District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Abbey Pl., 1155-Matthew Volz to Aaron Fagan and Kara McGrath, $960,000.

Apple Rd., 3151, No. 5-Federal National Mortgage Association to James Menard Christian Jr., $262,500.

Benning Rd., 1802-Christopher N. Brown to Genet Mersha, $530,000.

C St., 1121-Timothy Barley to Afshin Gharachedaghi and Morvarid Moayeri, $978,500.

Chillum Pl., 5249-Argco Ventures Corp. to Michael Ryan Clough and Amanda Forsythe, $580,000.

Clay St., 4617-Thomas W. Clark to Chanel Mason, $370,000.

D St., 1518-John L. and Robin Cash to Edward J. Burke and Cassidy A. McNamara, $673,000.

F St., 1387-Edward B. Marks to Michael Sijie Weng and Alison Elizabeth Hard, $793,075.

Franklin St., 2838-Steven L. Cruse to Travis W. Smith and Frances E. Carden, $742,000.

Hansberry Ct., 3627-Chimera N. and Gregory C. Thompson to Sarah Roque, $580,000.

Jefferson St., 422-Estate of Vivian M. Minor and Maxine Headspeth to Prasanna Pathmanathan and Christine Clough, $467,500.

K St., 403-Sandesh Devegowda and Regena Rader to Jane T. Chew, $1.23 million.

Maryland Ave., 624, No. 5-Imperial Investments Corp. to Patricia K. and Craig W. Hammerberg, $493,220.

Massachusetts Ave., 813-Three Meils Corp. to Colleen T. and Dylan G. Brown, $1.55 million.

Monroe St., 1620-Estate of Jacqueline Marie Boone and Joann Robinson to Alisa Davis, $325,000.

Mount Olivet Rd., 960-Adam and Eleni Lobene to Malik Kamanzi, $565,000.

Orleans Pl., 622-Estate of Fannie P. Jackson and Thomas S. Jackson to Lucas William Swanepoel and Praveen Shobna Prasad, $625,000.

Quincy St., 901, No. 1-Ariel Bright and Tanique Carter to Ifedayo Bamikole, $409,000.

Trinidad Ave., 1215-FFC Properties Corp. to Farshid Sepassi and Amina D. Michael, $530,000.

Warren St., 232-Chit Christina Hsu to Tanya Aly and Antonio Martin-Macho Sanchez De Rojas, $609,685.

Fourth St., 622-Steven A. and Christina M. Strazzella to Fayezul Haque and Yasmin Momin Choudhury, $960,000.

Eighth St., 935-Charles R. Ford to William C. Lindahl, $495,000.

10th St., 311-Shaunas Steele and Benjamin L. Powell to Thomas F. Sheeran and Theresa A. Harrison, $1.18 million.

17th Pl., 319-Gabriel D. Elsner and Elizabeth S. Heavener to Jillian and Daniel Cullinane, $710,000.

18th St., 3703-Rodney G. Hawkins to John S. and Vinnie L. Best, $600,000.

42nd St., 501-Charleta P. Duckett to Solomon A. Chandler, $355,000.


Albemarle St., 4101, No. 435-Bertram Providence to Bryan Cantio, $399,999.

Allison St., 1707-Dona M. and Madeleine W. Coleman to David M. and Mindy L. Feinberg, $1.2 million.

Belmont St., 1600, No. C-Robert K. Gould and Jennifer E. Chung to John and Anne Shea, $750,000.

Brandywine St., 4811-James M. and Christine S. Kernan to Constance P. Lee and Justin M. Fisher, $995,000.

California St., 2138, No. 100-Tiffany A. Bacon Scourby to Caroline C. Stonecipher, $310,000.

Calvert St., 1810, No. 5-Matthew Accornero and Natalie M. Adams to Olivia Ann Nutter, $555,000.

Caroline St., 1523-Christopher R. Kavanaugh and Jasmine Hyejung Yoon to Stewart Hill Ackerly and Neha Kumar, $937,500.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 1009E-Remi J. and Miguel D. Browne to Hala Farid, $255,000.

Church St., 1527, No. A-Robert D. Goodrich to Derek Michael Horstmeyer and Lisa Hodges, $550,000.

Columbia Rd., 1669-Steven Michael Sushne and Adam Kirschenbaum to Nora Ava Olgyay, $255,000.

Connecticut Ave., 2801, No. 12-Meghan D. Harvey to Kate A. Sobel and Robert A. Long, $485,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3883, No. 316-Amir C. Gohari to Robin Heslip, $412,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5112-Kelsey A. and Steven A. Bagot to Sara E. Leighton, $235,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5410, No. 916-Stanislas C. and Marina V. Parmentier to Susan Lee Shillinglaw, $305,000.

Davis Pl., 3925, No. 202-Laura Bernstein to Andrew Smith and Anna P. Loughran, $300,000.

Dunmore Lane, 2166-Stan S. Sroka and John Paul Kammeier to Marc E. Lippman and Nanette Hahr Bishopric, $4.83 million.

E St., 915, No. 911-Bandar Hakim and Ola Alsobaie to Marissa S. and Michael D. Womble, $445,000.

Euclid St., 1439, No. 104-Armond Bisignani to Jonathan Martin Rubongoya, $207,000.

Floral St., 1207-Roy L. Wilhelm and Mary Alyssa Arute to Corey J. and Marquisha E. Powell, $775,600.

Florida Ave., 1825, No. 10-Patricia Andrade Cunha to Anais Diana Stephanie Furia, $329,000.

Georgia Ave., 4527, No. 2-Ewora Corp. to Sean S. Kim, $765,000.

H St., 2401, No. 612-Michael Miao to Wei Bai, $315,000.

Harvard St., 764-Daniel E. Swain to Jason Samuel Rathod and Sheetal Govardhan Patel, $830,000.

Harvard St., 1665-Timothy and Charlotte Lawrence to Colin Shepard and Carolyn M. Greene, $1.3 million.

I St., 920, No. 616-Pietro Disciascio to Todd W. and Jenny C. Beauchamp, $960,000.

Ingraham St., 1322-Analisa R. Bala and Ross S. Herbert to Jonathan L. and Bethany O. Banks, $857,750.

Ivy Terrace Ct., 3923-Shahriar Sedghi to Gregory Muhlner, $1.5 million.

K St., 1150, No. 610-Ryan E. and Michael W. Alvis to Luis Enrique Lucero and Maria Isabel Urdaniz, $589,000.

Kalorama Rd., 1863, No. 2A-Richard Fishel Jr. to Bradley Jason Sease and Catherine Elmira Ives, $445,000.

Kennedy St., 528, No. 201-Ril Estates Corp. to Cortania Wright, $113,600.

Kenyon St., 1390, No. 607-Monte and Claire Montgomery to Jeffrey T. Lodermeier, $673,000.

L St., 1101, No. 107-Melissa Kathryn Edeburn to Jonathan Robert Mangual, $358,570.

Lamont St., 1038, No. 3B-Jason Cohen and Debbie Gelernter to Scott W. Nemeth, $340,000.

Longfellow St., 604, No. 302-Kalia R. Patricio to Isabel Louise Jarrett, $325,000.

Luray Pl., 432-Edwin and Sarah Walker to Yaco Mattie and Jared Press, $766,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 4491, No. 301-Sophia Lynn to Sasha K. McNair, $285,000.

Macomb St., 3426-Barbara Munday to Joshua D. Yager and Sarah Holewinski, $1.39 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 1301-Thomas F. Sheeran to Kirsten Rose Dedrickson and Jason David Reinecke, $540,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1314, No. 802-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mahmood Reza Zomorrodian, $289,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 4631-Estate of Nazha A. Hamarneh and Faris Hamarneh to Jon E. and Julie Mitchiner, $1.23 million.

Missouri Ave., 1322, No. 404-Richard T. Benson to Victoria S. Vilodas and Adam C. Pardo, $385,500.

N St., 1420, No. 714-Timothy B. Davis to David A. Macaruso, $276,000.

N St., 3100, No. 1-Jacqueline Raff Deluca to Lindsay McManus, $492,500.

New Hampshire Ave., 1735, No. 405-Benja Suwankosai to Richard Stirba and Leanna Marr, $382,000.

New Jersey Ave., 1548-D.C. Properties Group Corp. to Lawrence Taylor and Emily Dorward, $745,000.

Newton Pl., 739, No. 102-Oscar A. Alvarez to Joseph H. Marks, $315,000.

Park Rd., 1867, No. 1-Matcap Corp. to Michael L. Bostrom, $619,000.

Porter St., 2902, No. 31-Helen-Mary B. McGovern to Shenghui Feng, $430,000.

Q St., 3010-Brian E. and Sara R. Macauley to Alexandra Attkisson Petri and Stephen Winder Stromberg, $1.79 million.

R St., 1401, No. 207-Christian S. Miller to Michael C. Blanford, $574,900.

Sedgwick St., 4814-Christopher M. Giordano and estate of Orfa A. Giordano to Eric Frank Schneider and Catherine Humphries, $1.65 million.

Sherier Pl., 5315-Thomas Esteban and Ana Lajmanovich Gergely to Sara E. and Jeremy M. Ebie, $1.05 million.

Stuyvesant Pl., 3323-Andrew P. and Linda Goldstein Loewinger to Corbin and Margaret Deboer, $1.55 million.

T St., 1825, No. 702-Michael Marriott and Juan O. Sanchez to Ella J. Kim and Steven C. Song, $425,900.

Tilden St., 3016-Vincent Lionel and Sheerin F. Vesin to Carole Buncher, $650,000.

Tunlaw Rd., 4000, No. 905-Mary Elizabeth Polley to Pamela Rose Phelps, $286,000.

Utah Ave., 6355-Damara L. and Kevin A. Chambers to John Christopher Auresto, $1.05 million.

Virginia Ave., 2700-Arvind Nadathur Ramanujam and Jayita Chatterjee to Ard Kessels and Devin Chail, $565,000.

W St., 3822-Damien J. and Elizabeth C. Doyle to Gabriel Wing Hei Mak and Joshua Earnest Whyte, $899,000.

Washington Cir., 3, No. 703-Bradford A. Jewett to Eric and Susan Aledort, $427,500.

Whitehaven Pkwy., 3616-Ingrid A. Van Weenen to William G. and Patricia M. Schaub, $1.11 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 1626, No. R-1-D. Matthew Vorobek and estate of D. Matthew Voorhees to Michael Louis Sulmeyer, $2.5 million.

Wyoming Ave., 1901-Benjamin Palmer Thrutchley to John T. Harmon, $333,500.

Second St., 1805-Roee Ruttenberg and Adiel Kiviti to Mark W. Brennan and Stephen P. Benedicto, $1.4 million.

Third St., 1549-Aaditya J. Shah to Zachary M. Nalbone and Justin Edward Fanok, $790,000.

Fourth St., 5409-Kannon Realtors Inc. to Stefan Robert and Devon R. Whitney, $725,000.

Sixth St., 1619-Jonathan Morse to William L. Claiborn and Berta Finkelstein, $1.19 million.

Seventh St., 777, No. 719-Lydia Liu to Arica Demarcus-Dadjou, $505,000.

Eighth St., 6427-Turnkey Solutions Inc. to Yokota Strong, $635,000.

10th St., 1117, No. 309-Abby L. Berger to Alyssa G. and Bruce R. Hutchinson, $470,580.

12th St., 2020, No. 511-Patrick J. and Kimberly Browne to Johannes Mueller and Timothy D. Beacom, $695,000.

13th St., 1211, No. 504-Richard A. Rose to Christopher and Elyse Phelps, $525,000.

13th St., 1828, No. 1-Adam S. Greenberg to Abbe Leigh Horswill, $420,425.

13th St., 3500, No. 507-Jonathan Rogers to Jesse Randall Rines, $355,000.

14th St., 1133, No. 708-Adriano Amato to Colin James McCarthy, $680,000.

15th St., 1822, No. 106-Douglas W. Eifert to Benjamin Paul and Sally Cohen Haskell, $301,000.

16th St., 1832, No. 2-Matcap Corp. to Joseph K. Hooper and Robert Reynolds Jones, $1.19 million.

16th St., 5700-Mitchell G. Dedert to Christopher Nolan and Johanna Kao, $1.45 million.

17th St., 2514, No. 1-Russell K. Paris to Michael P. Preston and Caroline M. Garber, $610,000.

18th St., 1601, No. 516-Michael and Kuralai Kunz to Stephen E. and James S. Landberg, $399,000.

19th St., 2100-Julie Anne Seiwell to Pablo Pardo, $430,555.

21st St., 1415, No. 2A-Andrew Vincent Shields and John Henry Catron Barron III to Holly C. Shelton, $895,000.

23rd St., 1829-Marshall and Barbara M. Meyers to Ellen Bennett, $2 million.

25th St., 1111, No. 507-Michael Robinett and Sheikha Kapoor to Louis A. Fedele and Anna M. Rupsa, $590,000.

31st St., 1045, No. 305-CRFL V. Corp. to Sergi Lanau Grau, $1.03 million.

33rd St., 6005-Norman Christopher Hardee and Heather Ann Wydra to Dieter S. Fenkart-Froeschl and Sarah Malka, $1.52 million.

34th St., 5109-William and Jennifer Frank to Matthew S. and Sarah R. Krauss, $1.31 million.

39th Pl., 2230-Daniel S. and Andrea L. Murray to Monica Kelly Chinn and Alexander Davis, $950,000.

39th St., 3540, No. D646-Mary E. Manfreda to Alexander James and Trang Pham Dunoye, $473,000.

46th St., 4901-Julie Marna Pulerwitz and Silvio Waisbord to John Phan McElwaine and Susan Lin Hanson, $1.2 million.


Alabama Ave., 1877-Estate of Patricia R. Slaughter and Brett E. Cohen to Meseker Belachew, $208,000.

Bruce Pl., 1829-Melanie L. Byrd to Angel Ughiovhe, $360,000.

Call Pl., 5202-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Bcat 2015-13att to Temeika L. Scott, $385,750.

Carolina Ave. S., 1008-David N. Jackson and Jo Ann Jackson-Piper to Vinente Gonzalez, $1.07 million.

Hanna Pl., 5045-Bolanle Ogunmakin to Edberg Villard, $450,000.

Independence Ave., 1121-Robert Marc and Judith Hochhauser Schneider to Colin Sonnier and Marissa Liebling, $963,500.

M St., 2940-Alex and Mary Weldon Lovely to Sara Callahan, $326,500.

O St., 2902-Duane Mitchell to Derrick H. Tucker, $359,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1020, No. 203-Anne Sara Bradley to Ann D. Cowden, $780,000.

Potomac Ave., 1500-Estate of Paul Pascal and Brenda K. Pascal to Giannina Lynn and David Eric Anderson, $550,000.

Shannon Pl., 2314-Michael Samuel Civay to Radwan Hurreh, $415,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 420-Woodcrest Condominium III Corp. to Stanley Joseph Allen II, $449,900.

Fifth St., 9-Paul R. and Kelly White Sherman to Christopher Hardy Calvert and Riana Meral Terney, $1.7 million.

Ninth St., 708-Karl Erik Haakan and Stephanie Taylor Horne Plith to Susan M. Pelletier and Ephraim Alexander McDowell, $1.03 million.

11th St., 239-Joseph R. Britton and Katharine L. Ehly to Shelby Hunt and Brad Snyder, $1.29 million.

15th St., 19-Michael F. and Diana Alquero Staples to Eric Richard and Sarah Schleck Riedel, $1.34 million.

16th St., 331-Tara and Stephen Bunch to Jessica Joan Buechler, $725,000.

25th St., 1712-Laura J. Cooper and Bryan J. Blakemore to Randi Moore and Kevin James Bailey, $715,000.

46th St., 1207-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Ayesha Naimah and Sabreen Naimah Balton, $605,000.


Capitol Square Pl., 801-Clear Sky Properties Corp. to Xuan D. Mai, $920,000.

Elmira St., 85-Leonard and Rosa J. Ledbetter to Torrey Mack, $255,000.

Sutton Sq., 45, No. 1103-Wharf4b Condo Owner Corp. to Margaret A. Turk and Robert J. Weber, $1.49 million.

Fourth St., 1250, No. W206-Estate of Dolores T. Kendrick and Robert E. Kendrick IV to Susan Xiu Kong, $290,000.