District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


A St., 516-Kristin A. Reinhard to Lindsay A. Brugger and Scott Walzak, $490,000.

Baker St., 3329-Alvin T. Carter to Anna-Marie Ashe, $285,000.

Brooks St., 4600-Bettye T. Briscoe to James and Charlene Goldfield, $240,000.

C St., 305, No. 408-Elizabeth Philbrick to Joseph P. Kelly, $280,000.

C St., 1708-Jonathan Godfrey and Mohna Shah to Jean Cairisti O’Friel-Quigley and Zachary Quigley, $830,000.

D St., 1811, No. 2-1811 D St. Condos Corp. to Rachel H. and Robert J. Merker, $675,000.

Division Ave., 920-Ebony Vauss and estate of Mildred Inez Mims to Marcus Brooks, $156,750.

Emerald St., 1341-Karl Erlandson and Anna Kushnir to Alicia Gomez and Andrew Ensor, $757,500.

Evarts St., 2018-Jacquelyn L. Rivers to Asha Rosalind Harrison and Charles Aasgaard Davis, $610,000.

Fort Lincoln Dr., 3261-Bank of America to Steve Louis Gross, $419,900.

G St., 1318-Michael C. Hoenig and Maria Margarita Orozco Aragon to Vincent and Lindsay Nikole Galatro, $880,000.

Gault Pl., 4047-James E. Clarke and Renee Dyson to Chih Feng Huang, $191,000.

Hamilton St., 1009-1238 Emerson Street NE Corp. to Onika Samuda-Coke and Jorge Munoz, $610,000.

Jackson St., 709-Brookland 2 Corp. to Ryan J. Suto and Yasmeen S. Alamiri, $539,000.

Jay St., 4627-Mancini Brothers Corp. to Derek H. Yale and Lauren Willis, $408,500.

Kearny St., 1424-Michael Phelan and Jennifer Girdish to Sean Jones and Asfia Tareen, $580,000.

Minnesota Ave., 3727-Federal National Mortgage Association to Chima Valentine Igwe, $243,000.

Montello Ave., 1670-Reginald A. Berry to Richard A. Iserman and Jennefer Schulz, $565,000.

Newton St., 1406-Kim R. Wallace to Beth Ludwick and Geoffrey Moody, $830,000.

Oates St., 1283-1238 Oates Corp. to Shripal and Meagan Shah, $925,000.

Orren St., 1409-Ann L. Hill to Juana Paige, $150,000.

Quincy St., 1005-Regina Williams to Jared Ostermiller, $481,000.

Regent Pl., 570-Joseph M. Donovan and Donald W. Higley to Bruno S. and Elizabeth Satomi Allen Cossi, $799,900.

S St., 14, No. 102-Courtney Mason to Lamir D. Whetstone, $394,000.

Staples St., 1110, No. 2-Ayla A. Newhouse and Andrew T. Lovett-Barron to Amanda Clarissa and Kevin Joseph McGrath, $689,000.

Tennessee Ave., 216-Lesley Beth Harris and Stephen Spencer to Frances Josephine Galindo, $831,135.

Urell Pl., 102-Jeffrey G. and Glendia Wallace to Hanibal M. Goitom, $409,000.

Second St., 911, No. 606-NRC/FC Pullman Place Corp. to Jonathan Pasquale, $488,400.

Sixth St., 425-Alison B. Wilson and Thomas J. Vincent to Jeffrey P. Dunlap and Anat Holtzman, $1.19 million.

Seventh St., 822, No. 2-Jason M. Unger and Karin Johnson to Susie Melanie Sheng and Danny Hsien-Jen Chang, $653,000.

10th St., 134-Donna M. Kissling to Rahul and Jagruti K. Vyas, $1.25 million.

10th St., 1023-Haider Haimus to Mofya S. Diallo, $1.07 million.

13th St., 401, No. PH9-Angels DC Corp. to Allison Teixeira and Josh Sulier, $605,000.

14th Pl., 230-Alejandro L. and Tracy M. Sarria to Sara and Steven Cardello, $880,000.

27th St., 2837-Alexander and Craig Ventures Corp. to Denton Desotel and Elizabeth Lafferty Redfearn, $655,000.

45th St., 1048-Joseph A. Allen to Joseph Jean Ayoub, $434,000.

56th St., 271-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Denean M. Griffie, $294,500.


Adams Mill Rd., 2633, No. 302-Clayton A. Stabert and Lauren Emily Conte Stabert to Jerome Fineman and Cody Ramin, $645,000.

Allison St., 501-Lorenzo A. and Maria C. Peralta to Sarah Martino and Arvin Sava, $742,000.

Arizona Ave., 2838-Margaret D. and Shane M. Hedges to Caroline Miller and Barry J. Solomon, $1.29 million.

Belmont St., 1624, No. B-Estate of Richard Gregory Chittick D. and Kenneth A. Bryant III to Frederik G. Toscani and Elisabeta Mariotto, $800,000.

Broad Branch Rd., 5438-Lydia and Christopher Dolan to Nancy M. Cook and Christopher F. Rowland, $1.14 million.

Calvert St., 3850-Adam B. McCollister and Constance A. Fisichello to Alicia M. Giangrande, $1.15 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4200, No. 512-Suzanne Chernauskas to Francis J. Balint III, $456,500.

Champlain St., 2328, No. 310-Joseph Merriman and Hamilton Harris Dawson to John Robert Hawley and Garry Lee Tiller, $635,000.

Clifton St., 1307, No. 31-Makeda T. Kefale to Delaney P. Gordon, $625,000.

Clydesdale Pl., 1801-Lora Ann Bowman Rinker to Heather R. Abraham, $182,500.

Columbia Rd., 1108, No. 306-Eileen Vitelli to Joseph Vossen, $325,000.

Columbia Rd., 1851, No. 407-Wassef W. and Aida Y. Nawar to Jill Elizabeth Johnson, $409,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3446, No. 308-Elena McGovern and Johan Bergenas to Sauleh Ahmad and Rafay Ahmad Siddiqui, $332,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3900-David N. Pasquantonio to Claire Evelyn Ballweg, $315,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5112-Brooke Alexandra Dine to Karen Ann Lenoir, $350,000.

Delafield Pl., 451-451 Delafield PL Corp. to Ashleigh E. Manning, $725,000.

E St., 616, No. 220-Emily A. Schubert to Jennifer Christine and Gregory Lawrence Davis, $469,900.

Fairmont St., 1101, No. 7-Joel C. Harder to Joseph L. and Cheryl A. Bierwirth, $503,000.

Fessenden St., 3847-Michael and Shannon Diamant to Nicholas Robbins and Kelley Connolly Barnaby, $1.79 million.

Florida Ave., 2129, No. L1-Diane A. Duston and Oscar Martin Rodriguez to Brandon J. Hines, $485,000.

Georgia Ave., 4525, No. 1-Ewora Corp. to Alexis D. and Jason R. Holloway, $699,900.

Gramercy St., 3822-Mary H. and Michael P. Young to John G. Finneran Jr., $1.7 million.

Highwood Ct., 3918-Stephen M. Shapiro to Stephen J. and Kara L. Elias, $1.55 million.

Holmead Pl., 3415-Anne Powers to Richard Benson, $1.32 million.

Ingleside Terr., 1838-Phillip Gregory and Richard Alexander Freemon to Paul and Amelia Kelly, $909,000.

Iris St., 1317-Traci Griffin to Sheridan Booker Easterling, $130,000.

Irving St., 1636, No. 3A-Benjamin P. Cook to Jesse Lauren Spector, $434,500.

Kalorama Rd., 2023, No. 1-Mary Elizabeth Hadley to Valerie Vass and Matthew Conger, $500,000.

Kenyon St., 1390, No. 414-Manal Omar to Ari L. Buchman, $569,000.

L St., 2425, No. 206-Lily Kosegarten to Carol Caparosa, $980,000.

Lanier Pl., 1725, No. 21A-Edward G. and Nicole Erikson to Anna E. Brown, $463,500.

Logan Cir., 20, No. LL3-Melissa A. Peters to Dwayne Sattler and Martin M. Swartz, $436,000.

M St., 444, No. 9-Robert Eric and Stacy Ann Meteer to Heather Turner, $485,000.

Madison St., 505-505 Madison Street NW Corp. and MFM Real Estate Investments Corp. to Christopher A. and Lacy M. Beauchemin, $692,000.

Marion St., 1527-Christopher M. Shaheen to Michael John Camilleri, $735,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1727, No. 116-Estate of Emad Elseiedy and Lamia Mosaad Mohamed Saad to Ahmad Alsawalhi and Jessica Davey, $315,000.

Missouri Ave., 237-Catherine J. Gray to Michelle and Alexander Garcia, $520,000.

N St., 1213, No. E-Tammy L. Riggs to Xiaomin Mou and Michael Innerebner, $641,000.

N St., 1440, No. 410-Bart Vandaele to Petronio Canabrava, $275,000.

N St., 3330-Kathleen D. Ryan a to Timothy P. Dunn and Ellen R. Stofan, $3.6 million.

New Jersey Ave., 1713, No. 1-Kerri M. Smith to Clinton and Aileen Chen, $710,000.

New Mexico Ave., 3101, No. 804-Martin F. Klingenberg to Robert John Diehl, $237,500.

Newton Pl., 750-Mark and Camille Russell to Angela Wolak and Austin Priebe, $747,000.

P St., 1718, No. 919-Shawn L. O’Neill to Mandhir Kaur Sen, $519,000.

P St., 3007-Timothy D. Eckermann and Rebecca J. Humble to Ryan Friend and Natalie Pica, $2.35 million.

Park Rd., 762, No. 2-Michelle J. Weiner to Katherine Salisbury, $596,000.

Peabody St., 530-James I. Dickens to Jared Micah and Wyatt M. Morris, $555,000.

Phelps Pl., 1835-Helen Pollock Starr to Leif Warner and Friederike Goergens, $615,000.

Porter St., 3825, No. 105-Rielle E. Kolsky to Robert Joseph Daly, $375,000.

Q St., 819-Savannah Wiseman to Patrick K. Phillippi and David W. Barmore, $865,000.

Quackenbos St., 522-Brian Curtis and Dawn Boudria to Jesse Charles and Helen Wong Taylor, $720,000.

Quincy St., 1354-Brian C. Vargas to Kathryn Elizabeth and Christopher Nims Hoover, $915,000.

R St., 1307, No. 3-Carolyn Christine Fahrenback to Elizabeth and Vicki P. Dansky, $818,000.

Randolph St., 622-Amy Elizabeth Jester and Daniel Bryan Blair to Denisa and Moritz Piatti-Funfkirchen, $975,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1317, No. 204-Jaimie Taff and Gerald Mizejewski Jr. to Kathryn L. Budd, $547,000.

Richardson Pl., 415-James J. Wilson and Steven Seigel to Justin D. Zelikovitz, $895,000.

Rock Creek Church Rd., 3606, No. 101-Mariam Abolfazli to Erin M. and Michael J. Niday, $468,000.

Roxboro Pl., 608-Dilan Investment Corp. to Kristofer L. Clark, $608,000.

S St., 902-Brandon Hollonbeck to Christopher M. Fezza, $950,000.

Shepherd St., 1210-Joseph A. Skloot and Erin R. Glazer to Ian Cassidy and Sarah Brody, $845,000.

Swann St., 1617, No. 31-Potomac Construction 1617 Corp. to Carie Anne Lemack, $996,000.

T St., 3616-Mitchell and Marjorie Halem to Dana Foley and Chase Kilburn, $2 million.

Tulip St., 1900-Craig L. and Jaquenette Cooke Dean to Chaz J. Davis and Julia Miles-Davis, $899,000.

Unicorn Lane, 2720-Kent B. Amos and Carmen Dickerson-Amos to Anne C. Beal and Braham A. Rhodes, $1.05 million.

Van Buren St., 748-Victoria S. Napier to Stephen M. Longbottom and Israel Buendia Veloz, $765,500.

Varnum St., 714, No. 1-Philip-John Hernandez Dionisio and Stephanie Medina Siy to Ollie T. Ganz and Sidhartha Deka, $550,000.

Vermont Ave., 1908, No. D-Carl and Jennifer Porter to Flemming and Anna Jensen, $1.45 million.

Warner St., 439-James Robert and Beth Nicole McMahon to Savannah Fox and Krystian Zimowski, $705,000.

Washington Cir., 3, No. 903-Michael W. Ware and Elizabeth Y. Park to Nicole Lorene Nario De Vera, $404,000.

Willard St., 1737, No. 1-Diane Tepfer to Max Alexander Miller and Kimberly Alexis Conley, $399,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 2501, No. 306-Zdzislaw Kondrat to Daniel Nash, $1.33 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 3022, No. 208-Kara Graham to Kassi B. Reyes, $284,000.

First St., 1301, No. 2-Crispin Shaw and Kate Macary Vary to Andrew and Delia Gallucci, $815,000.

Second St., 1800-Michael Neal Anderson to William Lewis and Alyssa White, $1.02 million.

Fifth St., 1714-Vivek K. Mohan to Carmel Anne Henges, $1.2 million.

Sixth St., 5727-Dilan Investment Corp. to Eric Spooner $705,000.

Seventh St., 6311-Mayven Enterprises Inc. to Ryan E. Jones and Alicia K. Lahey, $615,000.

11th St., 1222, No. 2-William Charles Broderick to Shallon and J. Michael Hunter, $861,100.

11th St., 1628, No. 308-NRC/FC 11th Street Corp. to Joseph Kniaz, $837,500.

12th Pl., 2237-David Duchow to Upasana and Aaron Niman, $795,000.

12th St., 1514, No. 4-Igor V. Timofeyev to Kinsey Kiriakos, $678,750.

12th St., 7420-Michael J. Bocian and Deborah Gruenstein to Sean L. and Gizele R. Ponder, $961,622.

13th St., 2029, No. 1-Eric Ashner to Megan Sprayberry, $450,000.

14th St., 1133, No. 402-Robert J. Diehl to Erin Ward, $490,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 204-Kyle Hauptman to Brian Dwaine Crowe, $434,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 410-Mary A. and Thomas A. Madden to Shelly Lynn Turner, $565,000.

14th St., 3815, No. 4-David Fleming Pope and Andres Mayorga to Arden E. Grady and Miles Whitney Wright Evenson, $706,000.

16th St., 3510, No. 402-Christina Y. Kuo to Xing Gao, $391,000.

17th St., 2312, No. 1-Siamak Madani to Maura Brophy Humphrey, $389,000.

18th St., 1930, No. 45-Scott K. Oberlink to Martin Andrew Chorzempa and Natalia Kazaryan, $685,000.

19th St., 3324-Christopher C. Bohner to Andrea Munro, $950,999.

20th St., 2456, No. B-Leah C. Evert to Jacob Henson, $399,900.

24th St., 936-Mitchell J. and Matthew D. Wade to Michael Watson, $840,000.

26th St., 1001, No. 803-Stephen R. Cordle to Jenna Ventresca and Jason A. Stern, $346,800.

30th St., 1336-William R. Andrews to David Charles and Jennifer Romm, $4.4 million.

32nd St., 6309-Michael Patrick and Jennifer O’Malley Dillon to Duane Wright and Jennifer Rak, $1.16 million.

33rd St., 1015, No. 507-Ann B. Malcolm to Luc Lefebvre and Ivory Yong Protzel, $980,000.

35th St., 1920-Vasiliki Angelakis to Stephen D. Lewis and Gabriela Rubin, $1.04 million.

39th Pl., 2226-John Witherspoon Borchert to Luis Fernando and Lauren E. Silva-Pinto, $900,000.

44th St., 1500-Richard Gllis and Gail Price to Marcia Chatelain and Mark F. Yapelli, $1.09 million.


Bay St., 1827-Sandra Y. Monk to Peter D. Nellius and Alyson Nicole Lorenz, $650,000.

C St., 1625-13121 Tamarack RD Corp. to Christopher M. Psihoules and Jennette E. Wiser, $623,500.

Central Ave., 5359-Raze Construction Corp. to Michael A. Sogunro, $361,500.

D St., 1530-Kristin Gerlach to Nora Yugo, $575,000.

Ely Pl., 3350-Ryan Fleming to Amber Westphal and Christopher Lamora, $447,000.

F St., 4302-Estate of Nettie Adams and Harry Adams to Tiana P. Berrios, $275,000.

Kentucky Ave., 234-Peter C. and Rebecca B. MacPherson to Kelby Seamen, $1.1 million.

Minnesota Ave., 1448-Salman Shamsi to Shelley Louise Thompson and David Church Coscia, $565,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. 264-Meaghan R. Smith to John H. Welch, $388,000.

Potomac Ave., 1846-Mark D. and Susan Polston to Jeffrey Mchugh and Rebecca Zeisel, $805,000.

Savannah Pl., 1938-Florence L. Young and estate of Donald W. Young to Amber L. Williams, $282,800.

Seward Sq., 522-Theodore F. and Carrie C. Sees to Edgar and Jennifer Lee, $940,000.

Suitland Terr., 2107, No. 301-Debra W. McAlpine to Victor M. Robinson Jr., $84,910.

Tobias Dr., 1432-Regina R. Jefferson to Erik Arturo Fernandez Barahona, $355,000.

U St., 1637-Christopher M. Seiler to Alejandro Schwedhelm, $370,000.

Fourth St., 1113-Brian Braa to Brooke N. Ericson and Shawn R. Donilon, $1.25 million.

Sixth St., 210-Joseph W. Groves and Ellen J. O’Brien to Ruth McCaughan and David Andrukonis, $1.4 million.

11th Pl., 3314-Jacob Geesin to Ali Dalili, $306,000.

13th St., 212-John Spykerman and Jami Sachs-Spykerman to Dave Sheridan Spruth, $952,000.

27th St., 1501, No. 407-FV-1 Inc. and Morgan Stanley Mortgage Capital Holdings to Kara Hill, $84,634.


Capitol St. S., 4301-District Properties Inc. to Dolores Satterthwaite, $420,000.

M St., 240, No. E104-John C. McElwain Jr. to Allan Holland, $233,900.

Sutton Sq., 45, No. PH03-Wharf 4B Condo Owner Corp. to Shari and Houtan Esfahani, $2.02 million.

Third St., 1101, No. 412-Richard L. and Susan W. Petrick to Ashlie N. Stevens, $310,000.

Seventh St., 619-David C. Smith to Clifton E. and Megan Rowls, $1.02 million.