District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


A St., 411-Lorri Anne and John F. Meils to Jeffrey Robert Roth and Katrina Tavanlar, $758,000.

Blaine St., 3945-Capital Home Buyers Inc. to Matthew Lee and Briana Marybeth Millage, $424,350.

Brooks St., 4208-Jacks Spicer Properties Corp. to Jose H. Bonilla Mendoza, $330,000.

Capitol St. E., 920-Christopher C. Cathcart to Alexander S. Malson and Brittany A. Branand, $1.05 million.

Chancellors Way, 2862-Benjamin A. and Kristin R. Mandel to Kathryn Bridget Codd and Adam Johnson, $775,000.

D St., 819, No. 21-Leslie Carol Griffin to Augustine Akabua, $697,000.

D St., 1839, No. 2-Emax Renovations Corp. to James Correnti and Candice Nemec, $530,000.

Dix St., 5310-Kreg Development Corp. to Edwin Vasquez, $390,000.

Florida Ave., 1359-Karl T. Taylor to James and Elizabeth Knudsen, $600,000.

G St., 620-Adam W. Park and Shelley S. Wong to Lisa Kohn and Hannah Katch, $940,000.

Girard St., 27-Earl L. Harris to Kandy Daniel, $565,000.

Hamlin St., 2610-Donna L. Allen to Joseph Dale Trees, $542,000.

Jefferson St., 903-Estate of Margaret Boyd Roberts and Tyrone Armstrong to Sarah G. Greene, $500,000.

Kramer St., 1692-Matthew Latuszek to Graham McLaughlin, $465,000.

Linden Pl., 1250-Samuel and Kristi C. Whitfield to Katherine Ashworth Chamblee and Arthur T. Ryan, $729,000.

Maryland Ave., 1350, No. 413-Joseph Galli to Nicholas Vance, $427,200.

Quackenbos St., 308-Amanuel A. Berhane to Ruth Ayenew, $631,500.

R St., 239, No. B-Mes Properties Corp. to Osvaldo Gomez-Martinez and Mayte Santacruz, $655,000.

Third St., 2325-K. B. Al Masum to Katrina A. Carroll, $702,500.

Fifth St., 108-Hugh C. Evans to Oonagh Ann McDonald, $1.47 million.

Eighth St., 1016-Patricia B. Wood to Jessica J. Clark and Douglas C. Zimmerman, $835,000.

10th St., 124-Maria Magdalena Bendini and George Dodge Felcyn to Patricia Murphy Sheehy, $1.01 million.

12th Pl., 4216-Green Real Estate Ventures Corp. to Matthew and Kimberlee Murphy, $740,000.

17th St., 3109-Lindsey J. Walker to Mary Grace Obuchowicz and Micah Haskell-Hoehl, $789,000.

19th St., 412, No. 302-Andrew B. Gibson to Leigh B. Fayfich, $310,000.

23rd Pl., 515-Kiersten M. and Chan H. Han to Robert and Rebecca Huffstutler, $640,000.

30th St., 2134-Josephine P. Beale to Rhett and Angie Michaelman, $410,000.

51st St., 826-Realty Properties Corp. to Gwendolyn Bonita Franklin, $357,000.

57th Pl., 704-Car Properties Corp. to Konjit C. Kebede, $257,000.


Albemarle St., 3524-Laurene Terese McKillop to Robert Stanton Jones and Carolina Chavez, $1.4 million.

Albemarle St., 4101, No. 640-John R. and Shea L. Angotti to Lea Odelia Michelle Costi, $380,000.

Arizona Terr., 2870-Martin G. Janowiecki and Leigh A. Rollins to Garland Ellis and Leann Menzies, $1.38 million.

Belmont St., 1622, No. B-Heinrich Miki and Annette Hanada to Purva Khera, $780,000.

Brandywine St., 4804-Michael and Natasha Nababan Minges to Joerie Frederik De Wit and Bulbul Pragya Tiwari, $829,000.

Bryant St., 172-Benjamin C. Bibb Jr. to Travis G. and Tanay M. Tatum Edwards, $784,000.

California St., 2122-Leah S. and Eli B. Bruch to William K. and Sophia K. Olliver, $568,000.

Calvert St., 2501, No. 501-Emi Lynn Yamauchi to Itay Leonid Fastovsky and Susan Dean, $460,542.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 611W-Alan Manstof to Dawn Elizabeth Cash, $249,500.

Chapin St., 1417, No. 302-Sasha L. Bruce to Caroline Meledo, $539,000.

Colorado Ave., 4809-Gwendolyn Boyd Ellis to John Paul Klingenberg and Molly K. Suda, $862,300.

Columbia Rd., 1401, No. 407-Katherine J. Murphy to Gabriela Rosenblau, $339,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3620-Benjamin Korin and Marine Houx to Mary A. Terzian, $443,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4444, No. 305-Kara Leibin and Alfredo Azocar to Sarah A. Tulman, $475,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5406, No. 404-Hans Myron Henning Vent to William Matthew Robinson, $245,000.

Decatur St., 1503-Envisage Management Solutions to Nadezhda Gordeeva and Timothy Childress, $1.21 million.

Dumbarton St., 3140-Henry Anderson and Archer Davis Dudley to Tomas A. Solis Flores and Masako Asaka, $1.35 million.

E St., 915, No. 306-Mohammad R. Uddin to Adam McNeil, $310,000.

Fieldstone Lane, 4630-Holly Rodgers and Thomas F. Wescott to Jill B. Zuckman and James F. Mulhall Jr., $2.45 million.

Gallatin St., 1218-Geneva K. Bryant to Jessica Hill and Andrew Saul III, $635,000.

H St., 925, No. 906-Soon Y. Park to Wais Jalali, $1.3 million.

Harrison St., 4517-Boaz I. Green and Bryce E. Stephens to Jill E. Eynon, $1.11 million.

Hemlock St., 1327-Maria Rosario Jackson to Nikki Lee Tyler and Mark A. Ralkowski, $860,000.

I St., 2141, No. 803-Julieta E. and W. Gregory Gibbs to Zibo Hu, $218,000.

Irving St., 1031-Toni-Michelle Chapman Travis to Peter Dirk Van Valkenburgh and Jordan E. Gehley, $1.2 million.

K St., 2501, No. 3B-Douglas and Sarah McRae to Rahim Kanani, $720,000.

Kenyon St., 1338-Russell Galer and Nicolette H. Tapay to Laura Felicia Manaker and Daniel Chen, $1.1 million.

L St., 440, No. 207-Rodney McLeod to Mary Ellen Payne, $480,000.

Linnean Ave., 4700-Mark Andrew Hissong and Sebstian Krop to Elizabeth C. Drumlanrig Blase and Andrew Sutherland Robertson, $1.96 million.

Longfellow St., 1352, No. 205-Fabio Esteban Amador to Keesha M. Middlemass, $330,000.

M St., 910, No. 802-Joanna Chihye Oh to Nancy Anderson, $519,000.

M St., 1212, No. 401-Thomas Oliviero to Albert Traver and Lauramaria Pedraza Sanchez, $435,000.

Macomb St., 2710, No. 405-Renis Kapshtica to Miguel Velez and Ados S. Velez May, $218,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 606-Roger Hollingsworth to Eric Cheung and Pauliana Cheung Hall, $568,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1314, No. 301-Walter Cruz Grio to Kenneth Lee Roraback, $479,000.

McKinley St., 3502-Dale A. Louda to John Hiram Silson and Laura Richardson Kolar, $929,000.

Mintwood Pl., 1869-Karen Donovan and Robert Aydlett to Kristin Lynn Adair, $443,492.

Morrison St., 3929-Philip J. and Catherine B. Bye to Anik A. and Farah A. Shah, $1.34 million.

N St., 2301, No. 511-Alexander and Yelena Trepetin to Roshanak Hakimzadeh, $620,000.

Nebraska Ave., 5715-Susan J. Caras to Geoffrey Binder and Claudia Kathleen Fehling, $1.1 million.

New Hampshire Ave., 4105-Dennis A. and Jennifer L. Carter to Adrian K. Dungan and Nicole Aga, $465,000.

Newton St., 1708, No. 303-Melissa Fiffer to Andrew Baer, $316,500.

O St., 1225-Esperanza O’Brien to John R. Sandweg, $1.52 million.

Ordway St., 3513-Peter J. Cole to Rachel Hanya Frankel Margolis and Jan Kenneth Davidson, $1.38 million.

P St., 2141, No. 806-Marc G. Geballa to Michael Dwight Barker and Julie Biau, $604,250.

Paper Mill Ct., 1081-Catherine J. Serafin to Anna Lorem Reyes Ramos and Jonathan Talusan Pampolina, $875,000.

Park Rd., 525, No. 304-Park View Condominium Ventures Corp. to Daniel B. Lilly, $689,900.

Park Rd., 1457, No. 208-Lizandro Tejeda Almanza to Adam Carrico, $280,000.

Pierce Mill Rd., 2026-Greg and Enid C. Roemer to Megan Stevenson and Christopher Whitmore, $1.06 million.

Q St., 1516, No. 3-Brian Gelfand to Jason D. Schwartz and Alicia D. Sellitti, $1.9 million.

Q St., 3415-Margaret Midori Akamine to Russell J. and Bridget K. Tibbetts, $1.1 million.

R St., 1103-Melanie Hirsch to Alexander Yi, $765,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1441, No. 901-Michael G. Gordie to William Speakman IV, $890,000.

Roxanna Rd., 1652-Paul R. Grimm and Scott J. Winemiller to Rawn M. and Maureen B. James, $924,900.

S St., 1833, No. 30-Jennifer M. Jenkins to Amy Terra Wilson, $522,000.

Seaton St., 1712-James F. Ball to Daniel Fenton and Jane Aubrey Dennis-King, $899,000.

Stephenson Pl., 3388-Adam S. and Emily Beth Berman to Michael Gerber and Rachel S. Rubin, $1.36 million.

U St., 327-Brian-Eric Henderson to Vincent Anthony and Casey Alexandra D’Ambra, $930,000.

Upland Terr., 3160-Bradley A. and Tracy Rossin to Kara and Timothy O’Leary, $1.26 million.

Van Buren St., 18-New Coach Corp. to David and Krystal Grecco, $566,650.

Volta Pl., 4406-Emmet W. and Amy Conroy to Ryan Thomas McLaughlin and Vanessa A. Cicin-Sain Knecht, $917,000.

Warren St., 4311-Ana-Maria and Sean X. McKessy to Michael and Eisabeth Melia, $1.35 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 2111, No. 315-Jeanna L. Anderson to Stephen William Kwong, $289,000.

Woodley Pl., 2769-Christopher Francis Clarke and Aimee Verdisco to Christopher Jacob Ross and Reena Evelyn Sharon Nadler, $981,688.

Fourth St., 1634-Raphael S. and Katharine K. Sznajder to Lindsey Jean Toohey, $802,588.

Fifth St., 4624-Rawn M. and Maureen James to Vishal M. Agraharkar and Emily C. Gotschlich, $717,000.

Seventh St., 3921, No. 2-Jacquelyn Martin to Juan Camilo Osorio and Andrea Carolina Camacho, $429,000.

10th St., 1416-E. Stewart Coleman to Sarah Conant and Philip Tonucci, $1.21 million.

12th St., 1527, No. 2-DV Investment Inc. to Shannon D. and Darren D. Kerns, $799,900.

12th St., 2020, No. 404-Neil J. Naraine and Roxanne A. Burnham to Francis Matthew Koerber, $490,000.

13th St., 1300, No. 104-Samuel T. Cable to Daniel A. Malashock, $452,000.

15th St., 4415-David M. Cox to Evelyn P.J. Oehler and Louise Keene Eby, $950,000.

16th St., 2440, No. 402-Steven M. Schwab to William Horan, $429,900.

17th St., 1700, No. 303-Nick F. Arena to Lina G. Sawaqed, $435,000.

17th St., 3439-Heather Lee and Matheu Schwenk to Barbara and Edward J. Wegerson, $752,000.

18th St., 1601, No. 805-Eva Sterner to Michelle Ellen Cooper and Paul Shrivastava, $316,000.

20th St., 1301, No. 606-Jason N. Juffras to Malav V. Doshi, $297,500.

21st St., 1260, No. 404-Andrew D. Hall to David Walter Hanson, $315,000.

23rd St., 1140, No. 301-R. M. Reston Properties Corp. to Naomi M. Adanlya, $379,000.

26th St., 1001, No. 704-August B. Hark to Zbigniew and Koralia Maria Ostrega, $370,000.

29th St., 4408-Mabelle Z. Grand to Roy Lopez Donohoe and Jose Luis Nunez Gallegos, $1.23 million.

30th St., 4627-Willis D. Hawley to Giovanni and Alicia Di Maggio, $1.24 million.

34th St., 1687-Mark Dunkerley and Marilia Duffles to Gregory Marston Luce, $2.7 million.

39th Pl., 2412-Amy K. and Michael K. Brendler to Marie and Michael Joseph O’Hara, $1.03 million.

39th St., 3450, No. F690-Barbara B. and David N. Minich to Samuel A. Butler and Celina M. Bragagnolo, $475,000.

42nd St., 4411-Judith Y. Downey to Matthew A. and Rebecca F. Cohen, $1.42 million.

46th St., 4827-Margaret W. Lange to Paul R. Burton, $780,000.


C St., 1830, No. 2-Demond M. and Morasha Moore Younger to Simindokht Kargar, $367,500.

Capitol St. E., 1621, No. 3-Alexandria Danielle Lemus to Kristina A. Kunkel, $369,000.

Chester St., 2237-MTGLQ Investors LP to Asha and Joseph Hawthorne, $267,900.

D St., 3336-Felton Magee Jr. to Walter Ficklin, $675,000.

E St., 201, No. 1-Estate of Edna S. Johnston and Edwin Nelson Stretch to Adam B. Entous and Sandra Medina, $320,201.

Fairlawn Ave., 1905-Valerie D. Hayes to Bell Gattson Cato IV, $350,000.

I St., 1209-Michael Brown to Cindy Yung-Hsing Chang, $625,000.

K St., 1363, No. 101-Bismarck Corp. to Ethan H. and Catherine M. Van Ness, $303,500.

Lyndale Pl., 3140-John F. Adams and Carla Settle to Malik Smith, $360,000.

New Jersey Ave., 446-Timothy R. and Linda W. Rupli to Christiane and Marisa C. Ridi, $845,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. M10-Chistopher E. and Laura R. Condeluci to Landon Jeffrey and Caitlin Donnelly Mock, $564,500.

Ridge Pl., 2018-Angela R. Leonard to Jacqueline Sutton, $335,000.

Tremont St., 1901-Whytnee M. and Ricardo R. Silva to Novella N. Bridges, $295,000.

W St., 1442-Robert J. Murrell to Maria Marroquin Guevara and Victor M. Silvia Benitez, $375,000.

Third St., 1114-Adam C. Donovan to David Ahron Balton and Jane Bowyer Stewart, $1.3 million.

12th St., 915-Jerald Hunter and Catherine Rae Walters to Nima Farschi, $674,500.

15th St., 416-Neal Racioppo and Rebecca L. Scott to Vincent I. Haskell, $765,000.

16th St., 2317, No. 201-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Deana Holmes, $111,900.

18th St., 2545-Deborah L. Whiters to Martha Daba, $235,000.

28th St., 3110-Lisa M. and Herbert E. Francis to Elias Abubaker, $335,000.

33rd St., 2407-Venable L. Garland Sr. to John Paul Mudd, $499,999.


Carrollsburg Pl., 1217-Hyun J. Kim to Anne L. Frenette, $865,000.

Sutton Sq., 45, No. 1114-Wharf 4B Condo Owner Corp. to Sabrina M. Aery, $1.11 million.

Fourth St., 1425, No. A109-Zach and Marianne R. Dobelbower to Jason Aaron Boccaccio, $420,000.