District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


A St., 1413-Soquel Elana Harding and William Vincent Klotzbucher to Jennie V. Munoz, $577,000.

Bryant St., 319-Augustus C. and Bernita V. Harmon to Franklin P. Strube and Cristina Jean Shepherd, $611,500.

Constitution Ave., 629, No. 104-Anthony Wolf and Keiko I. Greenberg to Joanne Morgante, $490,000.

D St., 1018-Louis D. Lieto and Kelley M. Hagan to Christopher S. Young and Nancy Fox, $1.07 million.

D St., 1839, No. 1-EMAX Renovations Corp. to Monique Allison Brigham and Justin Patrick Van Blaricom, $555,000.

Division Ave., 914-Estate of Jacqueline E. Brown and Robert M. McCarthy to Patrice A. Wedderburn, $255,000.

E St., 520, No. 402-Karla Tejada to Kimberley Jean Johnson, $614,000.

Eastern Ave., 834-David T. and Michelle D. Ross to Wenyan Zhang and Zhongkai Shi, $230,000.

G St., 1322-Louis D. Simmermacher to Suzanne T. and James Matthew Lang, $1.06 million.

Hamlin St., 1265-Jocelyn M. and Dannielle M. Williamson to Stephen and Bridget Matzie, $525,500.

Hurston Lane, 2531-Stephanie Rice to Joshua D. Sullivan and Alison E. Fina, $545,500.

Just St., 5089-Christopher Hubbard and Tyeshia Roshawn Watkins to Anoa Gibson-Hunter, $385,000.

Kearny St., 2219-Robert W. Stout and Jennifer M. Oliver to Kathleen E. and Aaron L. Kramer, $610,000.

Levis St., 1536-Karen E. Starr to Paige Espy and Enrique Dominguez, $399,999.

Maryland Ave., 912-Susan F. and Michael L. Martin to Jonathan D. and David Blair, $995,000.

Meade St., 4021-SI Investors Three Corp. to Addisu Lemlem and Netsanet Leta, $516,000.

Neal St., 1132-Jason Bresler and Colleen R. Wilcox to Ralph Rafael Joseph and Rosa Lopez, $751,000.

Oneida St., 416-Dorothy R. Shirley to Sika A. Dedo, $430,000.

R St., 147, No. 8-Robert E. Richardson to Vanessa Christina Lucidi and Tim Van Den Broek, $435,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 2579-Kenneth W. Pafford and Barbara Bartsch-Allen to Kristy Wanner, $530,000.

S St., 233, No. 3-Deleep and Amber Nair to Jared John Degnan, $595,000.

Thayer St., 3050-Metro Area Management Corp. to Nathan and Sarah Shultz, $700,000.

Second St., 11, No. 104-Matthew Tropiano to Thomas J. Helm, $260,150.

Third St., 1952, No. 202-Chantelle V. Britton to Yifei Pan and Aaron Thomas Jordan, $485,000.

Fifth St., 647-Estate of Joye E. Frost and Merrie Frost to James M. Carlson and Jacqueline M. O’Reilly, $1.1 million.

10th St., 717-Brenda L. Hecker to Mark Benjamin Rivard, $705,000.

17th St., 2909, No. 101-Brookland Condos at 17th Corp. to Maurice and Jennifer Dunn, $534,900.

19th Pl., 4419-Estate of Constance Harris Lewis and Lashaun Renee Lewis to Cedric and Cassandra Wins, $408,500.

22nd St., 3712-Michael and Brenda Clark to Kalyan Sen and Niloufer Anna Taber, $665,000.

45th St., 561-Harbor Realty & Investments Corp. to Ryan McCray Ely, $365,000.

56th Pl., 238-RNP Real Estate Investments Inc. to Mieko McKay, $315,000.


Adams Mill Rd., 2630, No. 210-Mark B. Rivard to Joshua M. Kusnitz, $414,500.

Allison St., 815-Daniel D. and Jennifer C. D’Agostino to John X. Lucente, $645,000.

Arizona Terr., 2860-Tarun Bafna and Celia Gwenith Bowker to Ferdinand H. Onnen and Catherine Campbell, $1.29 million.

Bancroft Pl., 2241-Steven E. Adkins to Jodie W. McLean, $5 million.

California St., 2205, No. 103-Emily F. Durso to Nicole Marie Deyampert, $875,000.

Cathedral Ave., 3901, No. 220-Dorothy Winslow Blankenship to Bianca Manns, $239,000.

Cathedral Ave., 5014-Eric Matthew and Diane Elizabeth Lebson to Susan M. Keller and John J. Westerman, $850,823.

Church St., 1401, No. 124-Patrick Martin to Alexander R. Covington and Zachary D. Weill, $616,000.

Colorado Ave., 4615-Delores Turman and Leroy Johnson to Gabriela Richeimer and Julianna S. Gonen, $1.1 million.

Columbia Rd., 781-Step Corp. to Theodore Daniel Logan and Tara Rao Ravindra, $625,000.

Connecticut Ave., 2818, No. 303-Eric C. Wiener and Eleanor A. Smith to Adam Lobel Segal and Rocio Azahara Funes Aguilera, $714,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4025, No. 203-Crescent B. Martin to Jeremy Lester Rechtien and Shervin Ziba Taheran, $395,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4740, No. 616-Aida L. Melendez and William P. Mazurkiewitz to Sabine Ursula O’Hara, $467,000.

Cumberland St., 3526-Steven A. Feldman and Maria Gem Benoza to Amy Joanna Rofman and Manolis Ralph Piniotakis, $1.28 million.

Decatur St., 805-Estate of Bessie R. Jordan and Valerie J. Matthews to Alexander I. and Rebecca L. Zvoleff, $563,000.

Emerson St., 912-Lorinda Susan and Joseph Henry Samuel Potucek to Jeremy W. and Jessica S. Bernton, $762,000.

Fern Pl., 804-William F. Jonas and Fernando J. Mayol to Joanne Young, $865,000.

Foxhall Cres., 4612-Ruth S. Simon to Morvarid Yousefi, $1.85 million.

Georgia Ave., 4527, No. 1-Ewora Corp. to Anju Ranjit and Sourya Shrestha, $699,900.

H St., 2401, No. 504-Shejal V. Desai to Jack Nathaniel and Julie Ann Newman, $439,500.

Harvard St., 1450, No. D-Edward T. Jreidini to Callan Ordoyne, $479,900.

Idaho Ave., 3921-Frances Rekrut to Brett John and Emily Waldron Strait, $1.86 million.

K St., 1150, No. 207-Jerome N. and Lois B. Gavcovich to Alejandro Ezequiel Noblia and Geraldine Trouilh, $461,000.

Kennedy St., 31, No. B1-Kat Realty Corp. to Jason B. Hosford, $231,000.

L St., 2201, No. 900-Elizabeth B. Sullivan and Andras Kosaras to Raquel Pires Araujo and Samuel De Paula Hamzem, $430,000.

M St., 1109, No. 3-Susan Briggs and Andrew Dixon to Grant March Steerzer, $530,127.

Madison St., 1422-Daniel S. Ashdon and Amanda Woods to Alexander Kize and Robin Nicole Ventura, $1.27 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 808-Jennifer Pritchard to Eric and Susanne Larsen, $619,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 4655-Thomas S. and Aretae O. Wyler to Gregory and Elaine Mazanec, $1.1 million.

N St., 1207, No. H-Cady North to Alexandra K. Papa, $519,000.

N St., 1300, No. 615-William Allen Ort to Sonya Y. Hoo, $699,900.

New Hampshire Ave., 700-S. Terry Atlas to Thomas J. Duesterberg and Susan L. Cooper, $1.38 million.

New Mexico Ave., 3101, No. 543-Elahe Basseri and Roya Vakil to Jose Alfredo Noguera Nunez and Mabel Fernanda Gomez Mejia, $599,000.

Newton Pl., 544-Hilary Huddlestun Wilson to Mark Wayne Clark Jr., $580,000.

Northampton St., 2816-Jonathan Elliott and Sarah Butterfield Bromma to Azmi and Massoud Kazzi, $1.12 million.

Oglethorpe St., 515-Octavia M. Kelsey to Jourdan Miller and Patricia Probst, $656,000.

Oregon Ave., 5750-Lester Sotsky and Judith Gravitz to George D. Felcyn and Maria M. Bendini, $1.5 million.

P St., 1727, No. A-John J. Cichello and Juan R. Perez to John Joseph O’Donnell, $475,000.

P St., 3522-Julie A. Sterling to Neil Couchman and Mary Page Davey, $1.06 million.

Park Rd., 525, No. 204-Park View Condominium Ventures Corp. to Marc T. and Patricia W. Bacigalupo, $645,000.

Parkwood Pl., 1354-Raymond Lasado Minor to Eloy Hernandez and Fanny Tromp, $762,000.

Porter St., 3007-Jaime Rachel and Matthew Stuart Teper to Emily C. Schmidt and Travis L. Armbuster, $362,500.

Q St., 2500, No. 132-Derek J. Martino to Miranda A. Franco and Anthony A. Leone, $418,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 42, No. 1-Charles G. and Jessica K. Cummings to Tedros N. Russom, $650,000.

Ridge St., 411, No. 2-Equity Trust Co. to Kerry L. McGrath, $750,000.

S St., 78-Elizabeth T. Burden and Rachel L. Barek to Antonio Mason Williams and Erika Nuber, $1.35 million.

Scott Cir., 1, No. 105-Samuel J. and Mary L. Roche to Matthew Reichman, $282,000.

Stuyvesant Pl., 3338-Jeanne Haji to Leo X. and Susan B. McCusker, $1.15 million.

T St., 131-Michael B. Little to Aquanette and Kurt Brown, $1.2 million.

V St., 1300-Dane Marcus and Cassondra Criswell Anderson to Theodore Pace Vergis, $1.05 million.

W St., 1203-Cartus Financial Corp. to Herman Z. Lubin and Rachel S. Reardon, $925,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3315-Bernard and Marie Helene Tarralle to Aimee L. and Sean H. Anderson, $267,500.

Wyoming Ave., 2012, No. 803-Evan Goldman and Amie Perl to Melinda Gwen Kirkpatrick, $890,000.

Second St., 1962, No. 1-Harold Austin Johntra and Susan Neilson Rockwell to Cole J. Bockenfeld and Alexandra N. Kanu, $670,000.

Fifth St., 5323-Luis and Gladys Carcache Zelaya to Maria Alicia Flores and Nicolasa Catalina Chavez, $410,110.

Sixth St., 1817, No. 2-Nicholas B. and Megan S. Lewis to John Reed Thornburgh II, $865,000.

Seventh St., 6407-Omni Property Trust to Kimberly Delong, $645,000.

10th St., 1124, No. 2A-Scott Patrick Dowdle to Eusebius W. Luk and Chiseul Kim, $885,000.

11th St., 1628, No. 105-NRC/FC 11TH Street Corp. to Ana Margarita Trujillo Rehbein and Romain Alexandre Sigot, $1.32 million.

12th St., 2001, No. 102-Nikila Dasarathy to Ma Cristina Casaclang, $448,500.

13th St., 1245, No. 911-Mark H. Matthews to Kimberly and Lyle R. Branagan, $433,000.

13th St., 1325, No. 28-Peter J. Pizzolongo and Charles E. Prugue to Nkunde Honesta Mwase, $893,000.

13th St., 3226, No. 1-Christopher C. Bosley to Pedro M. Rivera and Elisabeth Anamsis, $549,900.

13th St., 4004-Andrew Jones to Cormac A. Early and Lucas W. Goodman, $859,750.

14th St., 2750, No. PH8-Marcos T. and Sagrario V. Martinez to Emmanuel Alberto Morett Gil, $600,000.

14th St., 4120, No. 48-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Premium Mortgage Acqusition Trust to Alex Gallo, $188,000.

15th St., 1900, No. 3-Lauren D. Kuritz to Elizabeth S. Harper, $415,000.

16th St., 6209-Estate of Herbert Horner Jr. and Matthew F. Shannon to Michael Neal Anderson, $625,000.

17th St., 2200, No. 212-John Benjamin Young-Anglim and Shushana Jachobov to Regina Nalewajek Hamilton, $890,000.

20th St., 1301, No. 415-Joel Rosenberg to Thanh Huong Le, $280,000.

21st St., 1280, No. 307-Sophia Maria Boilini to Idelle and Lena Vaynberg, $630,000.

22nd St., 1511, No. 44-Christopher L. Harlow and Kathleen A. Rock to McKinley Dean Dull, $376,500.

24th St., 1814-Jodie W. McLean and Pierre Delucy to Jay M. Eisenberg, $3.5 million.

29th St., 3409-Laura K. and Rachel R. Case to Marian Macsai and Jack Kaplan, $366,000.

33rd St., 1409-Gianluca Esposito and Gisella Gori to Nicola and Un Hie Kim Piloni, $1.21 million.

37th St., 2328-Leon R. and Sally G. Phillips to Patrick J. and Jessica H. Keeley, $1.05 million.

39th St., 3400, No. A715-Virginia M. Yang to Jill M. Fritz and James L. Kozumbo, $600,000.

47th St., 3910-Ragan and Jessica P. Naesh to Kyle Matthew and Amelia Marie Gordon, $1.02 million.


Buena Vista Terr., 3209-Gina and Reginald Chambers to Nhut Minh and Nathan Le-Ammons, $620,000.

C St., 1416-John E. and Bethan M. Kocka to Kevin M. and Jessica C. Quinley, $690,000.

Capitol St. E., 1405, No. 2-Thomas J. and Cathie J. Bloem to Patrick S. Carney and Sarah Berline, $365,000.

Central Ave., 5340-Walter W. Webb Jr. to James H. Lacey, $294,700.

D St., 321-Carl and Kristin Monaco to Nathan P. and Stephanie N. Kooi, $976,000.

D St., 5112-Jovan D. Bethel to Linda Johnson, $353,000.

E St., 1404-John D. and Jennifer Thiel to Gavin Swanson and Stephanie Covello, $720,126.

Fort Dupont St., 1643-Anita A. Manuel to Jasmine Taylor, $275,000.

Hilltop Terr., 507-District of Columbia Housing Authority to Crystal Robertson, $330,000.

Independence Ave., 619-Keith Bradley and Sarah J. Biber to Elan R. Ghazal and Sarah Marie Caruana, $970,000.

Ives Pl., 1440-Jo A. Sowash and Nathan Ackerman to Kaitlin A. Destigter and Matthew A. Yunque, $602,000.

L St., 1368-David Deanna to Daniel Assael and Jennifer Rhudy-Nakamura, $540,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1620, No. 1-Victor and Chloe A. Kessler to Hector L. Vargas Jr., $475,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 3944-Kevin Ray Brown to Kendra L. Freeman, $465,000.

Potomac Ave., 1804-Jonathan E. and Alissa Fasman to Daniel A. and Joselyd Garcia Kramer, $786,000.

Southern Ave., 4278-Reginald J. Bryant to Jasmine R. Richardson, $300,000.

Westover Dr., 3146-Clarence Davis to Jumanne Benjamin, $428,000.

Fifth St., 406-William R. Nordwind and Suzanne A. Scruggs to Nina F. Diaz and Karan Madhok, $905,000.

10th St., 531-Mark A. and Debra D’Agostino to Dhiraj Kumar and Ratna Sardar, $1.16 million.

11th St., 900, No. 101-Auto Club Corp. to Alem Tewoldeberhan, $115,900.

12th St., 112-Gregory Toulson to Cynthia Barmore and Scott Himmelberger, $1.3 million.

18th St., 2420-Lan Yue to Susan Branson, $316,818.

29th St., 1328-Darrell G. Brown to Deon Jenkins, $529,000.


Half St., 1242-Ted Shine to Harrell and Emily Cashman Kirstein, $815,000.

Sutton Sq., 45, No. 1119-Wharf 4B Condo Owner Corp. to Lauren Kristine Monks, $959,900.

Third St., 1101, No. 316-Christy J. White to Lee Duong, $350,000.