District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Adams St., 1333, No. 1-Jeffrey M. Carnes to Ashley Nicole Copeland, $260,000.

Capitol St. E., 656-Mark H. and Elizabeth B. Gitenstein to Jared Benjamin and Anna Weaver, $1.93 million.

Channing St., 3116-Bennett Team Properties Corp. to Andrew D. Reiter and Erin Helling, $600,000.

Constitution Ave., 622-Patrick M. Costigan and Julie A. Beecher to Dustin Todd and Andrea Riccio, $1.07 million.

D St., 807-Melissa F. Hatcher and Bradford G. Sargent to Lona Goodman and Philip R. Livingston, $1.02 million.

Douglas St., 2205-Davie Yarborough to Tamara Bevens and Kevin Francis Hiler, $370,000.

Evarts St., 902-Brookland 4 Corp. to Julia C. Hurley, $405,000.

Fort Lincoln Dr., 3620-Melisa J. Baca to Tiffany Dianne Miller, $490,000.

Hamlin St., 1017-Jeffrey David Klingman to Jessica and Kenneth Thurn, $772,500.

Holbrook Terr., 1210, No. 201-Linda Mack to Alicia D. Wang and Michael J. Johnston, $299,999.

Jay St., 5092-Marci Edwards to Tristan Nicole Dyson, $290,000.

Lawrence St., 2223-VBS Community Builders Corp. to Jeffrey Hiott and Thomas Mitchell, $832,400.

Maryland Ave., 1350, No. 406-Thomas J. Gresko to Essence Hales, $399,990.

Otis St., 2228-Luxor Investments Corp. to Thomas P. and Myra H. Oppel, $799,000.

Quackenbos St., 404-Elvina R. Nawaguna to Trevor Anthony Goldsmith and Kathryn Lorraine Graham, $426,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 318, No. 204-Calvin L. Rice to Nils Olson Weinstein, $259,900.

Upshur St., 1913-Derrick A. Walton to Kathryn Detwiler and Michael Talley, $680,000.

W St., 1374-Marcos Hercules to Toni Dach, $390,000.

Sixth St., 116, No. 201-David A. and Stephanie Holmes to Sarah K. Hoyt, $549,000.

Seventh St., 4410-KQVLL Corp. to Elvina R. Nawaguna and David Sloan, $510,000.

10th St., 2732-Marceline V. Billups and Evangeline L. West to Khristian Gaines and Danea Byrd, $550,000.

12th St., 141, No. 12-Ellen B. McPherson to Jason A. Smith, $580,500.

12th St., 3006-Anthony F. Long to Michael A. Cavalier, $795,000.

14th St., 509-Mark Patrick and Nicole Elizabeth Wetijen to Cody J. Elder and Steffanie N. Ohms Elder, $719,500.

20th St., 2410-Cambridge Channing Corp. to Matthew Briner and Nicholas Salerno, $730,000.

34th St., 328-James A. Allen Sr. and C. Hope Brown to Bettie M. Fisher, $225,150.

56th Pl., 253-Dap Homes Corp. to Sheila Thom, $379,900.


Adams Mill Rd., 3121-Steven A. and Rebecca A. Siegel to Peter B. and Lauren Wallace, $1.11 million.

Biltmore St., 1967-P. Gregory Banks and Elizabeth B. Banks to Eric T. Schwartz and Emma B. Arons, $1.85 million.

Buchanan St., 1423-Madhu Bhullar to Luke and Juliet Armerding, $610,000.

California St., 1859-Jeffrey and Jennifer Boone Hayes to Stuary Selis, $2.12 million.

Capitol St. N., 6406-Emilia O. Onuoha to Danthony M. White, $455,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 606W-Jerry C. Bourbon and Mary Ann Bourbon to Suzanne Chernauskas, $230,000.

Champlain St., 2328, No. 319-Michael M. Zadrozny to Diane Christin Kostroch, $565,500.

Chesapeake St., 4200-John K. Wilkinson to Wesley and Barbara Ellen Sullivan, $972,500.

Columbia Rd., 909-Dulles Custom Homes Corp. to Christina Nyquist and Michael Wolfe, $710,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3100, No. 418-Shoshana Hecker to Cara E. and Richard William Alsterberg, $423,500.

Connecticut Ave., 3883, No. 903-Julie Rosenthal to Katherine V. Moskver, $415,000.

D St., 631, No. 132-Robert and Karen Thompson to Alfreda M. Brewer, $675,000.

Davis Pl., 4114, No. 205-Asa C. and Lin L. Raynolds to Alexandria B. Dibble and Christopher J. Cannova, $292,500.

Devonshire Pl., 2737, No. 217-James W. Mackey to Michael Blackman, $553,000.

E St., 675, No. 350-Mark and Amal Thomas to Glenn Charles Bailey Jr. and Michael Todd Williams, $499,000.

Euclid St., 1208-1208 Euclid Corp. to Robert Bernstein and Richard Hutson, $1.45 million.

Fairmont St., 1104-David R. Jolliffe to Cindy Foye Holleman and Tierra Foye Hatfield, $985,000.

Fairmont St., 1321, No. 305-Seve B. Padilla to Deborah Lynn Solum, $299,900.

Florida Ave., 1349-James D. and Virginia D. Vitarello to Yaniv Barzilai and Kathleen Ellison, $899,950.

French St., 900-Jennifer E. Morris to Daniel Brown, $1.42 million.

I St., 920, No. 811-Gail Susan and David Paul Mixer to James T. and Laura J. King, $1.46 million.

Ingraham St., 1344-KQM Enterprises Corp. to Sean and Sharon Rousseau, $1.21 million.

Kalorama Rd., 1700, No. 204-Lee K. Lahaye and Larry K. Lahaye to Kenneth and Sandra Leiner, $790,000.

Kansas Ave., 5626-Carolyn V. Cones and Frances L. Anthony to Edtience and Charles Tenbrook, $539,000.

Kenyon St., 1390, No. 722-Michelle C. Yau to Neha A. and Aksharkumar B. Patel, $525,500.

Longfellow St., 130-Adam T. and Cynthia D. Stubits to Joanna Vanderveer Ruf, $555,000.

M St., 437, No. 6-Lilian Y. and Heather Yuhan Koo to Hilary Evans, $259,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 911-Charles Peter Charpentier and Lindsay Jill Suttenberg to Robert Aaron Imes and Sean Corrigan Finnegan, $775,000.

N St., 936, No. 3-James Robert and Charles Michael Bryden to Jeffrey A. Taylor and Megan E. Policicchio, $699,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 700-Barbara H. and Robert S. Walker to Debra W. Stewart, $550,000.

Park Rd., 1451, No. 511-Travis Behan to Zenia Wilson, $310,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 6527-Brian Baines to Rory E. Adams and Kenan T. Fikri, $855,000.

Q St., 4632-Lorraine H. Capps and Audrey S.H. McKeever to Michele Ann White, $635,000.

Quincy St., 707-Allen L. Toler to Antoine Gerardin and Beza Tesfaye, $630,000.

R St., 1210, No. 215-Omar Younis to John and Talat U. Diamodn, $569,000.

R St., 3723-Paul Eddie Dwyer to Anna Natasha Joukovsky and Michael Jensen McDuffie, $925,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1441, No. 914-Neda T. Semnani to Naoko Inoue, $373,000.

S St., 1316, No. B-1316 S. Street NW Corp. to Florian Richard and Nadine Pequignot, $975,000.

Sheridan St., 823-John E. and Juanita M. Green to Daniel and Beth Marie Tutt, $440,000.

Swann St., 1402, No. 6-Bryan C. Stolz to Emily Mann Savner, $625,000.

T St., 1621, No. 805-Sally J. Kaplan to Jason Lewis Sotka, $384,100.

Taylor St., 307-307 Taylor Street NW Corp. to Andrew Joseph Aldrian, $615,000.

V St., 150, No. V405-Jennifer Salen to Mary Rose Conroy, $505,000.

Vermont Ave., 1313, No. 17-Kenneth D. White to Patrick Hare, $405,000.

W St., 1215-Gregory B. Jaczko and Leigh Ann Caldwell to Jason and Frederick H. Pack, $993,500.

Warder St., 3601-3601 Warder Street DC Corp. to Elizabeth L. Henthorne and James K. Zeigler, $910,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 2111, No. 710-Bette Blain to Patricia Farish, $470,000.

First St., 5040, No. 102-Denise M. Greene to Brandon Solomon, $271,900.

Third Pl., 5730-Vernell L. and Jerrel L. Catlett to Jacquelyn Martin, $510,000.

Fourth St., 1808-Joshua Gallu and Julia Gallu Grutzner to Sara and Christopher Geurtsen, $799,000.

Fifth St., 1405-Randall Snodgrass and Mark A. Stevens to Madeline Wright Cox and Nicholas Richard Galasso, $1.09 million.

Eighth St., 5510-Sanjay and Danielle Singh to Fredy Mauricio Sanchez Ochoa and Mayra Lorena Barrientos Pineda, $505,000.

10th St., 3513-Congressional 3513 10th Street Corp. to Samuel A. Lipson and Abigail Weiss, $849,900.

12th St., 1825-Ceyda Oner and Kenan Ercel to Matthias Ellenrieder and Emma Dinan, $1.12 million.

13th St., 1300, No. 306-Jennifer Swalwell to Won Tae and Youn Young Kim, $772,000.

13th St., 5319-Lue Jane Lawrence to Anthony Lawrence, $245,000.

14th St., 3902, No. 219-Randolph Towers Cooperative Inc. to David Berlin, $302,000.

15th St., 1822, No. 307-Paul J. and Giorgia L. Ortiz to Vijay Malik, $279,000.

16th St., 1750, No. 61-Glenn Gottselig to Gert Mark Michiels and Rebecca White Rattner, $720,000.

16th St., 3426, No. 603-April Blankfort to William Alexander Davis Jr., $381,250.

17th St., 1916, No. 406-Goffin Corp. to Andrew J. Dilbert and David A. Massa, $410,000.

20th St., 2227, No. 104-Robert J. Damuth and Emily Black to Charles Nocker, $270,000.

23rd St., 1140, No. 702-Timothy R. Schnabel to Saquib and Kaniz F. Ahsan, $546,000.

25th St., 1111, No. 606-Peter and Susana W. Florian to Alexandra Nicole Senyi De Nagy-Unyom, $840,000.

32nd St., 1604-Sally Marcella Buter to Justin Enck and Kimberly Lui, $1.26 million.

38th St., 2716-William T. Ball Jr. and Eve Zartman to Matthew M. and Zoe A. Jantzen, $1.15 million.

39th St., 3500, No. B668-Francis and Marian Masson to Julie Abou Nohra, $530,000.

41st St., 4750, No. 401-Peter J. and Cynthia Cox Roma to Scott E. Franke and Margaret M. Moerchen, $870,000.

45th St., 2923-Murray S. Liebman and Kimberley Anne Kendall to Johann M. Schleier-Smith and Ina Simonovska, $1.9 million.


A St., 4629-Rudolph Alvin Barnes and Barbara Skinner-Barnes to Paulette C. Houston, $246,000.

Astor Pl., 5343-Jag Property Investors Corp. to Shawntel Waller, $345,000.

B St., 5456-Albert L. Washington to Bonita A. Deville, $308,000.

C St., 1509-Michael Beach and Elinor E. Todd to Joseph Heagerty and Regan C. O’Brien, $670,000.

Carolina Ave. N., 101, No. 207-Eileen Mary Wall to Lucia T. and John J. Serra, $245,000.

Congress St., 748-748 Congress Corp. to Allyson Marie Bates, $360,000.

Drake Pl., 5305-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Farid Hassan Fawzi, $140,000.

E St., 647-James A. Walker to John David Stubbs Jr. and Brad Jamison Colley, $817,500.

H St., 4657-Odessa Terry and Richard Caldwell to Lawrence S. and Donna C. Dosik, $215,000.

Independence Ave., 1735-Denson Terry and Keshia Monique White to Denson Terry, $264,505.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1500, No. 201-Goldster 1500 Penn Corp. to Emily Gabriel, $460,000.

Potomac Ave., 1844-William L. Dana to Rajendra and Meena Kumar, $545,000.

Savannah St., 2409-John E. Driscoll III and Yolanda I. Lea to Afolake E. Shokunbi, $150,000.

Talbert St., 1262, No. 8B-Rivereast at Anacostia Corp. to Cedric Ali Hanley II, $326,193.

W St., 3802-Shirley E. Robinson to Donald Hankerson, $100,000.

Second St., 3802-Hook San Eu and Stacey Lay Kean Sim to Latysha Short, $335,000.

Eighth St., 229-Mary R. Wadleigh and B.P. Jayne to Melissa A. English and Sean K. Murphy, $881,229.

16th St., 214-Kelly and Richard W. Kenney to Matthew G. and Laura M. Uvena, $765,000.

19th St., 1510-Daryl J. Glenn and Larita L. Glen to Sheralysta T. Faulkner and Joshua Newby, $257,000.

30th St., 1724-Napoleon and Esthermae Jones to Shannon Mara, $440,000.

53rd St., 18-Karen D. Cox to Khalela Dixon, $265,000.


Joliet St., 139-Herman W. Thomas to Yemane M. and Habeney M. Medhane, $140,000.

Fourth St., 800, No. N509-Bulut Mihmandarli and F. Douglas Hartnett to Jeffrey R. Hollands, $343,000.

Fourth St., 1435, No. B607-Timothy D. Backstrom to Massoud and Mina Maryam Javid, $315,000.