District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Ames St., 3329-Volta Corp. to Emmanuel N. and Alden Nouga-Ngog, $419,900.

Blair Rd., 5522-Darrin Alston King and Li Jasmine Zhao-King to Molly F. McAlvanah and John M. O’Toole, $499,000.

C St., 803-Nicole Carter to Laurence and Denice Socha, $950,000.

Childress St., 1375, No. 1-Derek L. Green to John Kemper Meiners III, $565,000.

Constitution Ave., 321-Edward P. and Kaitlin B. Baptiste to Benjamin Robins and Sharamaine Heng, $1.52 million.

Duncan Pl., 1225-Halie Henderson to Justin Rodanete, $700,000.

F St., 639-Nancy Gist to David Rokeach and Meaghan Gibbons, $881,000.

Fort Lincoln Dr., 3710-Elena Zassypkina to Arpan Patel, $555,000.

Gallatin St., 615-A & M. Homebuyers Inc. to Phyllis R. Owens, $549,900.

Isherwood St., 1523-Wendy Ann and Eric Vincent Sibley to Donald Carey Clinton Jr. and Christin L. McConnell, $726,000.

Kendall St., 1835-Harry Bodek to Thien-Kin Le, $555,000.

L St., 636-Owen W. and Sohyoung Choo Ward to Michael Gentile and Kara Fujita, $1 million.

Maryland Ave., 806, No. 11-Marc and Lori Schneider to Timothy and Carolyn Swope, $409,000.

Nicholson St., 218-Raptor Homes Corp. to Sheila M. De Castro, $525,000.

Perry St., 1245-Zoe A. Bennington to Andrew J. Tabler, $796,000.

Quarles St., 4810, No. 405-U.S. Bank to Ty Boyd, $125,000.

Regent Pl., 518-Leavar B. and Rachelle Holmes Perkins to Paul M. Mercado and Erin E. Stieber, $817,900.

Sheridan St., 35-Henlak 2 Corp. to Abel Jembere, $318,862.

Second St., 1831, No. 408-Steven A. Jenkins to Katherine Megan Segarra, $295,000.

Sixth Pl., 4606-Gaeway Real Estate Corp. to Adepero Temilade Oladeinde, $621,005.

Seventh St., 5144-Radian Guaranty Inc. to Enobong Usanga, $425,000.

10th St., 3122-Ocean Holdings Corp. to Marissa K. McInnis and Ariel S. Laguilles, $765,000.

12th St., 813-Sara Fowler to Frank E. Sellin, $579,000.

13th Pl., 5003-Samuel D. and Paul A. Jordan to Jamaal A. and Mara Jordan, $380,000.

14th St., 9-Mary Ann Bloodworth to Nicholas Wall and Kevin Reilly, $370,000.

18th St., 312-Willco Properties Corp. to Jason and Savannah Burgoyne, $799,950.

18th St., 2320-Douglas A. Rustan to Kerishe Allen, $437,759.

25th Pl., 559-Estate of Viola S. Crooks and Homer Crooks to Todd Grabowsky and Rebecca Harlan, $600,000.

44th St., 922-Center Point Properties Corp. to Deburr Martin and Rickey Lee Polk Jr., $485,500.

49th St., 214-Estate of John J. Robinson Jr. and Betty A. Greer to Francis K. Muya, $345,500.

60th St., 502-Lucrative Creative Investment Organization to Dorothy Nkem, $340,000.


Albemarle St., 4101, No. 314-Ian Joblin to Michael and Sandra Clarke, $419,000.

Allison St., 832-Ariataylor Corp. to Richie Khanh Phi Nguyen and Anne Chiang, $675,000.

Ashmead Pl., 2310, No. 102-Danielle M. Conway to Corey S. and Chelsea A. Albright, $315,000.

Benton St., 3825-Emily Waldron Strait to Alexander Brown and Erin Boyle Hermance, $1.36 million.

Broad Branch Rd., 6006-Catherine Anne Trombley and James R. Peavy to Norman Goree Kittrell V. and Kathryn Kelly Musica, $900,000.

Butterworth Pl., 4917-Gary D. and Stefanie A. Lescallett to Justin A. Jones and Tara A. Cozzarelli, $785,000.

California St., 2145, No. 203-Mary A. Terzian to John E. Childe, $305,000.

Capitol St. N., 5030-Loretta L. Lumpkin to Megan Ann Conlan and Christopher Ryan Donnelly, $515,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4320-Harry William and Virginia G. Alter to Brendan and Elizabeth Walsh, $1.8 million.

Chesapeake St., 4504-Marco Livio Cerletti and Maria Agustina Giraudy to John Adler, $1.1 million.

Columbia Rd., 781-Step Corp. to Eric H. Nguyen, $699,500.

Connecticut Ave., 2660, No. 5F-Nash Wardman Tower Residential Corp. to Kenneth L. and Susan Abrams, $3.43 million.

Connecticut Ave., 3701, No. 518-Estate of Robert Alan Johnson and Valerie J. Caracelli to Ala Awadallah, $240,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4600, No. 904-Estate of Pauline D. Powell and Hale Powell to Cristian J. Loza, $299,000.

Davenport St., 2936-Dolores B. Landry to Mark E. Luther, $950,000.

Delafield Pl., 1317-Nicolas O. Lizop to Jason A. and Candace A. Koman, $937,499.

Euclid St., 1439, No. 103-Matthew L. Pearce to Douglas Eifert, $399,999.

Floral St., 1208-John A. Seeley to Shannon H. and Paul A. Kopplin, $895,000.

Foxhall Rd., 1427-John H. Silson and Laura R. Kolar to Mark C. Markowski and Megan Michiels, $815,000.

Garrison St., 3925-David Dempsey and Sarah Albertson to Jared T. Bebee and Paula A. Neira Mendoza, $1.24 million.

Gresham Pl., 731-Claretta E. Percy and Phillip D. Dunn to Robert K. Carey, $602,123.

Hamilton St., 906-Ramon Ernesto Ruiz and Nimia Haydee Vanegas to Alba Haydee Ruiz Mendez, $565,000.

Harvard St., 1420, No. 205-Steven Michael Sushner and Adam Kirschenbaum to John E. Ross and Thomas P. Spier, $390,000.

Hobart Pl., 522-Christian J. Walker to James Arthur Hulbert and Andrew Scott Werner, $640,000.

Jefferson St., 700, No. 306-Luis Reyes to Matthew Paul Hallahan, $328,000.

Kalorama Rd., 1850, No. C-Adrian Sander and Shawn Christopher Kyzer to Kyle L. Ritter, $546,000.

Klingle St., 4351-Mary G. McGrath to Stephen Jens and Colleen Gorove Dreyhaupt, $1.6 million.

Lamont St., 1830, No. 2-David Nicholson and Rena Greifinger to Noora Arfaa, $699,000.

Livingston St., 3706-Albert R. Marshall and Christine Nickerson to Sarah McNamer and Timothy Noah, $1.25 million.

M St., 910, No. 1005-Oleg and Boris Meyerson to Olivia Oriani, $550,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 5360-Taylor Kettler to Kimberly K. Cox and Robert I. Colbert, $1.55 million.

Macomb St., 3461-David Kirstein and Charlotte Kuenen to Lori H. Bettinger and Jeffrey K. Francer, $2.35 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 802-Reza S. Firuzabadi and Leili Makki to Florence Christine Graham, $329,506.

Massachusetts Ave., 2332-Estate of Lois Dickson Rice and Susan E. Rice to Kathleen D. Ryan, $2.35 million.

Military Rd., 3361-Alfred F. Motta to Ricardo Uwe and Sally Osborne Bruch Sorensen, $966,000.

Missouri Ave., 1322, No. 101-Bridget McLennon to Mengming Liu, $295,000.

N St., 1207, No. E-Sharon P. McKee to Brandon Scott Thompson and Adonis De Carvalho Borges, $520,300.

Nebraska Ave., 2324-Christopher D. and Elizabeth F. Forte to Kennett and Daniele Marshall, $1.22 million.

New Hampshire Ave., 700-Wendy Margaret Gabriel to David Hale, $775,000.

New York Ave., 437, No. 424-Paul Michael Casas to David Ott, $490,000.

Newton St., 1823, No. 105-Sarah K. Scarcelli to Jorge Delgado and Todd A. Bostick, $475,000.

Oak St., 1409-Christian Lucier and Celia Figlewski Hicks to Alexandre Gapihan and Anne Bidgood, $850,000.

Ontario Rd., 3025-Kevin Ross Degood and Lucy Elizabeth Melvin to Michael F. and Marisa Lynn Klein, $485,000.

P St., 1718, No. L10-Dominick W. Carter to Justin W. Sprague, $279,000.

P St., 3301-Tambo Holdings Corp. to Jason Cunningham and Ashley Powers, $1.25 million.

Park Rd., 525, No. 101-Park View Condominium Ventures Corp. to Peter Richards Herman, $510,000.

Park Rd., 1309, No. 1-Howard N. Bierman to Brooke T. Bernold, $412,000.

Patterson St., 3506-Thomas R. Andrews and Amanda J. Deaver to Joshua P. Rising and Isabelle Von Kohorn, $1.65 million.

Porter St., 3001-Inga Feldi to Hannah Elizabeth Upchurch, $310,000.

Redwood Terr., 1762-Nantucket Holdings LTD to Carlos Jackson and Ricia Weiner, $1.25 million.

Rhode Island Ave., 605, No. 2-Tonia G. and Mark L. Cleland to Mario Amaya-Lainez, $585,000.

Riggs St., 1318-Donald Kenneth King and David Winfield McDonald to Christine R. Rake, $1.5 million.

S St., 1632, No. 2-Lisa Robin to Franklin Carrero-Martinez, $644,000.

Sandy Spring Rd., 6827-Paul M. Pietsch and Ambria B. Archibald to Edward J. Ameen and Julian Forth, $500,000.

Sheridan St., 602-Sebastian and Randie Sutherland to Anlon L. and Meelenthree Panzarella, $689,000.

Spring Rd., 1331-Patrick T.P. and Melissa Chiappetta to Talya Wyzanski and Faird Bosak-Barani, $1.18 million.

T St., 517-Lois Ann Wiley and Isaiah Frank Benjamin to Christopher B. Adams, $1.75 million.

T St., 1519-Gerard B. and Kelly Gammon White to Timothy and Lynn Kinni, $1.68 million.

Tunlaw Rd., 3901, No. 301-Adam Bamberger to Allison Rizzetta, $250,000.

University Pl., 2550, No. 3-Narendra K. Battina and Andrew Carter to Hilary A. Halpern, $690,000.

V St., 1343-Grey Gardner to Enrique Ruiz Zepeda and Julie Arsenault, $928,000.

Van Ness St., 4325-John H. and Brenda Norris to Christopher D. and Nicola Kenny, $1.23 million.

Vermont Ave., 1239, No. 106-Denise DeSouza to Ryan Morrow Gamso and Mariela Medina Castellanos, $384,500.

W St., 4100, No. 206-Kenneth James and Loren Lee Capezzuto Brewi to Imran M. and Masuda Khan, $360,000.

Warren St., 4700-David A. Balton and Jane Bowyer Stewart to Kendall E. and Michael B. Heath, $1.31 million.

Westover Pl., 4454-Kyle Pitsor and Angel Padilla to Arturo Javier Pita Gussoni and Ana Ines Rodriguez Larreta, $1.09 million.

Windom Pl., 4640-Jody N. Hefner and Katherine Q. Philla to Kevin J. and Karen Thomas, $1.16 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 3100, No. 201-Ursula D. Cholewa to Krystle Anne Taylor, $229,900.

Wyoming Ave., 1901-L. Wayne Connell to Andrew and Carol Milstein, $1.57 million.

Third St., 5125-Magdalena Gross and Gaelen S. Smith to Abigail Haddad and Gregory Engel, $702,000.

Fourth St., 4100-Michele Jean Anderson to Ashley Teal Baker, $760,000.

Fifth St., 6222-Steven Andersen Saari to Racheda Boukezia, $585,000.

Seventh St., 4907-Monica Palacio to Timothy Patrick Singer and Vieshnavi Narayan Rattehalli, $650,000.

10th St., 1117, No. 503-Tove Langfred to Payum S. Milaninia and Melissa Raggi, $590,000.

10th St., 3615, No. PH-B-Reyes Services Corp. to Nikila Dasarathy and Zachery S. Lampell, $758,000.

11th St., 2004, No. 240-Teir A. Jenkins to Kyle Coven, $399,000.

12th St., 1939, No. 403-Daniel Francis Huck to Ashley Szofer, $538,000.

13th St., 1224, No. 302-Joseph C. Chase to Ying Jiang, $615,000.

13th St., 3004, No. 2-James and Lihwa Christensen to Benjamin F. Costley and Roger Mahon, $800,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 813-Robert Keast and Lee Christopher to Camilo F. Garcia and Cynthia F. Chance, $975,000.

16th St., 1701-Melissa M. and James W. Roberts to Ming-Jung Ho, $485,000.

17th St., 1401, No. 406-Alvin I. and Sara L. Rosenblum to Mary Braden, $660,000.

17th St., 1916, No. 507-Constance C. Lai to Brian E. Dittmeier, $440,000.

18th St., 1545, No. 201-Patrick William Ferrise to Shanna M. Rucker, $305,000.

19th St., 1814-Galib N. Mammad to Michael Goldman, $2.5 million.

20th St., 2220-Ernest and Helen Nagy to Nicholas Alan Sadoski and Emily Anna Gunston, $407,000.

21st St., 1260, No. 1012-Mary C. Kaboski to Michael Weaver and Gayle Harrison Johnson, $379,900.

23rd St., 1140, No. 807-Gayane Chichakyan to Bradford Neal and Stephanie Tisdel Creswell, $419,900.

25th St., 940-Otto Ignacio Mora Acuna to Avital Lev, $370,000.

27th St., 1333-Susan A. and Joseph A. Ebersole to Jonathan L. Yoo, $1.15 million.

29th St., 6217-Lawrence and Susan R. Thau to Yoshio and Noriko Miyagawa, $1.45 million.

32nd St., 1525-Michael J. Murphy to Saranjit S. and Punita Bhatia, $3.6 million.

38th St., 3617, No. 302-Tiernan J. Dickens to Gregory Raymond Boyd and Katharine Susan Gibson, $438,000.

39th St., 2505-Constantinos Odysseas and Jodi Helen Michael to Dorothy Rita Nederman and Joseph William Hildebrandt, $1.08 million.

39th St., 3721, No. B194-Sean T. and Allison M. Bresnahan to Anna Kristina K. Svensson, $660,000.


Bass Pl., 5225-James Whitehead to Samantha D. Rapoza, $370,260.

C St., 1104-Angela J. Kinney to Catherine Ann and Fernando Maldonado, $838,200.

C St., 5127-Choice Ace Investment Corp. to Nicole J. Jasper, $270,000.

Chaplin St., 4346-Willco Properties Corp. to Terrence Taylor Bunton and Demarcus Jay Kinkle, $424,000.

Douglass Rd., 2609, No. 401-Phyllis A. Covington to Kristen B. Jackson and Andre L. Faulkner, $309,000.

Kentucky Ave., 310-Julio Henriquez to Shreeshant Prabhakaran and Meena Srivastava, $940,500.

Mellon St., 417-Gregory Maison to Oluwatosin O. Kasali, $450,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1500, No. 410-Goldstar 1500 Penn Corp. to Jared Seth Blackburn, $461,500.

Savannah Pl., 1900-Equity Trust Co. to Alexandra M. Porter and Juuso V. Laitinen, $370,000.

Southern Ave., 2418-Hafiz Corp. to Deidra Precia, $348,000.

U St., 3601-George M. and Eddy Faye Norfleet to Cassandra Barnes, $537,000.

Ninth St., 3870, No. 101-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Shannon L. Taylor, $61,000.

14th St., 342-John C. and Li Hou Newton to Jason Ronald Popovic and Isabelle Heath Isakson, $897,000.

15th St., 943-Jaime Robles and Jose Velasquez to Stuart and Kathleen Rooney Thomson, $685,000.

18th Pl., 2429-Walter L. and Shirley A. Johnson to Marcia A. Baird Burris, $250,000.


M St., 240, No. E200-Rachel Reilly and James Carroll to Sheila M. and Raymond E. Utz, $449,900.

N St., 455, No. 3-Richard Franklin to Nadine L. and Daniel P. Camp, $862,500.

First St., 4723, No. 101-U.S. Bank and the RMAC Trust Series to Donnica Scates, $52,000.

Sixth St., 714-Estate of Elsbeth G. Bergman and Andrea Eve Korican to Marcelo Henrique Varela Donelli and Isabela Hernandez Araque, $880,000.