District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. in February. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Ames St., 3360-Torrey L. Cunningham to Mark Farmer, $354,900.

Blair Rd., 5507-Valerie A. Cary to Christopher R. Gossett and Douglas B. Kongaika, $463,500.

Bryant St., 1332-Nemanja Djuric to Kerry F. Romig, $350,500.

C St., 305, No. 107-Meredith E. Sandberg to Roxanne Carlene Bauer, $375,000.

Capitol St. N., 1823, No. C-Cory Andrews and Edrick D. Agostini to Katherine Watkins, $715,000.

Channing St., 2810-Danell Lettice Ambersley to Nneka Ewelike, $545,000.

Constitution Ave., 618-Eric and Mary Kate Rubin to Nicholas P. Everhart and Jessica K. Guy, $1.27 million.

Constitution Ave., 1343-U.S. Bank Trust and LSF Master Participation Trust to Nicholas Webber, $700,000.

Dakota Ave. S., 2902-Rokel Corp. to Graham Fisher and Malore Dusenbery, $628,000.

Duncan St., 1432-Amanda M. Debard to Kathryn J. Griffith, $559,900.

F St., 1322-Clifton E. McMullen to James R. and Angela M. Henson, $750,000.

Foote St., 4929, No. 7-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and the Residential Credit Opportunities Trust to Esete W. Berhane, $117,000.

Hansberry Ct., 3706-Christopher Joseph and Shannon Christine Feitz to Jacob and Sarah Peery, $582,000.

Holbrook St., 1224-MGD Properties Corp. to Hilary C. Chattler, $370,000.

Jackson St., 1346-Keith A. and Sharon Taylor Robinson to Adam Patrick Voiland and Katherine Tzu-Lan Mann, $650,000.

K St., 722-Kevin A. Jones to Timothy William Grisham and Jennifer Michelle Brown Grisham, $690,000.

Lawrence St., 1449-Matthew J. and Kelly D. Grace to Wonkee Moon and Max Siegel, $1.07 million.

Morse St., 1203-Morse Properties Corp. to Joshua A. and Alicia M. Crawford, $729,900.

Nicholson St., 658-Estate of April Jeanette Carter and Madison J. Degruy to Therese Marie Jones, $449,000.

Orren St., 1314-Charles M. and Dara B. Mooney to Jeffrey D. and Maegan Hawley, $775,000.

Regent Pl., 512-Don Elliott Johnson and David Grant Smith to Jonathan and Elizabeth Catania, $764,500.

S St., 14, No. 303-John M. Wanko to Sarah Mussabeh Almuhairi, $630,000.

Taylor St., 2210-Stanley Hailes Jr. to Alicia Renee and Jeffrey Thomas Orzechowski, $499,900.

V St., 232-District of Columbia Housing Authority to Danyell Lea Allen, $430,000.

Wylie St., 1253-Daryl Anthony Gayhardt to Pooja and Amitabha Chaudhuri, $645,000.

Third St., 2124, No. 2124-B-Kessington Place Corp. to Hannah E. Fitter and Thierno Ousmane Ba, $398,500.

Sixth St., 1032, No. 301-Matthew J. Godwin and Mariam Klait to Robert Blum, $330,000.

Seventh St., 3000, No. 111-Tara Leigh Tappert to Dinora D. Juarez, $220,000.

11th Pl., 1651-Mabel Blocker to Emma Connors Jellen, $630,000.

12th St., 5109-Michael Kiefer to Jessica Alyse Arco and Benjamin Michael Flick, $575,000.

13th St., 906-Mary E. Francis to James Karl Newell and Tierney Megan Sneed, $675,000.

14th St., 254-Michael and Victoria Chamberlin to Mariah C. Yager, $559,000.

15th St., 60-Luciana Honigman and Robert W. McLeod to Frank Thomas and Julie Pyatt Crockett, $610,000.

17th St., 16, No. 222-Kelly L. Reid to Laura Charlotte Smith, $410,000.

17th St., 3730-Dorothy F. Little to John W. McArthur and Whitney Porter, $665,000.

22nd St., 3714-Zelaya Homes Corp. to Ian Patrick Shields and Melissa Maria Pasos, $699,900.

24th St., 537-Christine and Gary Enchelmaier to Shannon Michelle Roe and Arthur Thomas Chambers, $651,000.

31st Pl., 2703-Dudley H. Millen to Pamela Kossegnon, $399,900.

45th St., 208-Jean Williams to Alana Sherron and Jamarr Andrews, $445,000.

63rd St., 302-Dap Homes Corp. to Jeremy S. Macklin, $370,000.


Albemarle St., 4101, No. 301-Bradley M. Lake and William R. Brockschmidt Jr. to Melissa Jaffe, $521,000.

Arizona Ave., 2939-Ivo Konstantinov and Diliana Michaylova to Taechung Kim and Heeok Jang, $1.03 million.

Biltmore St., 1832-Patrick Handler to Bridget Forbes, $390,000.

Brown St., 3409, No. 2-Brian S. Zang and Alexander J. Morin to Katelyn Adams and George O’Connor, $585,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 822E-Mad Development Corp. to Tilak Raj Baba and Karishma Mahadeo Gundewadi, $330,000.

Cedar St., 343, No. 114-Nichole L. Ridgeway to Bridget Cosgrove, $321,800.

Champlain St., 2360, No. 1.2-Anna M. and Benjamin J. Dineen to Kezia Frances McKeague, $565,000.

Chapin St., 1439, No. 103-Miller Rosas to Karen Kwok, $500,000.

Church St., 1444, No. 502-Robert C. and Marcia B. Newell to Jonathan L. Gifford, $979,000.

Columbia Rd., 1438, No. 101-David Y. Chen to Daniel Edward Arrojo, $237,450.

Connecticut Ave., 3701, No. 332-Nancy Elizabeth Bell and David Michael Craig to Maureen Conly, $300,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3883, No. 505-Mary Catherine Bain to Kimberly Suzanne Seigfreid, $413,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4701, No. 400-Peter J. Levitas to Neva Florence Burfisher Jacobs, $549,900.

Connecticut Ave., 5410, No. 612-Reena and Jeffrey S. Racki to Patricia Wheeler, $415,000.

Corcoran St., 1435, No. 4-Vincenzo Di Mario and Marisa Santos Da Silveira to Arleen Allen, $570,000.

Decatur St., 1616-Kevin D. Murray to Kent Broussard and Shannon L. Burton, $777,000.

E St., 616, No. 419-Chiki Gupta to Jing Zhao and Brett A. Cornell, $345,000.

Eastern Ave., 7524-Lisa Butler and Deborah Prather to Stephanie Loccisano and Marc Christopher Johnson, $505,000.

Euclid St., 1300, No. 6-Philip J. Mason Jr. and Andrew W. Souvall to Vesna Petronic-Rosic, $1.15 million.

Euclid St., 1717, No. 2-Rebecca Helm to Hubert Lee, $670,000.

Fairmont St., 1225, No. 202-Blaine T. Scott to Cynthia Kao, $301,196.

Farragut St., 1527-Michael Knep and Timothy Law to Blanca Guillen and Nathan Dennis Woods, $1.21 million.

Florida Ave., 519, No. 2-Joshua C. and Alexa Brown to Frank W. and Danielle N. Sulzer, $532,500.

Florida Ave., 1827, No. 103-Frederick G. Michaud Jr. to Justin Sawyers and Jeffery Morehead, $342,300.

Georgia Ave., 2920, No. 102-Daniel Herrera to Brendan Michael and Sarah Elizabeth Little, $393,500.

Girard St., 730, No. 3-Marticia H. Falco to Kirstjan T. Kommayer and Jillian E. Courtney, $790,000.

H St., 2401, No. 707-Shameem M. and Sameena Y. Ahmed to Sander Berents and Hera Shanaj, $320,000.

Harvard St., 1613, No. 115-Meagan T. Breidert and Donald B. Ogden to Audrey Neff and Angelo V. Rotondaro, $534,000.

Hobart Pl., 741-Jack Q. Cheng to Joel Singerman, $691,000.

Illinois Ave., 4603-Sam Homes Corp. to Lauren Howard, $1.08 million.

Irving St., 745-Charles and Lisa Orth Lingafelt to Thomas Bryant Sparkman, $730,000.

Jefferson St., 520-Michael P. Apicelli and Anna E. Bartosiewicz to Zara Vajeeha Khaleeli and Christian C.K. Ngouen, $650,000.

Jenifer St., 3738-Ron H. and Cheryl Flax-Davidson to Benjamin A. and Lauren Hilyard, $1.29 million.

Kalorama Rd., 2475-Todd R. and Angela C. Newnam to Jim K. and Amal Kurd Misto, $3.61 million.

Kenyon St., 739-Aretha N. Jones and Jana L. Denning to Farah Z. and Justen Ahmad, $665,000.

L St., 1001, No. 905-Tara R. Karoian to Orlando and Christi H. Economos, $660,000.

Lamont St., 529, No. 303-Petrona Sanabria to Daniel Gerard Desloover, $393,000.

Legation St., 3617-David M. and Lori A. Danieli to Felipe Chapa and Jessica Barberich, $1.21 million.

Luray Pl., 445-Claudia M. Marquez to Shi Liu and Lisa H. Pien, $680,455.

M St., 910, No. 708-Jennifer Huang and Nhan Nguyen to Simon Alexander Miller, $647,000.

MacArthur Blvd., 5730-David M. Carr to Christopher W. Spanos and Laurie Rubiner, $1.1 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 311-Patricia A. Zingsheim to Rory and Alexandra Miller Murphy, $675,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 2500-Davis Lee Kennedy to James F. Barksdale, $1.55 million.

Mintwood Pl., 1858, No. 1-Jaclyn C. Sheridan to Allison H. Solomon, $367,500.

Moreland Pl., 2620-Dancing Fig Corp. to Elizabeth Paige Lovejoy, $949,900.

N St., 1300, No. 515-Richard B. Green and Asaf Y. Ohana to Phoebe T. Wong and Robert P. Bennett Jr., $674,000.

N St., 3119-Kimberly C. Cox to Soonhwa Yi and Dennis Petrus Johannes Botman, $1.63 million.

Naylor Ct., 1316, No. 4-George E. Danilovices III to Gregory Emerson Saydah, $555,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1330, No. 909-Ronald J. Overmann and James V. Setta to Kathleen Hayden Beckman, $250,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 3525-Subash Subramanian Iyer and Helam Aglog Gebremariam to Alvaro A. Mezza, $955,000.

New Mexico Ave., 2801, No. 1118-Suzanne Chernauskas to Adrian G. and Shailya P. Macaya, $688,375.

New York Ave., 437, No. 708-Matthew P. Pelligrino to Ji Yeon Yeo, $479,900.

Newton St., 1663, No. 2-Dahlia L. Sokolov to Andrea N. Goldstein, $649,000.

O St., 3029-Willy Kiekens and Rita Van Den Kieboom to Phillip Clark and Elizabeth Jane D’Angio, $2.72 million.

Ordway St., 2711, No. 105-Angelique Biancotto to Heather Lacey, $366,000.

Ordway St., 2755, No. 411-Sara Younga So and James Walter Twaddell IV to Shuo He, $249,900.

P St., 1728-Joann F. Dale to Michael and Angela Blake Madnick, $2.69 million.

Park Rd., 549-Warder Corp. to Melissa Powers and Matthew Depauw, $775,000.

Parkwood Pl., 1338-Adam Rothman and Marian Currinder to Ruth Elizabeth Vinson, $826,000.

Porter St., 3024-Paula Marie Kitendaugh to Susan R. Jessup, $285,000.

Potomac Ave., 5437-Warren Zimmermann Jr. and estate of Corinne C. Zimmermann to Samantha Siranli and John J. Dabney, $1.92 million.

Q St., 130, No. 4-Daniel I. Handel to Scott Hoffman, $395,000.

Q St., 1709-Alexis and Alaire B. Rieffel to Joseph B. and Elizabeth Jane Franklin, $1.98 million.

R St., 1401, No. 303-Jason Theodorson to Candice Jones, $608,888.

S St., 2115-2117-Kristofer Michael Ostergard to Reed Crawford Miller, $750,000.

S St., 1461-Julia C. Norton to Valerie Hollingsworth-Baker and Michelle Porter Norman, $2.77 million.

Shepherd St., 912, No. 302-Gustavo and Heidi Guerra to Melissa Scanlan, $408,000.

Sherman Ave., 2603-Paul A. Jutton to Clara Sullivan Norris and Kyle Pierce Cole, $699,000.

Swann St., 1617, No. 31-Carie Lemack to Alexander Joseph Madrak and Sam Bernard Sweeney, $900,000.

T St., 3622-Q2 Management Corp. to George Lewis and Christine Feldt, $900,000.

Tilden St., 4837-Mehdi Pahlevani and Fatemeh Chizari to Sara Y. Razi, $3.85 million.

U St., 313-Tracy C. Fortson to Mari Jill Ahrold, $777,000.

Van Ness St., 3619-Andrew W. and Kaye L. Boesel to Rufus Justin Smith and Pamela Phoung Nguyen Phan, $1.3 million.

Vermont Ave., 1239, No. 309-Hollace J. Enoch to Leah Marie Rogotzke and Anne B. Schepers, $410,000.

Vernon St., 1840, No. 202-Michael P. Dipaula-Coyle to William B. Sieber, $535,000.

Walnut St., 110-William C.K. Paxton and William D. Paxton to George Robert and Bryana Marie Schwarz, $702,000.

Westhall Dr., 4542-David C. and Rebecca A. Svec to Vanessa Ann Countryman and James Ross Reese, $1.55 million.

Windom Pl., 3825-Dogwood Restoration LLC to Michael and Katherine Drezmer, $1.46 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 2720-Veronique Praz to Anthony John Schepers and Mary Elizabeth Butcher, $264,500.

First St., 1731, No. 2-Joanna P. De Berry to Christopher Ekimoff and Casey Martin, $760,000.

Fifth St., 5308-Zoraj Corp. to Aneek Asif George, $735,000.

Sixth St., 3553-Scot C. and Sarah T. Bohl to Juliana Crump, $568,000.

Seventh St., 5029-Equitable Acquisitions Corp. to Casee E. Burke, $758,000.

Eighth St., 3912-Patricia Prudhomme to Christopher Michael Gallo and Jorge Luis Martinez Oseguera, $650,000.

Eighth St., 5315-CDD Properties Inc. to Amoretta Morris and Melissa Catherine Deshields, $799,000.

Ninth St., 1555-Qiang Sun and Hai Qun Zhai to Aschara Vigsittaboot, $980,000.

11th St., 2100, No. G01-Rocky Louis Checca and Tiffany Farish Hill to Anup Ghosh, $645,500.

12th St., 1115, No. 703-Babak Banaei to Dagmar C. Schoettle, $283,000.

12th St., 2020, No. 305-William J. and William H. Coughlin to Adam Basch, $517,500.

13th St., 3114-Patsy Prudhomme to Kelly C. Satish, $475,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 333-Jangar D. McGill to Jeffrey Redfern, $529,000.

15th St., 1822, No. 307-Vijay Malik to Amy Elizabeth Cunningham, $325,000.

16th St., 1801, No. 112-David Ofenloch and Alexis Leondis to Catherine L. Creech and Donald Britt Reynolds, $1.43 million.

16th St., 3060, No. 101-Residential Value Corp. to Irene S. Baldizon, $385,000.

17th St., 1514-Stephen B. Hagenbuch to John A. Yahner, $395,000.

17th St., 2514, No. 3-Anna M. Vogel to Devin Alexander Wilkins and Jasmine Grace Chalashtori, $738,000.

18th St., 1325, No. 803-Carl W. Nelson and Abigail C. Nichols to Doris Elizabeth Estrada, $677,500.

18th St., 1732-Stefano Paternostro and Eavan O’Halloran to Steven Werner and Kristina Lynn Novak, $1.47 million.

20th St., 1301, No. 413-Mansour H. Noori and Anousheh M. Tarighi to Taylor Wallace, $370,000.

21st St., 1280, No. 710-Jessica A. Dugan and Richard W. Keatinge to Seth A. Wikas, $410,000.

25th St., 940-Stephen W. Buck to Hugh T. and Ute Dugan, $172,000.

30th St., 6157-Jeffrey J. Kramer to Raphael J. Larson and Debra M. Laboschin, $2.19 million.

35th St., 1416-Nancy Itteilag to Bruce R. and Skye P. McCaw, $1.42 million.

38th St., 3611, No. 228-U.S. Bank and Truman 2016 SC6 Title Trust to Lisa and David Magee, $225,500.

39th St., 3620, No. A535-Kyle S. Strand and Nadia Daar to Emily Grossnickle and Ryan Gregory Peterson, $625,000.

41st St., 4818-Estate of Leontina Liepins and Zigurs B. Liepins to Theodore Krassimirov Christov and Alexander Samuel Binkley Andrews, $725,000.

44th St., 1505-Gregory M. Mecher and Jennifer R. Psaki to V. Noah Benjamin Gimbel and Maria Cristobalina Moreno Gonzalez, $919,000.


Atlantic St., 314-Keila N. Santel to Abdoemonaim Gibrelali and Fatima Gibrel, $412,500.

Barnaby Terr., 1367-Raptor Homes Corp. to Brendan Lamar and Bridget Harrelson Wilson, $358,000.

Burbank St., 312-Christopher Wayne Baker to Gregory P. Maison, $245,000.

D St., 5054-Theon Group Corp. to Tanisha Smith, $295,000.

Dubois Pl., 3347-Joy IRA Corp. to Simon and Louienyl Castor, $416,000.

E St., 1609-Chase Waters to Josef Henri Weissfeld and Evin Farber Isaacson, $875,000.

Fort Baker Dr., 2707-Henry M. Terrell to Lindsey Erin Mask, $515,000.

Foxhall Pl., 523-Charles A. Williams to Arielle Chantise Crump, $325,000.

Hanna Pl., 4640-Casa Properties Corp. to Brittani M. Ogden and Marc A. Saxton, $435,000.

Hr Dr., 849-Michelle A. Murdock to Worku Y. Admasu, $1 million.

Independence Ave., 1317-Jeffrey L. Gabardi and Paul C. Brooks to Kate M. Davey and Ciro F. Pepe, $1.12 million.

Minnesota Ave., 3000-Maria Del Carmen and Juan Antonio Flores to Kirby Stephen Byrd and Megan Elizabeth Valentine, $330,000.

O St., 3123-Eric A. Robinson to Melanie Y. Turner, $459,900.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. M02-Federal National Mortgage Association to Eric Sheffield, $424,000.

Pope St., 3209-Ofori Enterprise Corp. to Cicily Nicole Hampton and Stephen George Sobers, $550,000.

Q St., 2300-Carlos Alexander to Ruthcarol Stearns and Colin Benen Touhey, $485,000.

Raleigh Pl., 612-1st Home Buyers Corp. to Alexander Alterman, $237,000.

S St., 1307-Timothy T. Barley to Peter and Andee Nichole Gibb, $556,000.

Savannah Pl., 1926-Andrew and Nigil Bell-Brice to Melanie D. Washburn, $255,750.

Upsal St., 750-Musa Shelkh Corp. to Michael A. Cooper Jr., $383,000.

Wagner St., 2305-Sandy Bay Properties D.C. Corp. to Felicia D. Johnson, $453,900.

Fourth St., 19-Pamela Anne Green and Kenneth Warren Hanson Jr. to Michael C. and Sarah Jean Rose, $1.27 million.

Sixth St., 4245-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Carlsbad Funding Mortgage Trust to Jasmine Frye, $329,900.

13th St., 217-Mark Arthur and Julie Eddy Rokala to Daniel L. and William B. Walsh, $1.21 million.

15th St., 109-Michelle E. Azevedo to Michael Burleson and Patricia Dephillip Haigwood, $780,000.

15th St., 1010-Adam D. McKay to Julio Henriquez, $590,000.

23rd St., 1605-Jerome Fisher to Wilton Damond Merritt, $372,500.

28th St., 1530-James E. and Annie Mae Jackson to Michael and Brianna Semmel, $600,000.


Elmira St., 151-E. Ann Wilson to David Christopher Selman, $288,800.

I St., 355, No. 507-Regina V. Thompson to Xia Chen and Zhenning Mao, $275,000.

N St., 339-Joan Weinthal Clayton and Rachel Rubin to Maya Mathur and Benjamin Konop, $510,000.

First St., 4060-Mark P. Lucas to Jonathon Argyle, $223,000.

Fourth St., 1425, No. A504-Cathy Silverstein to Joseph A. Pasetti and Ewa Malgorzata Topor, $475,000.