District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


A St., 1443, No. D-John Imperial to Anne Eileen and Joseph Robert Ustynoski, $431,400.

Berry Rd., 3113, No. 13-U.S. Bank to Javier F. Rivera and Lucia D. Solorzano Hernandez, $210,000.

Clay St., 4243-Caroline R. Hunt to Devon L. Hosey, $390,000.

Dix St., 6121-Theon Group Corp. to Sandra Keys, $415,000.

Eads Pl., 4515-Beatrice P. Carter and Estella Boseman to Iana Phillips, $237,000.

Faraday Pl., 600-Joyce C. Stone to Catherine Amelia Mcavoy and Oliver Andreas Subasinghe, $385,000.

G St., 315, No. 104-Emmalee K. Kearney to Brian and Linda Schatz, $315,000.

Hamilton St., 716-Ruth A. Lucas to Clarence D. Pearson, $420,000.

Hayes St., 5371-Kristen Butler and Kenneth E. Nero Jr. to Donald Donga and Chioma Agbarakwe, $392,000.

Jay St., 4615-Kathleen D. Welch to Nicole E. and Wayen S. Wright, $275,000.

K St., 1110-Virginia K Street Holdings Corp. to Ali Cumber and Sophia Lalani, $835,000.

Lyman Pl., 1760-Darron Fogle to Gregory R. Parker Jr., $330,000.

Maryland Ave., 1328, No. 4-Edward H. Maginnis to Alex Francis and Sarah Frances Oliver, $590,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1016-John and Teresa Fish to Gerald Stephen and Anne Powers Perry, $1.56 million.

Morris Pl., 639-Brenda M. Hillman to Kyle Matthew Warddahl and Andrea Zook, $685,000.

Neal St., 1168-Terkeisha Williams to Georgia Mu and Michael Lynch, $770,000.

Peabody St., 104-Justin Blum and Perrine Punwani to Oluwasegun Anuoluwapo and Abisola Mutia Kazeem, $900,000.

Quincy St., 908-Everlyn L. Holland to Timothy L. and Beth Ann Abdella, $693,200.

Shepherd St., 1345-Jacqueline Elva Hart and Russell D. Chaplin to Robert W. Johnston, $535,000.

Urell Pl., 119-Makeda Lulseged to Cara Conley, $415,100.

Second St., 2426-Robert Klein to Nathaniel R. and Anna L. Wyeth, $399,999.

Fifth St., 425-Matthew Bostick and Amy E. Craig to Jennifer Sandra Pepera, $775,000.

Seventh St., 1026-John M. Reid and Claire L. Montaut to David Mortlock, $975,000.

Eighth St., 4004-Brookland Holdings Corp. to Jeanmarie Filisky, $355,000.

12th St., 2924-2924 12th Corp. to Scott Eric Schneider and Allison Steinmetz Corr, $839,900.

14th Pl., 312-Cheryl Lamar to Samuel Daughety and Kathryn Rutterer, $654,000.

15th St., 324-324 15th Street NE Corp. to Ashley M. Howlett, $825,000.

17th St., 1219-Turnkey Solutions Inc. to Jin Jia and Jin Yuan Lin, $620,000.

18th St., 3308-Sean C. Kane and Valerie Anne Fitton-Kane to Craig Joseph Buckley and Regan Ramsay Wedenoja, $550,000.

20th St., 225-225 20th Street Corp. to Robert Maxwell Ziff, $634,001.

47th St., 300-Tommy I. Brown Jr. to Brenda Cristina Rios Valdez, $340,000.

49th St., 1104-Elizabeth Court Investments Corp. to Darrell Smith-Bey, $221,000.


Adams Mill Rd., 2801-Andrew S. Gordon to Andrea Friedman, $305,000.

Ashmead Pl., 2310, No. 306-Susan M. Romanski and George E. Devendorf to John Riker Vermilye, $372,500.

Belmont St., 1414, No. 106-Christopher K. Campbell to Daniel A. Lultschik and Matthew A. Colvin, $410,000.

Biltmore St., 1832-Anand K. Pandya to Jonathan Zwas Amar and Lauren Nicole McCaw, $489,000.

California St., 1860-Mark E. Brodsky and John G. Carlton to Emily Beth Kelly, $420,000.

Cathedral Ave., 3901, No. 107-Gwinneth Ann Clarkson to Marnie S. McCown, $360,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4200, No. 910-Ivan and Maria Delgado to James Puntumapanitch, $275,000.

Caton Pl., 1601-Suzanne and Scott W. Bauguess to Sally Gillespie, $1.18 million.

Chancery Ct., 4064-Mesk Ltd. to Roberto Benelli and Julie Babinard, $1.6 million.

Clifton St., 1323, No. 24-Brightwaters Holdings Corp. to Rachel W. and Joseph W. Riley, $539,315.

Clydesdale Pl., 1820-Brooke Derenzis and Joseph John Mauro III to Michael D. Dambach and Rachel Fisher, $297,000.

Columbia Rd., 2022, No. 501-Patricia A. O’Brien to Michael B. Staebler and Jennifer Rumney Poteat, $1.6 million.

Connecticut Ave., 5410, No. 909-Severina R. Early to Melissa Phillips, $230,000.

Decatur St., 811-Willco Properties Corp. to Keith Mellnick, $789,000.

Delafield Pl., 912-Seiden Enterprises Corp. to Samuel Benjamin Sokol, $640,000.

Dorsett Pl., 5310-Realington Corp. to Nathan A. and Leila H. Barbour, $2.42 million.

Emerson St., 921-Dilan Investment Corp. to Laura P. Berger and Benjamin W. Elsener, $765,000.

Fessenden St., 3315-Maurita Elaine Horn to Eric David and Gillian Eve Marlowe, $1.5 million.

Florida Ave., 1312, No. 2-Matthew M. Saxon to Asta Bareisaite, $647,000.

Fulton St., 5188-Paul R. and Laura L. Profeta to Alexander Zabaloieff, $855,000.

Georgia Ave., 6645, No. 205-Alison Hawkins to Jessica and Anirut Panchatha, $183,000.

Hamilton St., 639-Whitney Mirts and Feras Ahmed to Ronald S. Silverstein, $549,900.

Ingraham St., 63-Envisage Management Solutions Inc. to Brian and Jaclyn Weiner, $850,000.

Irving St., 440-Iris E. Dorsey to Daniel Bentley Joseph, $472,000.

Jefferson St., 625-Michele M. Dombo Construction Management to Allison Michele and Jennifer Lindsay Schutes, $724,900.

Kansas Ave., 5433-Martin A. Spence and Ivy McCarthy to Kristin Slouber, $615,000.

L St., 2425, No. 204-Wilson Varghese and Leelamma Wilson to Barbara A. White and William E. Nolan, $1.05 million.

Longfellow St., 1301, No. 306-Lachelle Donaldson to Sandra E. Sanchez, $225,000.

M St., 426, No. E-Louis T. Fletcher to John Wennes, $550,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 4555, No. 202-Lauren Camilli to Myriam Wissa, $232,500.

Macomb St., 5407-Peter A. and Patricia F. Harkness to Stephen and Skye Replongle, $1.4 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 1314, No. 306-Heather West to Shaker and Maryvy Akbar, $449,000.

Meridian Pl., 1356-Christopher J. Scott to Ryan P. Pahr and Madeline G. Darrell, $850,000.

Morningside Dr., 7609-7609 Morningside Corp. to Eugene V. Coffey and Sara L. Faulman, $1.32 million.

N St., 1420, No. 612-Jeffrey F. Merkle and Latishia M. Allen to Sabrina Quaraishi, $459,500.

New Hampshire Ave., 1930, No. 53-Jill Kathleen and David Vail Jackson to Matthew A. Kelly, $539,000.

O St., 509, No. B-Equity Trust Co. to Bernard Berry, $457,500.

P St., 131-5design Development Corp. to Govinda V. and Ram Susen Avasarala, $1.12 million.

P St., 1718, No. 219-Evan Lee Kaplan to Monisa M. Fisher, $255,000.

Palisade Lane, 4900-Allison Grace to Rory L. and Lauren B. Pillsbury, $1.43 million.

Pennsylvania Ave., 2555, No. 408-Helen J. Craig to Adam Alissa, $640,000.

Potomac Ave., 4515-Catherine C. Dorrier to Christopher J. and Vanessa E. Higgins, $1.99 million.

Q St., 4420-Gregory D. and Margaret S. Squires to Ariane Di Iorio Andrade Ferreira, $1.15 million.

Quincy Pl., 61-Wayman T. and Jacquelyn D. Griffith to Teresa Beltri and Joseph Marc Carelli, $899,900.

R St., 1401, No. 205-Kevin D. Anderson to John J. and Ann M. Hohman, $560,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 70, No. 103-Douglas B. Carsow to Margaret T. Riden, $469,000.

Rock Creek Church Rd., 614-Town and Country Builders Corp. to Mary Walsh and James Smith Keller, $660,000.

S St., 1713-1713 S Corp. Ato Lydia Doodell, $1.28 million.

Somerset Pl., 604-Bryant and Tywanda Jones to Anastasiia Kulin, $385,000.

Swann St., 1816-Avery Daniel Mann to Dusan Marinkovic, $1.17 million.

Tewkesbury Pl., 1210-Valerie Bartlett to Shawn L. Eaton, $600,000.

U St., 78-Boulevard Corp. to Natalie R. Maitre, $1.35 million.

Upshur St., 1733-Joan M. Wilbon and John M. Hunter Sr. to Peter Alistair Richman and Estefania Elizabeth Marchan, $850,000.

Vermont Ave., 1341-Frona G. Hall to Martin A. Smith, $635,000.

Warder St., 3658-Chang Sun Im to Adam S. Chamy and Bradley N. Gallagher, $799,000.

Windom Pl., 4535-Richard Price to Steven Andrew and Carrie A. Cohen, $1.4 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 3024, No. 110-Anna K. Diehl to Andrew Wurst, $272,500.

Woodley Pl., 2617-Timothy Taylor and Susan Terese Kelly to Kathleen Devine and David A. Newman, $2.1 million.

First St., 1804-Farid Nouri to George Pat Wilson IV and Alison Janine Hinson Wilson, $895,000.

Second St., 5615-Hattie Dennis and Yolanda Valentine to Behzad M. Dastani, $472,500.

Third St., 5410-5410 3rd Street NW Corp. to Meerim Shakirova, $385,000.

Sixth St., 1819, No. A-Philip Shaw to Samuel Groh and Sarah Fontana, $775,000.

Seventh St., 5128-Barbara Brown and Harold Jones to Ryan Gallagher and Ray Jay Garcia, $425,000.

10th St., 3513-Congressional 3513 10th Street Corp. to Jacqueline Miller and Mary Miller Braden, $875,000.

11th St., 2004, No. 231-Sumitra Siram to Peter Stein and Barbara Rapaport, $459,000.

12th St., 2206-Duane Wright to Ioannis Vasileiou and Nahida Sinno, $835,000.

13th St., 3528-Potomac Direct Corp. to Daniel G. and Emily Roberts, $835,000.

14th St., 1634, No. 402-Amanda Nover to Courtney A. Abrams, $471,500.

14th St., 6608, No. 101-William and Lindsay Baksi to Metrice Y. Jones, $320,000.

15th St., 4406-Kenneth C. Shipp to Erin Talking Ton and Adam K. Batenhorst, $675,000.

16th St., 1801, No. 210-Alexandra Earnshaw and Trace O’Neil Williams to Kelsey Sinclair Dean, $633,000.

16th St., 3420, No. 409-Ashley Mills to April Brady, $425,000.

22nd St., 1008-David G. Helfrich to Melissa S. Sims, $1.73 million.

24th St., 1121, No. 407-Dominique S. Szostak-Reynaud to Nima Ossareh and Parisa Malekzadeh, $513,000.

26th St., 1001, No. 401-David S. and Ruby M. Joe to Gustavo Mauricio Bastien Olvera, $299,000.

31st St., 1045, No. 404-Wafik and Irene Mosalli Ramadan to Lucia V. Amiri-Talesh Ramirez, $865,000.

33rd St., 1015, No. 501-Ariturk Properties II Corp. to Ann Frances Humplick and Francois Rene Leautier, $639,000.

36th St., 4526-Jesse B. and Karen H. Strider to Mustafa Zakir and Ellen Chien Hussain, $1.4 million.

38th St., 4203-Jonah Jude Hadary and Sonia Gulati to Bruce Carleton Harris, $1.07 million.

46th St., 4705-Joanne Margaret Bradley to Gregory B. Jaczko and Leigh Ann Caldwell, $1.07 million.


A St., 5650-Lajuan McDowney to Cynthia Mackey Poree, $355,000.

Brandywine St., 402-Mildred L. Day and Thomas Day to Luis Alonso Joya, $230,000.

Carolina Ave. N., 101, No. 203-Carmella L. Donahue and Carmen R. Peoples to Daniel Butler, $280,000.

D St., 1234-Peter Petrihos and Sean McCormack to Darryn and Desiree James, $910,000.

Fort Davis St., 1607-Celeste Faltz and Lenora Nadine Tyler-Burns to Ashley Marie Johnson, $291,000.

G St., 1366-Erin R. McKeen and Andrew K. Johnston to Patrick Julian Carey Butler and Kathleen May Marksberry, $780,000.

Kentucky Ave., 827-Willie Ray Hall and Helen Elizabeth Brinson to Cameron Eugene Mahjoubi, $759,000.

Minnesota Ave., 3625-William D. Martin Jr. and William F. Martin to Patricia Simms, $333,000.

Oxon Run Rd., 3320-Hearthstone Development Corp. to Philip and Tmia Raynor, $526,500.

Pennsylvania Ave., 3418-Darren D. and Kelli A. Stallings to Gregory D. Stallings,


Southern Ave., 3414-Ruth E. Fulwood to Nathan Flory and Antoinette Flaspeter, $530,000.

Talbert St., 1262, No. 15A-Rivereast at Anacostia Corp. to Robin S. McKinney, $326,193.

Tubman Rd., 1523-Wellie and Melani Tabios to Kevin Milton Guzman, $355,000.

Upsal St., 757-Wake Ventures Corp. to Kevin C. Campbell, $340,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 423-Jennifer and Shaun Miles to Dwayne Pickett, $469,000.

Sixth St., 520-Toby J. Williams and Heidi J. Lyndaker to Anna Katselas and David Groves, $1.26 million.

14th St., 518, No. 1-James Ethan Bourke and Veena Viswanatha to Linda A. and John L. Costa, $750,000.

23rd St., 3473-3473 23rd Corp. to Joy S. Haskin, $340,000.

56th St., 121-Nathaniel Joy to Iboro Akpan, $4 million.


G St., 226, No. 109-Vernon C. Stansbury to Hila and Fazel M. Hanif, $665,000.

M St., 240, No. E102-Valerie N. Coleman to Ashwini Yelamanchili, $225,000.

O St., 116-116 O Street SW Corp. and Barbara A. Schauer to Jorge A. Garzon, $560,000.

Fourth St., 800, No. S818-Christopher Yuan Wang to Devi Ramkissoon and Murali Balaji, $383,000.