District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


A St., 1434-Leonora E. Crannell and Germaine T. Leftwich to Ahmed M. Mahdi, $630,000.

Baldwin Crescent, 2456-Moyah Wilson to Aaron Hare and Danielle Lee, $645,000.

Bryant St., 1876-Barrington Alexander Gordon to Gabriel Pontones Inestrillas, $366,000.

Clay St., 3425-Harry S. Douglas to Carolyn R. Williams, $309,000.

E St., 520, No. 203-Joseph Tucker Knott to Ryan and Allison Mills, $539,000.

Eastern Ave., 324-Argco Ventures Corp. to Paul Simon Robinson, $309,000.

F St., 218-Benjamin L. Schiffrin and Rachel S.W. Turow to Christopher Boyer and Katie Knodt Hanley, $1.38 million.

G St., 222-Nantucket Holdings to Prescott Ryan Messiner and Ashley Helms, $1.21 million.

Hayes St., 5355-Kubasaki Development Corp. to Chiquita Price, $340,000.

K St., 1010-Geoffrey Michael Renaldo and Sarah Bradley to Michael Reid Davis, $1.06 million.

Lyman Pl., 1748-Rick A. Tillery to Jeremy J. Gelb and Bradley White, $525,000.

Maryland Ave., 1225-Nicolas Joseph and Caroline Kobek Pezzarossi to Eve L. Samborn and William B. McCool, $655,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 644, No. 506-Kelly M. Keegan to Jake Laperruque, $280,000.

Montello Ave., 1705-1705 Montello Avenue NE DC Corp. to Johnny and Heather Quilenderino, $619,999.

Oglethorpe St., 645-Yinusaa and Sherifat Yusuff to Colton M. Hubbard, $422,000.

Quincy Pl., 27-27 Quincy Place NE Corp. to Alexander and Meagan Mitchell, $683,000.

Rosedale St., 1656-Vivek Narula to Lindsay and Jake Sims, $565,000.

Uhland Terr., 175-Vivek and Ritu Narula to Shayda Daniela Vance and Andrew Dantago Foaad Konstant, $738,500.

Second St., 333, No. 401-Ann Norwood to Andrew Mills, $205,000.

Fourth St., 2129-Maria Angeles to Noah Charles Kanter, $735,000.

Seventh St., 529-Allen E. and Gina P. Clapp to Ronald and Rosabel Goodman, $899,000.

Eighth St., 1112-8th Street Ventures Holdings Corp. to John T. Farcosky and Ana U. Zutelgte, $740,000.

Ninth St., 915-Carrie Ward and Robert Miranda to Jane C. Koehl, $995,000.

12th St., 2918-2918 12th KNS Corp. to Kathryn Allen and Patrick Michael Velliky, $808,000.

13th St., 4437-Adam D. Gluckman and Xun Yang to Ana Lucia Mecagni, $585,000.

15th St., 211-Vivian Andrea Cocca to Vivian Andrea Cocca and Catherine E. Whitney, $301,965.

18th St., 752-Christopher D. and Carlyn E. Mills to Helen M. Dodson, $445,000.

20th St., 225-225 20th Street Corp. to Alex Thomas Stein and Raven Marie Bukowski, $615,000.

47th Pl., 905-Angie and Rhett Michaelman to Sarah Chamness Long and Daniel Lopez-Mendez, $399,900.

49th St., 836-836 49th Street Corp. to William P. Lee, $365,000.


Adams Mill Rd., 2801-Michael Baxter to Florencia Paz, $265,000.

Arkansas Ave., 4615-Scott A. Herman to Eric Chesterton and Sharon Ann Warner, $614,500.

Biltmore St., 1832-Margot Born to Steven John Boyd, $360,000.

California St., 1808, No. 22-Cindy L. Schild to David Harvill Hixson, $660,000.

Cathedral Ave., 3013-David V. and Marie-Louise H. Bernal to Peter Gage and Emily Lowenstern Gardner, $1.46 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4200, No. 512-Jean Yves Lacascade to Suzanne Chernauskas, $280,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 807W-Alvin and Jocelyn Hutchinson to Huiyu Zhang, $270,000.

Chancery Ct., 4014-Kenneth D. Jones to Linda A. Baumann, $1.02 million.

Clydesdale Pl., 1820-Sarah and Jacob Sagert to Stefan and Nancy Jakubowski, $195,000.

Columbia Rd., 2022, No. 309-Henry J. Bartelloni II to Mariana E. La Fianza and Javier La Fianza, $492,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3883, No. 714-Laurence Kaminsky to Klara Roza, $665,000.

Delafield Pl., 806-806 Delafiled Place NW Corp. to Seantoia D. and Wilhelmus Swanston, $817,000.

Embassy Park Dr., 4202-Carol Maxine Mates to Benjamin Tucker and Cara Michelle Carroll, $818,000.

Fern Pl., 509-Stephen L. Bruno to Taran Roddy, $600,000.

Florida Ave., 919, No. 305-Roger Glenn Usilton Jr. to Joshua Ho, $640,000.

Fulton St., 3921, No. 5-Ami Patel to Sean A. Gold and Caitlyn M. Oser, $490,000.

Hamilton St., 604-Global Telecom Group Real Estate Corp. to Ashish Dashottar, $660,000.

Irving St., 1631-Daryoush Melamed to Andrew David Weltman and Julia Ruth Bloom-Weltman, $1.31 million.

K St., 2515, No. 412-Christopher M. and Anna Krasniewska Shahidi to Paula Osborn, $295,000.

Kennedy St., 435, No. 2-Karen A. Taggart to Sameer S. Chandnani, $300,000.

Klingle St., 4408-Kevin Wenli Lu and Joanna J. Wang to Jamie L. and Matthew Rhoades, $1.78 million.

Lanier Pl., 1793, No. 4-Brian and Hillary Hochman to Stacey Sylina Crawford and Matthew Aaron Lambert, $625,000.

M St., 406, No. 1-Patrick M. and Renee A. Grace to Alexis Konownitzine and Milagro Salazar, $925,000.

M St., 1011, No. 607-Diana Oo to Cynthia Chung Min Bien and Angela Chung Yi Bien, $705,000.

Macomb St., 5315-Andrew J. and Katherine M. Kline to Preston and Merrell Cherouny, $1.28 million.

Marion St., 1609-Mahir Ismail Osman and Sarah Abdelmagid Fadl to Sabastian Varela and Awen Southern, $780,000.

Monroe St., 1300, No. 2-Kelly Amis to Derek Michael Boltja and Madeline Leigh Teller, $695,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1330, No. 1003-Manu and Madhu Aggarwal to Zackary Moses Lyons and Boris Khmelnitskly, $303,485.

New Mexico Ave., 3014-Christine M. Warnke to Michael Iwanicki, $1.32 million.

Newton St., 1821-1821 Newton Property Corp. to Kelly Snow and Grace A. Hogan, $599,900.

Otis Pl., 706-Nellie N. Branch and Ashok Batra to Tuan N. and Tetiana K. Dao, $581,000.

P St., 1718, No. 206-Thomas Frederick Qualey to Qianqian Zhang, $455,000.

P St., 3040-Kenneth G. Peters and Ann Marie Hallahan Peters to Olli and Marja Lauren, $1.66 million.

Park Rd., 1457, No. 409-Ellen Zantzinger Rogers to Earl B. Hawkins and Tzu Luu, $175,000.

Porter St., 3888, No. F348-Marcos Poplawski Ribeiro and Marlies Poplawski Ribeiro-Analbers to Andresia Gomis, $479,000.

Q St., 2500, No. 435-St. John’s Parish to Paul Alon Kriss and Isabelel Marie Dyr, $380,000.

Quebec St., 3529-Karen-Ann Broe to Erin Klisch, $1.23 million.

R St., 435, No. 101-Dustin J. Vick to Erin A. Hennessy, $619,000.

Randolph St., 1372, No. 101-Alfred Nader to Randall Jamal Arthur, $299,900.

Rhode Island Ave., 1441, No. 313-John Pflieger to Ammani Venkata Nagesh, $948,000.

Rittenhouse St., 3205-Lawrence E. Miller and Shelley L. Hoogstraten-Miller to Javier Beltran, $899,000.

S St., 1713-1713 S Corp. to Ann K. Gilson, $877,000.

Shepherd St., 916-Jose Roberto Siguenza-Chacon to Thang Minh Truong, $770,000.

Sherman Cir., 41-Wanda Wheeler to Tyler Whitmer, $620,000.

Taylor St., 1875-Glynn D. Key and Charles F. Key Jr. to Leval W. Sneed, $1.05 million.

Upshur St., 1425-Soraya El-Baz and William Shuler to Evan Sonderegger, $890,000.

Vermont Ave., 1239, No. 710-Carlos Gutierrez to Renaud Seligmann and Dafydd Foster Evans, $290,000.

W St., 45-Dilan Investment Corp. to Tysen and Dylan Leckie, $1.37 million.

Warder St., 3117-Zachary P. Baldwin to Tobias F. Baedeker and Julia Isabel Navarro Espinal, $740,000.

Watson St., 5181-Erin M. Egan and Borzou Biabani to Gideon C. and Lauren D. Roy, $2.4 million.

Windom Pl., 4420-Renee L. Kaswan to David Ryan Brody and Erin Dian Dumbacher, $995,000.

Woodland Dr., 3116-John Joseph McLaughlin and Elizabeth McLaughlin to Marc I. Himmelstein and Pamela S. Aycock, $2.62 million.

First St., 1722, No. 2-David A. and Amina M. Popwich to Jonathan Gilad, $774,000.

Second St., 5119-Mesfin W. Behailu to Alexander F. and Laverne Anenia, $795,000.

Third St., 5410-5410 3rd Street NW Corp. to Gregory Follin, $384,999.

Sixth St., 1809-Marc Steinhardt to Basel N. Alloush, $615,000.

Seventh St., 777, No. 723-Hillary A. Roberts to Michele R. Melhorn, $299,999.

Eighth St., 7201-Janice Lawanda Guinyard and Joel Sebastian Guinyard Sr. to Matthew Thomas Koeppe and Gail McCune Krotky, $490,000.

10th St., 2233-5design Development Corp. to Lucas R. Shuler, $710,000.

13th St., 2535, No. 401-Kenan T. and Rory E. Fikri to Stephanie Vu Maiphuong Nguyen, $525,250.

14th St., 1634, No. 205-Michael C. and Kaitlin E. Forster to Megan A. Raker, $475,000.

14th St., 5011-Arturas Vorobjovas and Aaron C. McGovern to Aaron C. McGovern and Alexandra Davis Londos, $1.5 million.

15th St., 2127-Richard E. Fagan to Martin and Henrike Aline Herz, $895,000.

16th St., 1701-Samuel B. Groh to Joyce Goudy Guenther, $479,900.

16th St., 3039, No. 101-Russell Krupen to Danielle Y. Jones, $515,000.

16th St., 5937-5937 16th Street Corp. to Brian T. Kaplan and Kimberly L. Kuhn, $1.2 million.

21st St., 1280, No. 708-Emily White to Fredric S. and Brighton Payne, $305,000.

23rd St., 1140, No. 508-Emily Woods and Daniel Harding to Michael D. Fitzgerald, $370,000.

26th St., 955, No. 401-David Peter Crush to Michael E. Shifter, $880,000.

31st St., 5467-Jill Suzanne Drew to Vivek and Elizabeth Kumbhari, $1.14 million.

35th St., 1213-Peter B. and Amy C. Corrigan to Maria Immacolata M. Santoro, $975,000.

45th St., 3224-Patrick Joseph and Meghan Martin Bracewell to Michael Thomas and Anne Helsler Parker, $1.31 million.


Alabama Ave., 4437-Innovative Homes Corp. to Shannon Simpson, $377,000.

Branch Ave., 2717-Lawrence K. Montgomery Sr. and Sarah E. Montgomery to Lavone L. and Raquel Nelson Martinez, $399,900.

E St., 4016-Sheila A. Perry and Margaret A. Iremiren to Promise Ford, $296,000.

Kentucky Ave., 812-Gaston Cabanilla to Elie S. Greenbaum, $1.2 million.

Mellon St., 600-William A. Gaskins to Linston Terry, $430,000.

Nicholson St., 2236-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Benjamin Robbins, $445,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1500, No. 204-Goldstar 1500 Penn Corp. to Tiara Anderson, $117,500.

Ridge Pl., 1623-HSBC Bank and Deutsche Alt-A Securities Inc. Mortgage to Jon S. Goff and Madeleine L. Ehrlich, $222,000.

Southern Ave., 634-Michael B. Hancock Sr. to Vincent Montague, $300,000.

Talbert St., 1262, No. 14A-Rivereast at Anacostia Corp. to Davina Callahan, $926,193.

Wheeler Rd., 4304-4304 Wheeler Rd. SE Corp. to Memunatu Bockarie Conteh, $350,000.

12th St., 221-Alan and Leslie Wyat to Jason M. Ladnier and Ciara Knudsen, $1.1 million.

13th St., 1018-Rhode Island Condos Corp. to Biliana P. Mihaylova, $492,000.

15th St., 217-217 15th Street SE Corp. to Nicholas R. and Nicoel Reaves, $1.03 million.

17th St., 231-Jordana Rubel to Christopher and Kathryn Eden, $789,950.

30th St., 808-District Properties Com Inc. to Hazeen Yvette Ashby, $615,000.

49th St., 129-Ira Real Estate Corp. to Jeffery Adam and Anne Renee Kearney, $327,500.


Elmira St., 134-Uptown Development Corp. to Jerome and Mercedes A. Kearney, $349,170.

I St., 355, No. 620-Todd T. Eltimsahy to Rachel Dowell and Daniel McRae, $399,999.

Martin Luther King Jr. Ave., 4314-Capitals Area Properties Corp. to Ashley D. Alloway, $366,000.

Fourth St., 800, No. N320-Nhat T. Nguyen to Wayne Deflaminis and Michael Sean Grant, $470,000.