District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Alden Pl., 3328-Vernon and Allison Herald to Jamarla Edwards, $315,999.

Blaine St., 3917-James T. and Bradley J. Sample to David Bruce and Armando Avila, $410,000.

Capitol St. N., 6403-Adeline Robinson and MS Frances M. Hom to Peter and Hoang Bui, $425,000.

Clay Pl., 3351-Columbia Home Development Corp. to Wilson Burgos, $331,140.

Clay St., 4710-Urban Investors Property Management to Jennifer A. Prats, $465,000.

Dakota Ave. S., 3811-Equitable Acquisitions Corp. to Alex and Leigh Barcham, $725,000.

Eastern Ave., 1200-Rupsha 2011 Corp. to Bryan M. and Kristal Q. Hartsfield, $340,000.

Franklin St., 1725-Ernest Banks Jr. to Cara L. Williams, $510,000.

Jefferson St., 943-Honey Bee Real Estate Corp. to David P. Cooper and Leah J. Chavla, $530,000.

Linden Pl., 1203-1203 Linden Place NE Corp. to Harold W. and Danielle W. Bulger, $900,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1010-Robert Sipe to Jeffrey S. and Diane E. Campbell, $724,000.

Morse St., 1156-Eclectic Properties Corp. to Surayuth Bunyasrie, $870,000.

Newton St., 2823-Joseph Benjamin Smith to Brea Govan, $400,000.

Oklahoma Ave., 414-Praa Investment Corp. to Ololade M. Roz and Emmanuel Egoegonwa, $535,000.

Queen St., 1223-Gregory S. and Belinda E. Nixon to Jamila Mammadova, $581,000.

Sheriff Rd., 4727-East Coast Investment Corp. to Kyra Holland, $260,000.

Summit Ct., 3473-Federal National Mortgage Association to Terri L. Evans, $245,000.

Trinidad Ave., 1418-David L. Klein to Bronwen Rice and Alias Tagami, $598,000.

First St., 1925-Dilan Investment Corp. to Igor and Katherine Anastasia Gindin, $756,500.

Eighth St., 711-Sharon Morrow to Lawrence D. Berberian Jr. and Anne Booth Howard, $820,000.

12th Pl., 4211-1812 Ventures Corp. to Maxwell and Bethany Kannen, $840,000.

17th Pl., 1014-Lorraine Harrison and Hopeton Ahderson to Makoto Jacobs, $507,500.


Adams Mill Rd., 2611, No. 102-Jonathan R. Rifkin to Sharon E. Kelly, $335,000.

Aspen St., 300, No. 201-Butternut Whittier Associates Corp. to Andrew M. Aguilar, $319,900.

Carolina Pl., 5507-Scott C. and Rebecca M. Thompson to Eugene Christopher Ulm and Carolyn Frances Machado, $1.27 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 101E-Barry R. and Maida Zamoff to Friska Farulian, $350,000.

Chapin St., 1417, No. 208-Alissa R. Swango to Paul Richard Larson, $366,750.

Clifton St., 1420, No. 401-Cartus Financial Corp. to Cammeron Harper Girvin, $475,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4600, No. 109-Mary Ellen McMillen to Catherine E. Gamberoni, $417,000.

E St., 915, No. 1006-Jason Cimpl to Jian Zhou and Ming Wang, $305,000.

Euclid St., 1690, No. B-Michael M. Davidson to Luke Wildy and Katelyn Christine Langs, $641,000.

Euclid St., 1725-Cobra Euclid Street Corp. to Ricardo Nogueira and Diana Rojas, $1.35 million.

Foxhall Cres., 4609-Nithi and Jing S. Vivatrat to Jiaqian Chen and Yuk Ying Jasmine Sze, $1.4 million.

Girard St., 776-PRV International Corp. to Roy K. Lee and Rhett A. Buttle, $850,000.

Idaho Ave., 3051, No. 305-R. Michael Clemmer to Callie A. Courter, $198,000.

L St., 2425, No. 528-Samuel J. Flippo to Yesol Huh and Sung Yeon Hwang, $737,500.

Madison St., 218-Alida Stephens and Alida M. Grymes to Jeanine Joiner, $560,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 2209-Rezross Investment Group Corp. to the Republic of Paraguay, $4.2 million.

Missouri Ave., 1322, No. 303-US Bank NA to Esteban F. Beamon, $179,900.

N St., 1445, No. 306-Justin Erik Tilton to Thomas M. Hart, $430,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 700-Elisabeth S. Porter to Carol Ann Corrado, $1.52 million.

New Mexico Ave., 3101, No. 232-Janet Bjerke Williams to Kathy R. Fitzpatrick, $442,500.

New York Ave., 437, No. 1008-Nicolas A. Toso to Francesco Spadafora, $495,000.

Newton St., 1821-1821 Newton Property Corp. to James Wallace, $520,000.

Oglethorpe St., 1400, No. 5-Terri L. Evans to Joel S. North, $283,000.

P St., 1015-Richard Cecil Miller III and Sherry C. Feagans to Zachary A. Kidd, $1.4 million.

Perry Pl., 1409-Perygreen Corp. to Jenna M. Godfrey, $990,000.

Q St., 2500, No. 542-Clarlyn-542 Corp. to Benjamin Vetter, $375,000.

Quincy St., 1305-David K. Owens to Kenneth F. and Katrina Owens, $700,000.

Rock Creek Church Rd., 3602, No. 3-Terri A. and Stephen D. Confair to David Hubbell Wacker, $337,000.

Rodman St., 3831, No. C27-Elizabeth A. Roach to Amelia L. Milberger, $375,000.

Scott Cir., 1, No. 214-Cynthia M. Streb to Ekaterina V. Ursul, $205,000.

Spring Rd., 1337, No. 3-David Rosenbaum and Miri Cypres to Elias Saroufim and Taylor Sitare Sevin, $630,000.

Van Buren St., 1364-Alvie Paschall to Mohamed and Melissa A. Fatni, $735,000.

Vermont Ave., 1239, No. 708-Vaishali Udupa to Cameron Quinn, $474,500.

Watson St., 5100-Bradley Anthony Jones and Amelia Hawke to Charles Michael Zweiback and Marisa Zarate-Zweiback, $1.73 million.

Whittier St., 737-Property Preservation Specialists Corp. to Michael Thomas Barone and Aubrey Scarborough, $820,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 2320, No. 315-Katherine Seton McNerney to Nariman Dash and Haleh Rajaee, $410,000.

Yuma St., 3901-Nicholas M. Gardner to Henry S. Hoyle and Laura H. Shen, $1.05 million.

Third St., 1512-John F. Solit and Simone Garreau to Douglas C. Rennie, $706,000.

Fourth St., 1547-Lesley Miranda to Anna Morris, $711,500.

Fourth St., 6827, No. 117-Eleanor T. Whitman to Elise Jimenez and Krissi Jimroglou, $540,000.

Ninth St., 1815-Rodney A. and Crystal Lorraine Lynch to Zachary H. Levey, $781,219.

10th St., 1215, No. 1-August Camden Walker to Michael T. Turner, $245,000.

13th St., 1245, No. 1008-Wayne L. Johnson and Faye E. Mickelson to Howard T. Lenz III, $347,000.

13th St., 3912-Ivan Katz to Blake Ramsey, $845,000.

14th St., 2750, No. PH5-Mohamed and Melissa A. Fatni to Anisha Gupta, $624,900.

15th St., 2639, No. B2-Brian and Michael T. Parker to Sundeep Vikraman, $285,000.

17th St., 4116-Vincent A. Thomy Jr. to Joseph Sill and Jenny Schuetz, $1.11 million.

18th St., 1601, No. 1009-Michael H. and Elizabeth Jablin to Javier A. Revilla, $272,500.

21st St., 1514, No. 5-Kevin P. and Martha H. Phillips to Amanda Brings, $790,000.

39th St., 2603, No. 4-Matthew Ryan Hanson and Jennifer Priscilla Hughes to Terry J. and Nicole Rae Adams, $270,000.

47th St., 4302-Timothy F. Brown to Jason Michael and Maria Sabin Crawford, $1.32 million.


Alabama Ave., 3035-Theodora R. Proctor to Saqib J. Akram and Lauren A. Digby, $413,000.

Barnaby Terr., 1100-Ocean Wealth Corp. to Nika Phillips, $310,000.

E St., 515-Jacqueline Carlan Harvey and Shelly Renee Belton to Joshua R. and Renee K. Christensen, $930,000.

Fort Davis St., 1639-Fo to Domenic P. Walker Jr. and Rafael Johnson, $390,000.

Hartford St., 2808-Edward O. and Helen W. Briggs to Anthony D. and Lenora Roberts, $500,000.

K St., 1106-Donald and Carol B. Day to J. Robert Picardo and Jennifer Braley Murphy, $675,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1724-Deborah A. and Timothy W. Powers to Angela J. Tang and Damen O. Hofheinz, $845,000.

Naylor Rd., 3101, No. 203-Eugene F. Russellroach to Ronald Cabico, $75,000.

Oakwood St., 501-Ahmet Yusufhanoglu and Suri Investment Corp. to Kristin L. and Chet Cornell Young, $380,000.

Pope St., 3249-DC Southwest Development Corp. to Cornelia Garner, $475,000.

T St., 1916-Dorothy M. Morgan to Julie Wilson, $286,000.

Fifth St., 725, No. 32-Francesca E. Scarito to Peep C.H. Matheson and Peter Matheson, $830,000.

13th St., 750-Teesha M. King to Vivek and Jatinder Narula, $290,000.

16th St., 2204-Catherine M. Scott and Omie Brown to Julius Scates Jr., $270,500.

23rd St., 3436-Hubert V. Neal to Elinor Drucker Rahmani, $320,000.


Delaware Ave., 1301-Tracy S. Roberson to Robert Cameron Kingsley, $309,000.

M St., 256, No. 26-Isabel Fortuno and Ramon Menocal to Patrick R. and Sarah K. Hillmann, $747,500.