District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. in November 2018. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


C St., 1620-estate of Lynn Ernestine Catoe-Emers and John Gerlach to Monica Dodge and John J. Corbett, $589,000.

North Capitol St., 1909-estate of Mac Arthur Oliver and Elizabeth O. McFowler to Sandrine Boukerche and Sean Lawrence, $860,000.

Channing St., 330-Alexis T. and Drew T. Ruby-Howe to Jose Miguel Martin and Maria Gabriela Tercero Gomez, $630,000.

Clay St., 4607-Firmly Rooted Ventures Corp. to Janet P. Davis, $469,000.

Corbin Pl., 1328-estate of Maggie B. Williams and Brenda Lee to Ian Gardiner and Sherri Berger, $675,000.

E St., 520, No. 404-Katherine Stern to Nicole Lynnae Davidow, $449,000.

Eads St., 5807-estate of Lillian and Kevin A. Waugh to Sylvester Ochieng and Godrick K. Okech, $239,000.

Emerald St., 1334-Marketpro South Inc. to Joseph S. Vilkoski, $585,000.

Girard St., 56-Alesa Allgood and Catherine Mack to Patrick Kieran Hunt and Katrina Rudyj, $730,000.

Holbrook St., 1320-Robin Jones Griffin to Todd McClokey and Geeta Dsouza, $685,000.

Ingraham St., 535-James E. Clarke and Tony Robinson to Elma Haskovic, $375,000.

Monroe St., 2845-BKP Properties Corp. to Yvonne Stephanie Coles, $565,000.

Queen St., 1510-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Ricardo Volcin, $325,000.

Theodore R Hagans Dr., 3278-James and Kim Roberts to Ricardo and Rita Sewell, $590,000.

W St., 317-Current Investment Group Corp. to Dylan W. Temple and Lauren Sheram, $595,000.

Yost Pl., 3009-Josue Enoc Martinez to Edwin E. Salvador and Danis F. Salvador Murillo, $540,000.

Fourth St., 637-Lisa A. Crosby and Samuel R. St. John to Edward A. Smock and Katherine R. Weisburd, $1.29 million.

Fifth St., 941-Stuart Elizabeth and Benjamin W. Allen to Karthik Ravishankar and Madeline Karon, $1 million.

Seventh St., 512-Lisa M. Walker to Adam J. and Rhea R. Koziatek, $798,500.

Eighth St., 643-Shelley Sapone Robinson to Rose Allison Garr and David Andrew Lipowicz, $849,900.

Ninth St., 18, No. 303-Krisila Wynne Benson to David Handelsman Christie, $505,650.

10th St., 4703-Pauline C. Baskin and the Basking Living Trust to Ruth and Yared W. Tadese, $518,300.

12th St., 440, No. 115-Robin I. Feldman and Robin C. Kinder to John C. Taylor III, $615,000.

14th Pl., 318-Stephen F. Hayes and Devi M. Rao to Timothy M. Ebner and Heather L. Petrovich, $679,000.

14th St., 339-Susan E. Farr and Joanne F. Pozzo to Patrick Finnegan and Ariel Toback, $710,000.

18th St., 315-Veronica J. Robinson and Clarence T. Evans to Ronald J. Coleman II and Ana S. De Matos Vaz, $600,000.

22nd St., 3401-Twanna Permenter to Alison and Ryan Beckwith, $599,999.

35th St., 136-Trudy Bedword to April L. Anderson, $325,000.


Adams Mill Rd., 2630, No. 204-Joohee Lee to Jade T. Witherspoon, $255,000.

Appleton St., 3723-Konrad J. and Patricia Huber to Mirit Hemy, $1.14 million.

Berkeley Terr., 4767-Michael Vaughan and Elizabeth E. Wise to Kasey Kendra Murray and Osazee Solate Imadojemu, $1.42 million.

Brummel Ct., 598-Rosetta S. Dabney and Kira Orr to Sarah Betman and Edwin Alberto Flores Lazo, $401,000.

California St., 1840, No. 5A-Gerard Passannante to Michael Degnan, $425,500.

Calvert St., 1922-Daniel S. Gordon and Lilah L. Pomerance to Brian William Eskew and Bridget G. Kelly, $1.6 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 614E-Virginia B. Edwards to Norma D. Anderson, $670,000.

Chapin St., 1443, No. 103-Ty Twigg to Joseph Robert Reynolds, $350,000.

Cleveland Ave., 3224-Henry W. Lavine to James W. Aparisi, $1.88 million.

Columbia Rd., 1458, No. 303-Sherif A. Elfayomi to Apitchaya Pimpawathin, $297,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3900-Elizabeth A. Nakian to Jennifer Ellis Kelly, $470,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4740, No. 612-Madison Management Properties Inc. to Mayra Garcia and Velmurugan K. Pillai, $554,000.

Davis Pl., 3817, No. 5-Achara Taveepong to Ian Michael Lazzara, $289,500.

E St., 616, No. 653-Matthew P. Duncan to James Scott and Kathryn Patterson, $650,000.

Fairmont St., 1123-Abby Moynihan and Lloyd Allen to Samson Gugsa, $980,000.

Farragut St., 1315-Hafiz Corp. to Francisco Perez Arce Novaro and Kiyomi E. Cadena Kotsubo, $935,000.

Foxboro Pl., 2206-estate of James P. Schulz and Michael Heider to Alan Morry Romick, $1.6 million.

Georgia Ave., 3205, No. 402-Jason H. Brown to Ian Weissgerber, $369,999.

Grant Rd., 4555-Geoffrey B. and Wendy W. Taylor to Melissa L. Steinman, $1.18 million.

Harvard St., 1743-Jeremy N. and Jana S. Kadden to William Laurence Cohen and Catherine Anne Claus, $875,000.

Huidekoper Pl., 2102-Mary E. Phillips to David S. Miller and Camille A. Herland, $936,000.

Irving St., 1853-Gregory W. Nicklas to Kevin Matthew Wells, $1 million.

Kalorama Rd., 1700, No. 501-Stephen Yerkovich and Christina Arenas to Nicole Isaac and Gabriel Bitol, $1.15 million.

Kansas Ave., 4300-Jose Agustin Semorile and Gladys Rodriguez to Jeffrey Alexander and Rachel Lyn Okun-Kozlowicki, $950,000.

Kansas Ave., 5427-Fame Homes Corp. to Lindsay McConnell and Meredith Laurie, $819,500.

Kenyon St., 1390, No. 725-Chan I. Min to Nneka I. Ukpai, $530,000.

L St., 2201, No. 101-Kenneth M. and Madonna D. Lyons to Judy Curry, $445,000.

Longfellow St., 56-Helpful Investing Corp. to Madeline R. Daniels and Christopher N. Benderev, $670,000.

M St., 1111, No. 1-Ayesha Andrade to Sydney Elizabeth Linney, $527,000.

Marietta Pl., 734-William Michael Kanaby to Kevin Washington, $630,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 1711, No. 210-Randy Oberdick to Paul D. Fisher, $235,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 4200, No. 306-Louis and Vera Emmerij to Carl Richard Trenz and Matthew Joseph Costigan, $850,000.

Meridian Pl., 1436, No. LL05-Jacqueline Humenik to Amanda L. Gant, $167,000.

N St., 1300, No. 303-Jose L. Campero and Francisca Jill to Lydia F. and Eric P. Jabs, $419,000.

Nebraska Ave., 2332-Timothy T. and Merrill W. Carrington to Brian Kane and Kelly McVearry, $1.26 million.

New Hampshire Ave., 3619-Lisa M. Winkler to Raquel Morgan and Sarah Blackwill, $965,000.

Observatory Pl., 2222-Jordan P. and Beryl L. Benderly to Amir Z. and Eva Katharina Nina Zeldes, $805,000.

Orchard Lane, 3025-Alexander Boyd Gove and estate of Dorothy Langdon Chapin to Mark Bisgeier and Hilary Henkin, $1.69 million.

P St., 1718, No. 502-Jonathan Spencer to David S. Burnstein, $430,000.

Peabody St., 428-Felicia E. Stokes to Thomas Stebbins Galloway and Alison Caroline Meith, $550,000.

Poplar St., 2710-Sharon Anne and Charles Edmond Tobler to Eugene William Whong, $780,000.

Q St., 1525, No. 5-Michael J. Shenk to Clare O. Krusing, $605,000.

Reservoir Rd., 4745-Keith R. and Emily W. Unger to Christopher Thomas Murray and Andres Pablo Meneses Rivero, $1.15 million.

River Rd., 4217-Susan E. Nelson to Saurabh Sharma and Suhagi Surendra Bhatt, $800,000.

S St., 509-Gerard Martin Moeller Jr. and Steven K. Dickens to Caleb J. Bowers and Alyssa E. Golay, $774,900.

Scott Cir., 1, No. 604-Marisha N. Wickremsinhe to Isaac Arnold, $267,000.

Springland Lane, 3501-Jeri B. Ward to Douglas A. Grimm, $1.59 million.

Unicorn Lane, 2723-Sheila Harley and William M. Washington to Adel and Napatr Meer, $985,000.

V St., 1390, No. 413-Michael Cahill to Derika Weddington, $539,900.

Verbena St., 1753-Mediel W. and Wanda L. Spence to Douglas M. Beridon and Taryn R. Losch-Beridon, $865,000.

Virginia Ave., 2700-Hazem A. and Azza Lotfi Elbeblawi to Debra A. and Michael B. Decker, $1.76 million.

Warner St., 432-Charles and Kate E. Weinograd to Yassine Cherkaoui and Monica I. Chavez, $885,000.

Windom Pl., 4712-Jonathan P. and Caroline N. Decker to Keisha and Nemanja Rodic, $1.17 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 3010, No. 305-Marcia P. Allison to Gene Paul Puerta and Corinne Nicole Glazik Kacmarek, $305,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3114-Barbara and Kate Heffernan to Jeremy Weiss, $261,000.

First St., 2419, No. 1-Evan Samek and Loraine Olson to Todd L. Crain, $693,000.

Fourth St., 1224, No. 2-Mark A. Wheeler to Michael D. Johnson and Christopher A. Aiello, $785,000.

Eighth St., 1320-T. Aria Development Partners II Corp. to Shiliang Cui and Jiaqi Li, $666,000.

Ninth St., 1539, No. 2-Brian W. Eskew to Magdalena Gianola, $830,000.

Ninth St., 7441-Virginia A. Wildy to Belaynesh and Worekinesh Habte, $485,000.

11th St., 1425, No. 304-Walton Neil Irwin to Gamila Ahmed Mahmoud Kassem, $670,000.

12th St., 1115, No. 605-Jennifer Friedman to Stuart Morgan Henderson, $409,000.

13th Pl., 6705-estate of Glenda Moore and Derek Hall to Michael Benjamin and Brittany Sonia Bruns, $765,000.

13th St., 1320, No. 33-Jeffrey O. and Christine M. Hollinger to Rachel Wolbers, $515,000.

13th St., 3238, No. 3-Monican Sahaf and Akil A. Vohra to Alexander Georgieff, $415,000.

14th St., 1529, No. 604-Amelie M. Rorer to Charles David and Marissa Wood, $770,000.

17th St., 1401, No. 405-Jennifer Gann Waldman to Ann M.K. Fiorillo, $670,000.

17th St., 1916, No. 409-Ivana Howard to Yiqun Yang, $480,000.

18th St., 1815, No. 101-Amy Liu Witmer to Scott Filter, $365,000.

20th St., 1301, No. 1002-Victoria F. Black to Patrick Francis and Amy Bertha, $255,000.

21st St., 1321, No. 3-Michelle D. Nolan to Jeffrey S. Campbell, $440,000.

25th St., 1124, No. T1-John S. Nargiso to John Ethan Craddock and Reyhan R. Gezgec, $330,000.

32nd St., 1670-estate of Doris Patricia Brown and Thomas N. Pike to Timothy D. Wright and Susan E. Karamoto, $1.01 million.

39th St., 2725, No. 510-Douglas K. Knowles to Sally Larisch, $424,000.

42nd St., 2325, No. 213-Kyle P. and Christiana Carsalade Hetherington to Nyssa P. Wratschko, $308,900.


Burke St., 1816-Alaine Perry to Samuel Pike Cornale, $765,000.

East Capitol St., 5033-Realty Properties Corp. to Dhameer Gore and Rebecca Washington, $430,000.

Chesapeake St., 618-Dancing Lilly Corp. to Jeanette Davis, $361,000.

G St., 1220-Talley R. Holmes Jr. to George T. Simpson, $650,000.

Gorman Terr., 4335-Sarah R. Enfiedjian to Keith D. Anderson and Myeeka T. Mullins-Anderson, $325,000.

Independence Ave., 1524, No. 302-Andrew Hammill and Jason Mida to Samantha Marie Ayoub, $485,000.

Kentucky Ave., 107-Edward Charles Hill to Richard J. and Patricia W. Coll, $1.1 million.

L St., 317-Christopher M. Skena to Madeleine K. Fink, $925,000.

U St., 1524-Pamela Johnson to Jamall J. Johnson, $240,000.

Sixth St., 416-U.S. Bank to John J. and Amber Elizabeth Harris Roos, $1.11 million.

10th St., 527-Thomas L. Card to Lawrence D. Buckley Jr., $1.1 million.

11th St., 900, No. 309-Auto Club Corp. to David Michael Danish, $749,900.

12th St., 910-Ettie Collins to Regine Smith, $450,000.

16th St., 2309-Lisette Baylor to Lissan F. Anfune, $302,400.

25th St., 3437-Althea Lesueur to Meliktu Fanuel and Hanna Negussie, $225,000.

55th St., 66-Frances Harris to Arash and Arjang Moazzez, $250,000.


Brandywine St., 47-Samuel J. and Carlisha A. Morgan to Stanley Jackson, $325,000.

I St., 355, No. 304-Erik A. Sand to Katherine N. Hoover, $475,000.

First St., 3973-James Adam and Donna B. Perry to Natolya Thomas, $230,000.

Fourth St., 800, No. S808-Schuyler W. Null and Zoe Tillman to Kristen N. Bennett, $364,900.