to Maura McCarthy, $750,000.

Mckinley St., 3304-Claude K. and Consuela H. Allen to Michael Alex and Anastasia C. Khoo, $900,000.

Millwood Lane, 5050-Maureen O’Connor Witter to Brian Kerry and Caroline Perry Shure, $5.2 million.

Missouri Ave., 1322, No. 201-Anthony Briggs Jr. to William Candela Jr., $296,000.

Morrison St., 3926-William J. and Laura S. Alexander to Evan R. and Rachel R. Goldstein, $1.1 million.

N St., 1300, No. 517-Juan Pablo Kassar and Elizabeth Pearson Albertine to Kendall Fino Smardzewski, $455,000.

N St., 3267, No. 2-Raymond R. Schupp to Robert Wong and Jennifer Yang-Wong, $897,000.

New York Ave., 52, No. 2-Hannah R. Powell to Olukayode O. Owosela, $590,000.

Newton St., 1821-1821 Newton Property Corp. to Fernando Dancausa Diaz, $736,500.

Park Rd., 1523, No. 302-Gavin and Tracy C. Stannard to Richard C. Zantzinger III and James Wilson, $255,000.

Patterson St., 3615-Rachel Rosen and Evan Robert Goldstein to Elana and Jeremy Suttenberg, $925,000.

Porter St., 3851, No. D280-Yuxuan Zhang to Jessica Logan, $465,000.

Q St., 1612, No. 6-Nicole Cory to Pamela C. and Flavio H. Alvarez, $560,000.

R St., 1210, No. 102-Jett J. Pihakis to David Shlomo Toaff, $769,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 510-Darlene R. Nipper and Andrea Z. Jones to Houshang H. Momenian, $766,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1441, No. M08-Karen L. Mitz to David E. and Julia E. Kronenberg, $499,000.

Rock Creek Church Rd., 3602, No. 2-Gregory Bruening to Meredith Kathryn Saggers, $369,900.

S St., 1713-1713 S Corp. to Frank Digiovanni and Shaina Vinayek, $452,500.

Scott Cir., 1, No. 2-Jennifer R. Leib to Marcia Femandez, $275,200.

Sheridan St., 516-Alexandre S. Paraskevas and Autumn L. Wilson to Ann-Sofie Jepersen and Nicole Sierra Barden, $464,000.

T St., 1910, No. 12-Stephen Mark Kehoe to Nicholas James Callender, $420,000.

Tuckerman St., 61-Barbara A. Warren and Sharyn L. Warren to Robel Maru and Bezawit Sabeteshi, $400,000.

V St., 1390, No. 501-Lynn Chia to Arshish R. Tarapore, $479,000.

Van Ness St., 3621-Michael W. Smith and Thomas E. Yatsco to Haishan Fu, $1.38 million.

Vermont Ave., 1313, No. 13-Matthew Mark and Abigail Burger Chingos to Heather E. West, $700,000.

Walnut St., 16-Sam Homes Corp. to Beth B. Davidson, $745,000.

First St., 2122-Gregory Carlton Gill to Patricia Gill Hampton, $785,000.

Third Pl., 5710-William Clark Jr. and Richard Tappan to Andre Dowtin, $560,000.

Fourth St., 6827, No. 120-Jennifer Rust and Caitlin Lauchlan to David Splinter and Meghali Goswami, $652,100.

Sixth St., 1724-Lisa N. Espinda and Jenny H. McGrane to Miriam Warren, $981,000.

Seventh St., 7200-Patty Alleman to Laura P. Gross and Alexander Effendi, $699,900.

11th St., 1111, No. 307-Asha Allam to Habibur Rahman, $640,000.

11th St., 1922-1922 11th St. Corp. to Brian Roehrkasse and Megan Gerking, $1.9 million.

12th St., 1125, No. 62-Christopher P. Pojunas to Annabelle Jeanne Richalet, $279,000.

13th St., 1300, No. 205-Mansour Fuad Abu-Rahmeh to Patrick Monahan, $950,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 325-Corey M. Then and Lauren Desantis-Then to Craig Deligdish, $585,000.

15th St., 1515, No. 227-Erin Reilly Patel and Joseph Reilly to Thomas Leistner and Sheung Jim Koo, $900,000.

15th St., 2656, No. 104-Giin A. Levy to Rachael E. Kozolup, $365,000.

17th St., 2410, No. 303-Christophe Georges and Kelly Newsome to Erran Carmel, $790,000.

20th St., 2318-Jerome B. and Natalie R. Komisar to Michael David and Courtney Parrie Green, $1.33 million.

21st St., 1514, No. 3-Todd M. Chrostowski to Gaurav Gupta and Rifat A. Hasan, $515,200.

23rd St., 1230, No. 603-Richard S. Zbur to Ya Mo, $422,500.

29th St., 6251-Robert A. and Manuelle J. Diamond to Renato Perez and Beth Liu, $965,000.

30th St., 1632, No. 12-Donald Scott Lurding to Taeho Kang, $507,500.

34th St., 1608-Philip Coakley and Janet Hunt Gallagher to Michael Jamieson Huck and Jennifer Anne Scharlow Huck, $850,000.

39th St., 2725, No. 503-William Kirby to Kevin and William K. Chang, $364,000.

42nd St., 2325, No. 421-Deutsche Bank and American Home Mortgage Assets Trust 2007 to Natalie Rachel Levy, $298,870.

44th St., 1612-H. Scott and Karen Tracy Polk to Michael R. and Gabriele H. Brennan, $1.33 million.

47th St., 4234-Cynthia A. Metzler to Theodore R. Axton and Abigail E. Brandel, $1.02 million.


A St., 619-Janet E. Vail to Lawrence Lokken and Mae M. Clark, $1.1 million.

Alabama Ave., 3008-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Donna Ouarles, $510,000.

B St., 5621-1621 W Street Corp. to Lawrence McDaniel, $285,000.

Burke St., 1830-1830 Burke Corp. to Clarence Leslie Wardell III and Anita Bellur Ravishankar, $850,000.

Central Ave., 5557-Heather A. Raboya and Howard Raboya to Dawn Stewart, $198,401.

Dubois Pl., 4382-Calvin Jerome Day Jr. to Ted Williams and Rebecca Hart, $297,000.

Fort Dupont Terr., 4255-Mary Cowan to Kimberly Demek, $265,000.

Highwood Dr., 3208-Lillan Wiggins to Juman Byun, $447,000.

Independence Ave., 1008-Michael J. Minerva to Adam Scarlatelli and Stacy Mactaggert, $1.02 million.

Independence Ct., 1329-Katharine A. Fredriksen to Mark A. and Tara Hogan Charles, $979,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1706-Wilbur Lee Mondie to Keith and Denise Beckles Durham, $550,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. 471-Jordan M. Gehrke to Habibur Rahman, $545,000.

Q St., 2330-Judy and Josina L. Talbert to Deborra and Mariama Jackson, $279,580.

Savannah Pl., 2021-Charles T. Prue and Kimberly Fahrenholz to Christopher Hudson-Boyd, $206,000.

Talbert Terr., 1332-Elias Tellez to Christopher and Whitney Daffner, $360,000.

Westover Dr., 3167-Michael W. and Evangeline H. Tierney to David Roberts and Claudia Manrique, $550,000.

Fourth St., 504-Cartus Financial Corp. to Kyle Joseph Lehman, $799,000.

Eighth St., 2915, No. 5201-Anthony Kahaly to Derrell White, $138,000.

11th St., 142-John F. Jennings and Stephen P. Molinari to Jeffrey Angelo Capizzano and Arrow Augerot, $1.61 million.

13th St., 502-Sephen W. and Aimee Simpson to Matthew J. and Shelia R. Day, $942,500.

17th St., 2, No. 205-David Don and Christopher David Hess to Ana Morgenstern, $314,000.

25th St., 1613-Deborah Rorls to Jeremiah Kline, $330,000.

34th St., 2500-Korrie J. and Delicia C. Mapp to Eugene Cornelius, $700,000.

46th St., 1309-James L. and Rebecca W. Powell to Thomas A. and Melissa A. O’Keefe, $335,000.


Fourth St., 800, No. N618-Peter Edward Malek to Matthew M. Shirley, $349,000.