District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue in August 2018 were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Berry Rd., 3160, No. 26-Christina G. Muhammad to Kiarra Sandoval, $245,000.

C St., 1303-Claudia T. Long and Karl T. Jackson to Hong Zheng and Huazhen Chen, $630,000.

D St., 1839, No. 4-Emax Renovations Corp. to Jeegar and Twinkle Patel, $566,000.

Gales St., 1625-Charles J. and Shannon M. Wheeler to Magee McIlvanie and Stacey Lobatos, $674,900.

H St., 1809-Johnathan Edmund to Jessica Sanders and Edward A. Cupaioli, $550,000.

Hawaii Ave., 24-EH1002 Corp. to Christopher Jimenez, $539,900.

Hurston Lane, 2506, No. 8-Ashley A. Jones to India Tahera Hudson, $385,000.

Isherwood St., 1609, No. 1-Chiemeka Okoronkwo to Catherine Pugh, $315,000.

Jefferson St., 624-Estate of Regina R. Rutledge and Amadou Barry to Yuli Tan, $521,500.

K St., 909-Saliha Loucil to Matthew Wright and Stephanie Dock, $899,909.

Lang Pl., 1756-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Ashia and Willie James Flowers, $618,750.

Maryland Ave., 1125, No. 6-Sophia Alexis Hurrell to Jonathan L. Olsen, $284,000.

Montello Ave., 1301-Brandon and Caroline Daly Wozniak to Aaron K. Knowlson and Thomas Wade, $693,000.

Perry St., 2008-Ryan Katora to Jamie G. Biglow and Ross S. White, $620,000.

Quincy St., 1222-Brian Stokes to Cheryl Ann Healy and Michael Hadgu Azmera, $975,000.

Shepherd St., 1341-Kilmurry Properties Corp. to Julia Lee Cardwell Duncan and John McDonough, $870,000.

Trinidad Ave., 1219-DLER Corp. to Christina Dhungana and Prasanna Pokhrel, $871,000.

Webster St., 124-Shiva Mohan to Mohamed Y. and Shahidah Abdullahi, $425,000.

Fourth St., 2115-Earl Wilbanks and Danielle D. Rice to Philip D. Cofer, $800,000.

Sixth St., 4717-HSBC Bank USA and GSAA Home Equity Trust to Omid Nazemian, $387,000.

11th St., 332-David E. Wade and Elizabeth E. Alexander to Matthew Willson and Adi Zolotov, $780,000.

15th St., 336, No. 2-Integrity Investments Group Corp. to Nina Dang, $825,000.

17th Pl., 338-Andrew B. and Kathleen Judge Mitchell to Joshua Dale and Alexandria Amos Smith, $730,000.

19th St., 315-Alex J. Marine to Patrick and Kelly Quinn Halpin, $649,000.

31st Pl., 2801-June J. Whitfield to Allen Zapata and Wilhelmina Velasquez, $185,000.

59th St., 516-Bellux Investment Inc. to Beza E. Ayalew, $399,999.


Albemarle St., 4101, No. 616-KSC Select Holdings Corp. to Dina Sobhan and Zafar Ahmed, $448,000.

Argyle Terr., 4616-Lisa Katherine Rushton and Charles Manuel Pereira to Emily Wang and Keith Richard Murphy, $1.77 million.

Butternut St., 422, No. 201-Jennifer L. Bindeman to Daniel Morris Rosenthal and Roxanna Darlene Vigil, $458,000.

California St., 2138, No. 508-Jennifer Brooke Stolp to James Clinton Ansberry, $453,000.

Calvert St., 1945, No. A-Wei-Jen Leow to Nora Bennett Lebow, $450,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 1109E-Mad Development Corp. to Deborah Kay Brownlee, $353,650.

Champlain St., 2298, No. B-Elizabeth Anne Hetzler and Nancy Arnold Steadman to Sarah Suzanne Sprinkle and Aaron Michael Hayman, $735,000.

Chestnut St., 7112-Abena Apau Buckley to Jeffrey W. Kearns and Jessica A. Meyers, $945,000.

Columbia Rd., 409-Estate of Raymond Wise Jr. and Kimberly Fahrenholz to Patrick Francis O’Malley and Kate Erin Gracia, $493,000.

Columbia Rd., 1851, No. 307-Wael N. Alzayat to William B. Adams, $385,000.

Connecticut Ave., 2801, No. 16-Stephanie Ann Jacobson and Tammy Lee Landon to Serra Karacam, $540,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4444, No. 607-Robert D. Goodrich to Burt Gilbert Lopez and Sara Estel Benitez, $350,000.

Corcoran St., 1406, No. B-Petra S. Starke to Matthew N. Giamalis and Georgia A. Anas, $730,000.

Davis Pl., 4009, No. 301-Scott R. Winship to Katya Dimitrova Popova and Robert Moore Russell, $577,500.

E St., 616, No. 647-Estate of Miguel Javier Toruno and Patricia Eske to Ryan De Haas, $665,000.

E St., 915, No. 1213-Emily C. Smith to Madhuri R. Patel, $581,000.

Euclid St., 1441, No. 105-Peter Bell to Molly P. Ellison, $202,000.

Florida Ave., 519, No. 1-Maryam Z. Dadabhoy to Nicholas Saylor, $330,000.

Foxview Cir., 1943-Foxhall Holdings Corp. to Robert Lewis and Sara Adler, $3.53 million.

Georgia Ave., 4707-Sonia C. Wilcox to Jeremy Muenz and Andrea Weixel Surette, $559,999.

Hamilton St., 741-Luis and Sonia Alvarado to Grace E. Rodden, $525,000.

Harvard St., 1420, No. 306-Thomas Reed to Julie T. Perng, $402,000.

Hobart Pl., 520-Christian J. Walker to Noah Frank and Micah Backus, $635,000.

Illinois Ave., 5020-Alejandro Luis Martinez to Michael Andreas and Carina Louise Lewis Hornsby, $817,000.

Jefferson St., 601-Jason H. and Karen J. Restad to Christopher Maitland Geier and Raya Lee Yeida, $589,000.

Kalmia Rd., 1129-Rosario H. Paredes and Leopoldo A. Santiago to Olga Joanna Petryniak and Kassahun Wossene Eshetu, $785,000.

Kanawha St., 3817-Beth S. Stover and Cynthia J. Brandt to Susan Carrol Schorr and Jesse George Kreier, $1.48 million.

Kennedy St., 528, No. 202-Ril Estates Corp. to Halann and Ja’net Higa, $347,000.

Kilbourne Pl., 1762-Deborah L. Sines to Steven M. Abbott and Ann L. Hackett, $960,000.

L St., 2425, No. 218-Cathylynn P. and Anthony Mark Vintzileos to Kabir Singh and Gurdeep Singh Chhabra, $615,000.

Lamont St., 1715, No. 1-Martin Corboy to Jane Y. Chung, $455,000.

M St., 442, No. 3-Adam Goers to Mindi E. Levitz, $809,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 4507-Samantha Taylor and Justin Michael Schneck to Emma K. and Brett W. Doyle, $1.24 million.

Manning Pl., 5114-Estate of Emily A. Stabler and Edward M. Stabler to Gregory and Cathryn M. Scheipers, $1.62 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 1010, No. 212-Helen Kyong Yi to Francine R. Harris, $399,900.

Massachusetts Ave., 1711, No. 815-Reginald L. Duvel to Francisco Emiliano Cravero, $315,000.

McKinley Pl., 2805-Urban Development Group Inc. to Eamon Edward Bobowski and Angela Joy Edinger, $1.03 million.

Morrison St., 3510-Susan Stamberg and estate of Louis Stamberg to Robert B. and Emma S. Boerum, $877,500.

Nebraska Ave., 5036-Sabine U. O’Hara to Jason and Patricia S. Kovacs, $975,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1816, No. 902-Benjamin K. Rinehart to John J. Grunert Jr., $446,000.

New Mexico Ave., 3101, No. 238-Miya Hisaka to Nancy Teresa Anzoategui, $470,000.

Newton St., 1417, No. 401-Michelle Arbeit to Miranda R. Berry, $367,000.

Oliver St., 3212-Lisa Hillenbrand to Anslie Stokes and William Alexander Milligan, $1.3 million.

Otis Pl., 812, No. 3-Judith S. Wu to Farida Wael Ahmed Kamal Aboulmagd, $352,500.

Park Rd., 525, No. 201-Park View Condominium Ventures Corp. to Johlize M. McNeil and Kendall B. Sutton, $519,900.

Park Rd., 2039-Robert B. Oelrichs and Scott Cowcher Jr. to Eric G. Lunstrum and Renata I. Lana, $1.43 million.

Porter St., 3007-Jill B. Zuckman to Michele Shannon, $1.29 million.

Q St., 304, No. 4-Patrick Thomas Paul Chiappetta to Alana Ling and Benjamin Robert Holt, $500,000.

Quincy St., 1205-Luis Manzano to Zachary Borrenpohl and Gregory Argurieo, $715,000.

R St., 1419-Robert William Pilkington and Peling Li to Dennis H. Cunningham, $699,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 5, No. T2-Emmett D. Dashiell Jr. to Kevin Shea, $345,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1322, No. 3-Chelsea D’Angona to Michael Showalter, $475,000.

Salem Lane, 4483-Jue Wang to Stephen T. and Alisa R. Cohen, $1.31 million.

Sherman Ave., 3318, No. 101-Frederick S. Yi to Zaria Ahmad Qadafi, $299,900.

Sutton Pl., 3231, No. C-Stephanie Vlahakos and Omer Esiner to Joseph R. Friedman and Stacey Dresher, $825,000.

Taylor St., 214-Amy M. Scarton to Keith Charles and Elissa Salk Castaldo, $730,000.

Tuckerman St., 718-Estate of Alice H. Brown and Dennis A. Brown to Edward A. Alvarez Sanchez and Jose Yanes, $437,000.

Tunlaw Rd., 4000, No. 928-Roberto G. Aiello to Laura K. Stuggins, $285,000.

V St., 1317-Benjamin S. and Rachel M. Engstrom to Manuela G. Goulden, $1.05 million.

Varnum St., 807, No. 5-Adam M. Waterreus to Shinji E. Homawoo, $336,275.

W Pl., 3538-Titus M. Johnson to William Clark and Emily F. Barrow, $950,000.

W St., 4100, No. 317-James Macindoe and Janelle Dunnington to Xareny Segura and Ryan T. Jackson, $277,000.

Willard St., 1725, No. 4-Tracye Clarke and John Jules Dalebroux to Sarah Morgenstern, $675,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 2800, No. 201-Sivasothy Poologasingham to Jose Humberto Bezerra, $195,000.

Second St., 1932-William R. and Veronica Byrnes to Pietro Claude Disciascio and Teresa Elizabeth Taylor, $1.05 million.

Third St., 6411-Anthony M. and Jean R. Guglielmo to Lucas Gibson Winter and Jennifer K. Dahlin, $750,000.

Fifth St., 1120-Eileen M. Lyons to John Thomas Byrnes III and Alexandra Maura Hezir, $1.46 million.

Fifth St., 5232-Zachary W. and Maria Underwood Davis to Jonathan and Renee Spencer, $565,000.

Sixth St., 6512-Nantucket Holdings LTD to Jamie Richard Towey and Daniel Anderson, $853,500.

Eighth St., 1806-Paula Gallagher and William J. Johnson to Anna Christ, $810,500.

10th St., 2125-Kevin Michael and Mary Lewis Murphy to Peter A. Epley and Kelley E. Smith, $760,000.

12th St., 1406-Robert D. Goodrich to Jonathan D. Morse, $1.74 million.

12th St., 2020, No. 604-Nitin Chadda to Jen McAndrew, $505,000.

13th St., 2535, No. 403-Roy Alexander Murray to Adrian Mangiuca, $437,000.

13th St., 3605-Renata Lana to Arthur and Laurel Berko, $960,000.

14th St., 1133, No. 911-Stacey Colescott to Rajkumar and Disha Sindhwad Venkatesan, $515,000.

15th St., 1822, No. B3-Thomas C. Batchelor to William Rolfe Shiflett, $200,000.

16th St., 2001, No. 505-Stephen M. De Wees to Yumeka Hirano, $405,000.

18th St., 1601, No. 717-Lauren Kahn to Arthur Dominique Pierre Rossi, $305,000.

19th St., 2109-Gerald Chan Yoon to Brian Joseph Petruska and Juliene James, $1.42 million.

21st St., 1417-Alexander Kenneth Jackson to George M. Santangelo and Kristine A. Willis, $730,000.

24th St., 922, No. 605-Lora Stewart and Heather Sala to Dindial Boodram, $360,000.

25th St., 1124, No. 205-Vida Real Estate Properties Corp. to Chamim Foroughi Jabbari, $615,000.

31st St., 2809-Sheila B. and John A. Mooney to Cooper Mitchell and Frances Mitchell Rekrut, $2.15 million.

33rd St., 6311-Daniel S. Schneider and Tove B. Bjorgaas to Monica Powell Dolin, $1.17 million.

39th Pl., 2421-Christopher J. and Susan F. Tully to Meredith B. Cruikshank and John J. Kruzel, $975,000.

39th St., 3721, No. D196-Jiseon Kim to Stephen Ashley and Felicia Savas, $315,000.

42nd St., 2325, No. 304-Johnnie Prather to David Alberto Guerra Restrepo and Jenna Elyse Glickman, $292,900.


A St., 4677-AHP Properties Corp. to Charles E. Randolph III, $340,000.

Alabama Ave., 3117-Brenda F. Lyles to Kendrick J. and Erika West, $499,000.

B St., 5414-Residential Redevelopment Corp. to Anthony Ferguson, $333,000.

Branch Ave., 1401-Derek J. and Henry Gaskins to Raymond J. and Andrea L. Carroll McNeil, $599,900.

Burke St., 1801-Rainbow Properties Corp. to Kevin Matthew Lamb and Shane Michael Seger, $1.21 million.

Capitol St. E., 807-David Stephen Velasco and Larry Kevin Shaughnesy to Sandra Davis Horowitz, $1.41 million.

Carolina Ave. S., 1415-Joseph R. Britton and Katharine Ehly to Adam Rex Clarence Hodge and Cara Camacho, $1.08 million.

Foxhall Pl., 545-Estate of Barbara J. Garrison and Nicole P. Garrison to Matiwos B. Gizaw, $270,000.

Independence Ave., 1829-Sahar Wali to Andrew and Julia Cheung, $875,000.

O St., 3051-Joseph Tobin to Saba Priscilla Bireda and Harambee Emanuel Ryan, $490,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. 514-Cartus Financial Corp. to Phillip and Athena Rodbell, $560,000.

Potomac Ave., 1622-Kyle R. and Katie C. Kizzier to Alison Marie and Donald J. Damico, $845,000.

Skyland Terr., 2351-Estate of Linda C. Clemont and Barbara A. Anderson to Derrick A. Jones, $280,000.

Talbert Terr., 1327-Sarah Healy to Tesfaye Negussie, $325,000.

Fifth St., 323-Robert A. Shelton and C. Melvin Flynn to Edwin William Darilek and Anna-Louisa Yon, $1.26 million.

Ninth St., 3872, No. 101-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Donna Johnson, $77,000.

11th St., 900, No. G02-Auto Club Corp. to Jacob E. Arnott, $499,900.

15th St., 1003-Mark DeVries and Erin M. Crowder to Brenna Clerkin and Nicolas Ghislain Lundstrom, $675,000.

17th St., 519-Brian and Jennifer L. Chen to David Heffernan, $760,000.


Capitol Square Pl., 807-John B. Howard and Patrick I. Arangio to Sony and Sapna Elizabeth George, $880,000.

G St., 350, No. N311-Natasha Ann Stancill and James Watson Miller to Andrew R. Smith-Mui, $479,000.

I St., 355, No. 204-Collin C. Peterson to Anupa Bhaumik and Shyamalendu Pal, $460,000.

Sutton Sq., 45, No. 1107-Wharf 4B Condo Owner Corp. to Harold McCoo III and Donna Deluze, $559,900.

Fourth St., 800, No. N402-Christopher Michael Jetton and Britni A. Whitty to Karthik Balasubramanian and Ashton Rohmer, $480,000.

Fourth St., 1425, No. A411-Estate of Evelyn B. Dorsey and Regina Coates Weathersby to Kamal K. and Bula Ghose, $625,000.