District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Acker Pl., 626-M. Gregory Vass to Gregory Stackel and Genevieve Dara Sapir, $827,500.

Apple Rd., 3155, No. 5-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Rashida Mosby, $408,000.

Barnes St., 708-Jennifer Krystopowicz to Courtni Guevara and Dale Cooper, $380,000.

Blaine St., 4941-Ammengemcy Construction Group Corp. to Brian P. Lombardo and Tracy L. Bach, $358,000.

C St., 305, No. 105-Scott P. and Gail M. Brown to Jirair Ratevosian, $291,000.

Channing St., 1521-Kathleen R. McCormick to Akinlolu A. Omitowoju and Sandhya C. Harris, $545,500.

D St., 1206-Alison Cole Westfall to Kathryn A. and Jeremy G. Malhotra, $770,621.

E St., 625-Peter M. Spiro to Danuta Otfinowski, $449,000.

Eads St., 3455-Sarah A. Weis to Chelsea E. Wegner and David J. Koch, $410,000.

Evarts St., 432, No. 4-Andrew and Ashley Darin to Michael P. Zetts, $399,000.

G St., 660-Mark R. and Cheryl B. Robeck to Andrew S. and Kelly M. Loewer, $1.32 million.

Jackson St., 709, No. 4-Brookland 2 Corp. to Fabrice Toka, $545,000.

Lawrence St., 1504-Johanna F. Polsenberg and Warren L. Nott to Susanne F. and Carlyle B. Paul, $789,000.

Maryland Ave., 614, No. 2-Victor M. Mendez to Hillary Fabrico, $485,000.

Meade St., 4204-Ik Construction Group Corp. to Sarah Ann Keller and Marcus Moreno, $515,000.

Morse St., 1201-Freeman Hardy to Matthew Thomas Almquist and Allison Zwegat, $660,000.

Oneida St., 308-Quinn and Nicole Lindsay to Aria Remondi and Eric Grauvilardell, $520,000.

Q St., 25-Carol Chandler to Karam Y. Hijji, $705,000.

Rand Pl., 2127-Michael E. and Edward D. Plato to Bethany L. Bennett and Elizabeth J. Darlington, $666,805.

Rhode Island Ave., 329, No. 404-Megan E. and Michael B. Hubbard to Monique H. Matelski, $468,000.

Taylor St., 1009-David I. Rosnick to Joshua Michael Lortie and David C. Braatz, $689,000.

Third St., 2625, No. 105-U.S. Bank National Association and the RMAC Trust Series to Devon Haynes, $280,000.

Fifth St., 629-Joan F. Millman to Candice M. Santomauro, $925,000.

Sixth St., 1151-Laura Hatcher to Rebecca T. Cornell and Clayton K. Schroers, $827,500.

Seventh St., 3000, No. 101-Anthony Arrington to Vail S. Decapite, $280,000.

10th St., 415-Erwin J. Tan to Jonathan Spencer Lieber and Tara Mikkilineni, $1.04 million.

11th St., 410, No. 23-Jason W. and Barbera T. Dooley to Elizabeth Bacon, $547,000.

12th St., 4622-Manna Inc. to Kassahun Wagaw Workneh and Helen Degife, $399,990.

13th St., 4413-Julie Ann Russell to Erin Jennifer Kelly and Matthew Joseph McGinn, $605,000.

15th St., 410, No. 26-Albin James Kowalewski to Samantha Lynn Logan, $339,095.

19th St., 325-Christopher and Stephanie Rinkus to Mark D. and Elizabeth M. Spagnoletti Hecker, $725,000.

25th Pl., 533-Gregory F. and Ashley S. Duckman to Qiongyu Huang, $670,000.

33rd St., 213-Gale Maynard to Thomas M. Dushney Jr., $311,500.

47th St., 1060-Estate of Robert B. Carter Sr. and Ray Johnson to Shahla and Lida Momeni, $180,000.

52nd St., 915-Julian H. Brevard Sr. to Groucho Williams, $229,000.


Albemarle St., 4101, No. 432-David A. Jannarone to Alexander Mavroukakis, $415,000.

Alton Pl., 4816-Jorge Perez to Jose Bernardo Rebelo Da Cruz Morais and Claudia Ruiz Ortega, $1.72 million.

Belmont Rd., 2032, No. 632-John Fisher Jepsen to Alice Makl and Daniel Frisch, $301,000.

Buchanan St., 812-Blanchita P. Porter to Katherine A. and John Vianney Brown, $650,000.

Calvert St., 1855, No. 501-James D. Pembroke to George Sterzinger, $350,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 615W-Ariel Gerardo Duren and Nora Ruth Libertun to Nuzhat Sultan-Khan, $720,000.

Chevy Chase Pkwy., 5810-Frank and Almuth Herrmann to Joetta G. Jacobsen, $1.09 million.

Clifton St., 1420, No. 202-Matthew J. and Peter H. Slutsky to Joel K. and Caitlyn Lowther, $430,000.

Columbia Rd., 521, No. 2-Lynk Equity Corp. to Anay Nimish Shah, $599,900.

Columbia Rd., 1669-Michael T. McElroy to Sarah Rose Needle, $249,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3883, No. 315-Emmy Silvya Yokoyama Tsuchikame to Amy Kidd, $420,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4700, No. 607-Patricia A. and William A. Moran to Mary Jean Panuthos Pfaelzer and Peter J. Panuthos, $1.15 million.

D St., 631, No. 1131-Jayson Odulio to Yijun Yin, $500,000.

Devonshire Pl., 2737, No. 320-Isabel De Albuquerque Taylor to Gerard F. Anderson and Judith R. Peres, $1.74 million.

E St., 915, No. 613-James M. McCray to Andrew W. Marshall, $503,000.

Euclid St., 1700, No. B4-Daniel P. and Rachael K. Bosch to Brendan McDonald, $624,500.

Fairmont St., 1341, No. 2-Matthew S. Starr to Firas Sleiman, $709,000.

Florida Ave., 1421, No. 7-Olivia Louise Lynch to Jannie Kwok and Jason Katz, $760,045.

Garfield St., 5029-Eagles Nest Corp. to David Joseph and Caroline Killough Greene, $3.76 million.

Girard St., 1235-William D. Ford to Jacek Wrobel and Fiona M. Tibbetts, $966,500.

H St., 2401, No. 306-Estate of Jordan Braverman and Irwin Braverman to Magdalena Maria Gathani, $245,000.

Harvard St., 1420, No. 406-Michelle Klieger to Elizabeth Songvilay, $405,000.

Hoban Rd., 4512-Harry and Kathleen F. Teter to Benjamin W. and Lynda Bull, $1.43 million.

I St., 920, No. 406-Julia L. Johnson to Lynda G. Loomis and Peter C. Ross, $1.7 million.

Illinois Ave., 4209-Haley and Christopher Schwalm to Mikhail B. Grinberg and Anna Bitskaya, $1.01 million.

Irving St., 760-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Allison Marino and Devin Kaltenbach, $590,000.

K St., 2515, No. 404-Fiamma Truzzi to Radhika Dave and Caio Cesar De Araujo Barbosa, $349,900.

Kalorama Rd., 1845-Kaveh Saba and Ashley Virtue to Erin Crowder and Colin Deffet, $621,000.

Kenyon St., 429-Lewis and Sherrye Goss to Emily H. Moore, $450,000.

L St., 1101, No. 503-Isobel Cox to Amy L. and James F. Schwartz, $360,000.

Lamont St., 625-Elba Flores to Ishwar Chhikara, $612,000.

Locust Rd., 1373-Anthony E. Diresta to Andrew and Sara Dauber, $1.19 million.

Lowell Lane, 5105-James V. Irving to William Pietragallo II, $6.05 million.

M St., 910, No. 1105-Thomas H. Holmes and Mario Rocha to Lu Han, $567,000.

MacArthur Blvd., 5604-Sushi Properties Corp. to Kyle C. and Emily D. Armstrong, $1.23 million.

Mansion Ct., 4030-Tzannetis A. and Elizabeth T. Serlemitsos to Kristin A. Muhlner, $1.77 million.

Monroe St., 1883, No. B3-Donal R. Leace to Charles R. Keaton and Danielle A. Harris, $575,000.

N St., 1451, No. 4-Adam D. and Elizabeth M. Porter to Susan Adams and John Czepiel, $1.15 million.

New Hampshire Ave., 1330, No. 1023-Ivette E. Rivera Hayes to Karen Michelle Bailey, $330,000.

New Mexico Ave., 3101, No. 229-Peter M. Manikas to Polly Barry, $629,000.

New York Ave., 80, No. 104-Scarlet Leslie Maith to Quentin Renardo Patrick, $310,000.

Nicholson St., 713-Logos Enterprise Inc. to Bertha Nancy Rosas and Elee Ismael Muslin, $860,000.

Oliver St., 3427-David C. Buffum and Susan J. Greenspan to Iryana Ivaschenko, $1.32 million.

P St., 751, No. 7-Jerry Lee and Renee Jean Schmeider to Armaan S. Kapoor, $685,000.

Park Rd., 547, No. 1-Leigh Properties Corp. to Kevin Robert and Kathryn Peacock Jones, $630,000.

Park Rd., 1451, No. 401-Oscar Rivas and Roxana Martinez to James Kissel and Catherine Louise Swanson, $315,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 2555, No. 902-Estate of Marianne Means and Richard J. Linden to Richard Cooper Lawson, $1.5 million.

Porter St., 2902, No. 21-Nancy Nielsen to Michael R. Hirshenson, $419,000.

Q St., 19-Julio Henriquez to Samuel A. Chavis, $895,000.

Q St., 4636-Alexander J. and Sarah Starr to Suzanne Mehlhouse Adler, $957,000.

Quesada St., 3215-Carolee Heileman to Jessica Wang and Matthew Johnson, $1 million.

R St., 435, No. L2-Danielle Wright Bulger to William Elliott Smith, $256,341.

R St., 3607-Max Evan and Emily Ida Kuller to Marc and Alain Cohen, $830,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 150, No. 202-Robert R. Schrum Jr. and Caitlin B. Byrnes to Philip Warren Snyder and Ellen Elizabeth Thomson, $560,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1437, No. 102-Matthew and Fatima Graves to Justin Guy Loeb, $585,000.

Rodman St., 3815, No. D16-Adam and Ashley Ackerman to Caroline J. Anderson and Milton J. Vasconez Ordonez, $471,000.

Shepherd St., 308-Mayra Maza to Thomas Wilson Taylor IV, $610,000.

Spring Rd., 1441, No. 301-Lindsay O. Schubiner to Olumide Sobowale, $384,000.

T St., 153-Roberto Tarallo to Michael D. Stratton, $1.4 million.

Trumbull Terr., 2035-David A. and Lorraine P. Swerdloff to Daniel Eric Swain and Kyle Alden, $1.31 million.

U St., 1753, No. 4-1753 U. Street Partners Corp. to Julie M. and Megan R. Conway, $449,900.

Upshur St., 1504-Diane J. McDougall to Jennifer Suzannah Lewis, $675,000.

V St., 150, No. V102-Ann Silberstein to Hannah B. Moore, $497,550.

Vermont Ave., 1239, No. 608-Nasheed A. and Muhammad R. Amin to Jeffery C. Wickham, $427,500.

W St., 4100, No. 412-Federal National Mortgage Association to Morad Mohamed Baider, $275,900.

Warren St., 5020-Jacob A. and Deborah Harmon Bouknight to Dorren G. and William C. Miller, $1.8 million.

Westover Pl., 4419-David L. and Hafida E.W. Baad to Maxine E. McBean, $1.08 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 3010, No. 207-Donna R. and Robin Gary to Lee J. and Patricia L. Haber, $285,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3100, No. 100-Alison Mullarkey to Yolanda A. Rolle and Simone Ellis, $294,900.

Wyoming Ave., 1901-Maria Luisa Ianelli to Cathy A. Wasserman, $475,000.

First St., 1804, No. 2-Farid Nouri to Leah Shoshana and Tyler Michael Pitman, $820,000.

Third St., 3920-409 Richardson Corp. to Gabriel Wuebben and Thayse Leal Lima, $625,000.

Sixth St., 1838, No. D-Bermyland Corp. to Ellyn R. Artis, $695,500.

Seventh St., 777, No. 308-Arj K. Dua to Nicholas J. Mercurio, $435,000.

Eighth St., 5127-Sonia C. James to Molly Dougherty and Alexander Kuhn, $480,000.

11th St., 1628, No. 203-NRC/FC 11TH Street Corp. to Joo B. Kim, $604,200.

11th St., 1907, No. 1-Darien R. Thall to Rachael Hesling and Lior Haas, $674,500.

12th St., 1410, No. 1-Mark A. and Micah B. Boster to Matthew J. Manigold, $410,000.

12th St., 2020, No. 314-William J. and Laura Marie Rizol Kappaz to Catherine M. Stillwell and Michael Santamaria, $806,500.

13th St., 1300, No. 605-James N. Duley to Frank Slazer, $919,000.

13th St., 3546, No. 1-Peter B. Wallace to James Lowery Rogers III and Mary Caroline Sperry, $524,999.

14th St., 1133, No. 605-Elliott Johnston Nethercutt to Rodrigo Herrera Villarroel, $302,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 311W-Anand Ramamoorthy and Steven Perez to Jeen Whang and Eng Tsay, $1.12 million.

14th St., 5305-David Boland Wham and David Howard Malone to Mary F. Hallam, $772,500.

16th St., 2440, No. 114-Urnav Desai to April Joy Damian, $459,000.

17th St., 1725-Katharine J. Sanders to Lezlie Rupert, $217,450.

18th St., 1545, No. 801-Romulo E. Colindres Jr. to Sharon Anne Weinberger, $325,000.

19th St., 1601-Douglas B. and Suzanne L. Richardson to Nicholas Baumann and Pamela Gelfond, $1.98 million.

20th St., 2410, No. 2-Danielle E. Salvaterra to Deanna Luu, $299,900.

21st St., 1321, No. 5-Matthew and Rebecca Shabus Fertig Cohen to Barrett W. Deacon and Catherine L. Frediani, $890,000.

28th St., 1511-Anthony Murray and Lana Pipes to Christopher Wynnyk, $1.25 million.

31st St., 6455-Arthur P. and Diane K. Hall to Jason Daniel Dexter and Meghan Mary Lynch, $1.15 million.

32nd St., 6690-Karen A. Lenoir to Uma and Satish Iyer, $875,000.

34th St., 2812-Lynn M. Bodarky to Christopher D. and Sonia Talley, $1.83 million.

38th St., 2300-Patricia H. Ivers to Christopher and Brittany V. Ruyak, $835,000.

39th St., 3520, No. B656-James Stokoe Stafford and Caroline S. Lee to Edward T. Pappo and Kamolika Das, $418,000.

43rd Pl., 4926-Rory Veevers-Carter and Patricia Elisabeth Van Dijkhuizen to Frederik and Lisa B. Hurst, $1.9 million.

48th St., 4117-Mary W. Olson to Gita Meshkat Razavi, $1.8 million.


Astor Pl., 4940-Olinda E. Fields to Sandra C. and Ramiro D. Villarreal, $260,000.

Bass Pl., 5459-Frank and Pearl M. Love to Gerald D. and Krishaun J. Smith, $247,000.

Cape Dr., 316-Shirley A. Wardell to Francine Dease, $300,000.

Carolina Ave. S., 1330-Nicholas R. and Kelley C. Barnaby to Elizabeth S. Jorgensen and Brendan M. Forbes, $1 million.

Croffut Pl., 3416-Harry L. Staley to Christopher Ranard Wood, $275,000.

E St., 1219 1/2-Randall L. Kling and Claire P. Peachey to Kelley Ann Bidwell and Michael Alexander Riegelman, $850,000.

G St., 407-Nikki L. Lowry to Jeffrey and Kellie Nasser, $1.9 million.

High St., 2262-David B. Gatewood to Dominic William Competti, $490,000.

Marjorie Ct., 835-Wayne S. Deadwyler to Tiffany Champion, $415,000.

N St., 2727-Claudette Hall to Pablo O. Peruzzi and Carlos A. Fasciolo, $245,000.

Oakwood St., 258-Julie Banks and Rachel Mintz to Naomi Esther Fortis, $388,250.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. 311-Alyssa M. and William A. Lesage to Jenny Rudd and William Loyce Rogers, $600,000.

Stanton Rd., 2517-Sonia G. Hassan to Jenny Jourdain, $273,000.

U St., 1534-Raymond J. Chaisson and Fe O. Toyco to Aristotle Moshi, $280,000.

Fifth St., 725, No. 31-Courtney Hunter and Stacie Boothe Fletcher to Jack Robert and Julianna Delaney Wilson, $780,000.

Sixth St., 421 1/2-William Basiliko and Marcus Lundell to Kelley S. Samuel and Luis Fernando Contreras, $915,000.

Ninth St., 320-Whitney D. Frost to Anna Pendleton Hayes and Karl Gruss, $899,000.

11th St., 900, No. 304-Auto Club Corp. to Byung D. and Diana L. Kim, $834,900.

51st St., 849-Ambrose A. Akinrinmade to Aaron S. Harris, $275,000.


G St., 160, No. 146-Estate of John Sasso and Bobbie Jean Bone to Darryl W. Harris, $615,000.

I St., 355, No. 122-Brian Patrick McLaughlin to John Lin, $375,000.

First St., 3927-Andre and Ruth Fullard to Darrell Brown, $185,000.

Fourth St., 1250, No. W710-Estate of Debra Handy and Jane Saindon Rogers to Sara Zeejah, $250,000.