District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. in March. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Benning Rd., 4210, No. 3-Yizreel Urquijo Torres to Manuel Angel Rivera Vargas, $130,000.

Brentwood Rd., 2505-Trent R. Rockwood and Vanessa V. Rivera to Bryan A. Thomas and Jordan Woods, $760,000.

Bryant St., 1386, No. 304-Richard E. Justice Jr. to Erica M. Bentley and Evan J. Allshouse, $272,100.

C St., 1116, No. 101-Robert Alan Johnson Jr. and Katherine Tara Heller to Sarah Shapiro, $499,999.

Capitol St. N., 1927-James B. Burchfield and Elsa R. Smith to Melinda L. and Kevin A. Jennings, $807,000.


Central Ave., 3011-Ocwen Loan Servicing Corp. to Jayne Deichmeister, $413,000.


Constitution Ave., 629, No. 201-Wells Fargo Bank and BNC Mortgage Loan Trust to Ross Alan Dannenberg and Brian Robert O’Neill, $385,280.

D St., 308-Joseph Dolph and Julia Hutter to Tyler and Jaclyn Kruzich, $1.45 million.

Decatur St., 712-Hive Development Corp. to Lyndsay Ayanna Niles and Brian Lee Bell, $614,900.

Douglas St., 414-Mohamed Barakat and Mina Shalaby to Peter Joseph Andrews and Nura Sadeghpour, $679,900.

E St., 2013, No. 1-Autumn Leigh Campbell to Bradley Michael Bauman, $500,000.

Eastern Ave., 5848-Uptown Development Corp. to Michelle Smith-Wilson and Oscar Wilson Jr., $474,800.


F St., 211-Robert C. and Eve Baldoza Thomas to Ruiqin Wang, $1.26 million.

Faraday Pl., 1247-Citiwide Properties Corp. to Emily Frances and Lindsay Wallace Schneider, $510,000.

Gentain Ct., 3020-Estate of Shelley D. Hayes and Jennifer C. Concino to Bijon and Tanya T. Trice, $334,000.


Hawthorne Ct., 86-Karen R. McLaughlin to Tiara Brawner, $355,000.

I St., 1218-George C. Neurauter Jr. to Joal J. and Lauren R. Mendonsa, $1.01 million.

Ingraham St., 567-Diane L. Gray to Michael Williams, $379,000.

Jackson St., 1610-Sara W. White to Lucia Windsor and Mark Freeman, $850,000.

Karl Pl., 5214-Derek J. Taylor Sr. to Mercy Ngong, $317,000.

Lee St., 5100-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Lula Giles-Curry, $511,500.


Michigan Ave., 1316-Christopher L. Mason to Kerry Michael Jones, $410,000.

Morse St., 1205, No. 3-Jennifer Turek to Bradley R. Cambridge, $602,000.

Newton St., 2014-Dancing Strawberry Corp. to Adolfo and Angelica Alvarez Ibarra, $589,900.

Oates St., 1272-Clear Sky Financial Corp. to Jasmine Ritchie and Pierre Vital, $765,000.

R St., 59, No. 1-Eckington Condominiums Corp. to David Lloyd Branca, $689,900.


Regent Pl., 581-Ryan P. and Jane K. Crumpler to Brian T. Barulich and Heidi Menarchik, $847,500.

S St., 227-Rosaleen B. Haugh to Peter Krupa and Ona Flores, $725,000.

Summit Ct., 3407-Brigitte Renee Dargan to Liberty G. and Ulysses S. Aquino, $245,000.


Tennessee Ave., 404-Daniel J. and Holly A. Harper to Kelly Michelle Smith and Clement Herve Bussart, $829,000.

Third St., 2406-Lambros Bisbikis to Maria Pradilla Picas, $695,000.

Sixth Pl., 4419-Doretha F. Speight to Ehsan Esmaeilzadeh, $435,000.

Sixth St., 1110, No. 4-Rodrigue S. and Mary Moll Alexandre to Abbey J. and Daniel Mark Watson, $877,000.

Eighth St., 5073-Charles M. Hankins to Andrea Lynn Cambron, $462,470.

11th St., 4955-Estate of Mayme R. Jiles and Melody Kebe to Dorcas Thiong’o, $390,000.

12th St., 2824, No. 101-Ian R. Dalrymple and Lauren A. Linville to Fred Roger Perez and Faith MacPherson, $365,000.


13th Pl., 4705-Great Finds Realty Corp. to Michael and Victoria Chamberlin, $617,500.


13th St., 2215-CMB Contractors Corp. to Benjamin Michael and Lisa R. Garlock, $575,000.

14th St., 405-William M. and Abby G. Meyers to Maurice Maloney Jr. and Melissa Anne Schroeder, $773,500.

17th St., 403, No. A-Jeremy Blake and Amelia Harvey to Emmanuel Ajudua and Suzan Abebe, $699,000.

18th Pl., 308, No. 4-Kyle R. Crabtree to Michael Caro, $335,000.

18th St., 1241, No. 6-Nathan Willis to Gilberto Colchado, $300,000.

20th St., 3221-Estelle W. Taylor to Alex L. and Samantha E. Marcy, $570,000.

22nd St., 3904-Kimberly Sperber to Casey Christine Higgins and Juston Paul Johnson, $949,000.

24th St., 3708-Nora Wallis Cobo and Nigel Kirby to Taleesha Scott, $485,000.


33rd St., 114-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Pretium Mortgage Acquisition Trust to Angela Dixon, $389,000.


50th St., 1219-Asymptote Corp. to David Alexander Steele and Willa Jane Prescott, $399,900.

56th St., 281-Am Homes 5 Corp. to Marquis Peoples, $319,000.


Adams Mill Rd., 2605-Katherine W. Campo to Aram N. Salem, $615,000.

Albemarle St., 4101, No. 306-Andrew S. Leonard to Bushra Akbar, $380,000.

Arkansas Ave., 4114-Michael K. Wilkinson to Driss Sekkat, $770,000.

Blagden Terr., 4716-Carl-Johan and Michelle J. Lindgren to Albert L. and Juliette D. Wood, $1.34 million.

Buchanan St., 640, No. 107-David McCurdy to Kristina L. Pflanz, $309,000.


Capitol St. N., 2214-Stuckey Investments Corp. to Edrick D. Agostini and Cory Andrews, $1.18 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 907W-Randoh C. and Kay A. Lester to Laura B. and Zachary Petersen, $260,156.

Cedar St., 343, No. 302-Charles Gorham Jr. and Gregory L. McElhatton to Justin M. and Rachel M. Tetlow, $492,000.


Champlain St., 2380, No. 10-Alexander Dehgan to Christopher John Hildebrand and Linden Elisabeth Keating Bernhardt, $645,000.

Clifton St., 1420, No. 407-Leslie Anne McGorman to Elizabeth Mary Thrush, $350,000.

Columbia Rd., 1880, No. 303-Jonathan A. and Bonnie L. Schofield to Jacob Taylor Grier, $407,500.

Connecticut Ave., 3701, No. 518-Ala Awadallah to George F. and Mallory C. Enos, $362,500.


Connecticut Ave., 3930-Anne K. and Dennis T. Avery to Elena L. Juris and Kristan J. Markey, $785,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4707, No. 307-Estate of Elizabeth Anne Martin and Michael D. Martin to Malgorzata Joanna Rymsza-Pawlowska and Nathaniel Allen Conroy, $429,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5410, No. 707-Reena and Jeffrey S. Racki to Tamina Chowdhury, $303,000.

Corcoran St., 1620, No. B-William Coles Hudgins to Ishaan Shaagnik Mukherji and Marina Katherine Barakatt, $599,000.


D St., 631, No. 445-Joshua W. Goulding and Kate Wagner Berenato Goulding to Sydney Katherine Rose, $632,500.

Delafield Pl., 827-Victoria Ann and Michael Salamon to Theodore Trigylidas, $715,000.

E St., 616, No. 804-Sarah E. Baker to Stephen John and Maryallys Finical, $457,500.

Euclid St., 1324, No. 2-Hannah Rose Light to Mathew Luke Hebert, $399,999.

Euclid St., 1725, No. 1-Sebastiano Brancoli to Benjamin Merrick and Jennifer Panlilio, $548,000.

Fairmont St., 1321, No. 106-Lauren E. Ciurca to Matthew J. Hansen, $290,000.

Florida Ave., 919, No. 2-Jeffrey J. Bartelli to Mathew Prezioso, $401,450.

Foxhall Rd., 3211-David G. Helfrich to George Lafayette Hanbury III and Suzanna Jung Kang, $2.62 million.

Garfield St., 3831-Zenobia Rae Kozak and Michael Paul Perks to Samita M. Sharman and Moulin J. Desai, $1.23 million.


Georgia Ave., 3205, No. 205-Sara N. Gonzalez to John Beasley, $350,000.

Glenbrook Rd., 5035-Mary Elizabeth Lewis to Richard Emmanuel and Jennifer Price Glod, $1.45 million.

Hall Pl., 2250-Michael Henri Folliet to Adam Kuchinski and Leigh Anne Jenkins, $1.35 million.

Harvard St., 1750, No. 2D-Julia Jane Hughes Lattanzio to James Frederick Franklin, $340,000.

Holmead Pl., 3453-Isidore Corp. to Andrea Levien, $649,900.

K St., 32-Wai K. Yu and Wai Y. Mak to Meenakshi Mehta, $735,015.

Kansas Ave., 4402-William Cole to William and Chikage Lanning, $549,900.

Kenyon St., 634-Jason Elloitt and John Buechler to Samantha Kennedy and Jacob Agus-Kleinman, $755,000.

Kenyon St., 1350, No. 4-Angela Nicole Biondi to Robert Elliott Martin, $405,000.

L St., 2201, No. 220-Tabitha D. McQueen to Austin S. Burks, $299,900.

Lamont St., 732, No. 401-Drake Jenkins to Brian S. Evans and Brian M. Lipinski, $450,000.

Longfellow St., 136-Irina Razgonova to Scott Fleming and Fabiola Gomez, $765,000.

Longfellow St., 830-William E. Potter to Donald McLellan, $620,000.

M St., 406, No. 3-Ryan D. and Lauren E. Sturgill to Thomas David Whitty and Alycia Jacklyn Foley, $500,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 4545, No. 203-Sara Jo Mumford to Kevin and Catalina Higgins, $236,500.

Manor Pl., 3710-Patrick and Emily McDermott to David and Jessica Simprini, $1.05 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 1223-James Ian and Linn Powell to Kagen Parks Yelmene, $530,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 3923-Richard Babbs to Chena Bolton and Giorgio Furioso, $1.45 million.

Mintwood Pl., 1875-Stephanie L. Komsa to Sara Ghebremichael, $326,000.

N St., 406-Dilan Investment 1003 Corp. to Roxanne I. Lepore, $1.1 million.

N St., 1300, No. 719-Michele Aguilar Carlin to Laura Ellen Falender, $470,000.

N St., 3237, No. 14-Kevin Michael Doherty to Meredith J. Dozier, $355,000.

Nebraska Ave., 5224-Darryl G. Stephens to Lori Mihalich and Jason Levin, $950,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1330, No. 922-David N. McNelis to Benjamin L. Shabot, $295,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 4912-Olimpia Marian Lee to Judith A. Ruskin, $262,500.

New York Ave., 437, No. 908-Kathleen D. Yamashita to Nadir Moulay Alaoui, $495,111.

Nicholson St., 29-Gregory E. and Yvonne S. Lamb to Jason Stayanovich and Brianna Cash, $595,000.

Ordway St., 2712, No. 1-Kathryn Krustapentus to Peter Anthony Rosado Flores and Danielle Erin Johnson, $569,900.

Ordway St., 3425-Magda Jane and David E. Biltchik to Michael Paul Perks and Zenobia R. Kozak, $1.48 million.

P St., 1737, No. 501-Jose Queiros to Abou El Mahassine Fassi-Fihri, $470,000.

Park Rd., 1215, No. 3-Yaniv Snir and Greg Mandrake Alan to Massoumeh Farman-Farmaian, $690,000.

Piney Branch Rd., 6625-Ernest L. and Jean E. Bryant to Kathleen Adare Balet, $575,000.

Porter St., 3421-Katherine J. Nesbitt to Michael Christian Mahrt and Camilla Dalla-Favera, $1.01 million.

Primrose Rd., 1663-Dorchester Group Corp. to Penny Dinh Ngo and Enrique Escalante, $962,500.

Q St., 1401, No. 404-Marissa Ducca to Michela Masson, $925,000.

Q St., 2500, No. 512-Federica Iorio to Meredith H. Hindley, $370,000.

Quincy St., 921-Thomas and Alyson Burnett to Karla Anselmo and Ryan T. Anderson, $905,000.

R St., 1433, No. 4-Sean Ture Johnson to Martin Gillespie and Carlos Gonzalez Sosa, $1.25 million.

Reservoir Rd., 3417-Oliver M. Lewis to Ursula Himali, $1.1 million.

S St., 2125, No. PH1-Ronald and Deborah Sue Feinstein to Linda Farrell and Christopher Berlew, $920,000.

Shepherd St., 1747-Courtney Elizabeth Austrian and T. Clifford Reed to Stefanos N. and Christiana Roulakis, $1.06 million.

Sherman Ave., 3207-Dancing Cranberry Corp. to Salatin Tavakoly, $407,170.

T St., 945, No. B-Genevieve Douglas McKeel to Kalliopi Evangelia Vlastos, $525,000.

Taylor St., 310-Philip and Julie V. Bolin to Peter and Evelyn Hickman, $590,000.

Van Ness St., 2939, No. 608-Norma Palma to Michael K. Muth, $260,000.

Varnum St., 717-Bellux Investment Inc. to Jordan A. Valdes, $987,000.

Vermont Ave., 1338, No. 6-Todd Van Etten to Jacob Shelby and Corey Harrison Berk, $625,000.

Virginia Ave., 2700-Michael Minkoff to Cheryl Benard, $2.75 million.

Warren St., 3635-Dilan Investment Corp. to Allon Kedem and Joanna Shalleck-Klein, $1.44 million.

Webster St., 720-Estate of Michael Daniels and Jennifer Concino to Brian Wright, $685,000.

Westover Pl., 4348-Gloria Cataneo Tosi to Laurel P. Malson, $1 million.

Windom Pl., 3905-John Canon to Eugene Kim Lee and Esther Lin, $952,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3010, No. 107-Patrick J. Maluso to Christine Schroyer, $289,000.

Woodley Rd., 3503-Pamela Joan Hardy to Erin L. Mullan, $1.75 million.

Second St., 2201, No. 23-Elizabeth A. Coyne to Setareh Samii, $500,000.

Third St., 5015-Korey J. Barry and Kathryn M. Gravely to Heidi and Gustavo Guerra, $749,500.

Fourth St., 4922-Making Our Dreams A Reality Investment to Matthew Sidney and Megan Rice Shapanka, $769,000.

Fifth St., 4107, No. 2-Kasey Gillette to Asha Singh, $317,000.

Fifth St., 5337-Mirzan Development Corp. to Will Ellis Mitchell and Alexandra Louise Haworth, $725,000.

Eighth St., 4013-John R. Poirier and Jennifer A. Leonard to Hallie R. Liberto and Rodrigo Trevino, $739,694.

10th St., 1217, No. B-Abbas and Pamela Louise Yazdani to John Francis Dolan II, $1.25 million.

10th St., 3818-Estate of Devala M. Ray and Cynthia Yelverton to Gabriel Cartagena-Mendez and Shajena E. Cartagena, $705,000.

11th St., 2250, No. 206-Arash Aalaei to Hyuk-Kyo Suh and Kate Y. Shim, $480,000.

12th St., 1519-Theodore D. and Evangelia C. Pelonis to Edward Bigelow Baker III and Melissa Wilf, $1.25 million.

12th St., 2020, No. 818-Jeffrey Marburg-Goodman to Adam M. Eisgrau, $1.1 million.

13th St., 1245, No. 1011-Bethany Quinn to Camille Pearl Asaro, $365,000.

13th St., 3217-Carlos Guillermo and Jennifer Elias to Kyle Sanger Livingston, $1.07 million.

13th St., 6627-Julie T. Garnier and Charlene Evans to Rhina Roberts and Dexter Bobb, $924,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 417-Alan K. Scheff to Keith Richard Clemson, $790,000.

15th St., 2020, No. 3-Taylor H. and Alexandra McRae Dimsdale to Timothy Barton Ehrlich, $935,000.

15th St., 4722-Bridge Management Holdings Inc. to Avi Mordechai and Julia Herst Perry, $935,000.

16th St., 3060, No. 511-Ian R. Broennle to David Stephen, $349,000.

17th St., 1526-Kathryn Sumie Lee to Marcelo Norsworthy, $334,300.

17th St., 2515, No. 2-Eric Nielsen to Travis and Christopher Iskierka-Boggs, $355,000.

18th St., 1325, No. 912-Jason Ornstein to Yu Wang and Yiwen Han, $425,000.

18th St., 2300, No. 206-Philip J. Brannigan III and Samantha G. Bolduc to Efstathios N. Michalopoulos, $415,000.

20th St., 2220-Joseph Victor Sheldon III to Joseph N. Mariano, $479,000.

21st St., 1280, No. 810-Jenny Leach to Peter Mannisi and Pei Cheng, $420,000.

23rd St., 1155, No. PH3J-Ezra Partners Corp. to Michael G. and Sheila M. Ryan, $2.15 million.

25th St., 1111, No. 508-Maile P. and Hisham Ramzi to Jeremy Russell and Matthew Curtis Marsh, $699,900.

31st St., 1675-Rebecca S. Danesh to Lawrence and Therese Dirita, $4.9 million.

35th St., 1609-Fuzion Limited Corp. to Donald F. and Elizabeth S. Larson, $2.87 million.

38th St., 4200-Jane C. Cicala to Paul and Amy Kohnstamm, $1.13 million.

39th St., 3741, No. D208-Keith Koniow to Douglas R. Liggle, $352,000.

42nd St., 2325, No. 210-Shirley A. Delabarre to Marilin Perez, $270,000.

44th St., 1516-Four G. Corp. to David Hulan Hastings and Elizabeth Timbrook Brown, $1.33 million.


Bass Pl., 5520-Craig Fauver to Dorel Captari and Sabatino Scirri, $355,000.

Burns St., 719-Burns Homes Corp. to Brittany D. Moore, $375,000.

Carolina Ave. N., 101, No. 301-Mark Muenchrath to William Doggett, $245,000.

D St., 5208-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Nicole Ferrell, $410,000.

Duddington Pl., 132-Michael and Emily Kirlin to Brendan M. Belair and Jennifer Lackey, $885,000.

Fort Baker Dr., 2729-Bernadette Hawkins Marlow to Dorothy Romel Coby, $400,000.

G St., 909-Timothy A. Anderson and Jennifer R. Hauser to Matthew Scott Schaar and Stephanie O’Brien, $867,000.

H St., 4630-Carla Brannum to Karen D. Williams, $350,000.

Independence Ave., 1367-Christian and Jennifer Ann Kaseman to James and Emily Clayton, $1.09 million.

Oakwood St., 212-212, No. 122-Brittani Michaeline Ogden to Phylicia Darcy Cross, $199,900.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1400, No. 5-Matthew F. Krause to Cary M. Golesworthy, $575,000.

Pope St., 3250-Barbara Jordan to Tana A. and Malaika Alert, $453,000.

Texas Ave., 4550-Latoniya N. Lambert to Kiana L. Richardson, $339,900.

Upsal St., 756-Capitol Real Estate Investments Corp. to Tamru Asefa, $376,000.

Woodmont Pl., 1850-Federal National Mortgage Association to Clarissa Rucker, $456,000.

Fourth St., 102-Aaron and Elinor Hiller to Matthew James and Heather Holt, $1.19 million.

Seventh St., 110-Andrew Olaf Cameron to Joseph M. Figlio, $790,000.

11th St., 226-Estate of Scott Hammar and Pamela L. Safah to Gregory Wilhelm and Mingyi Lei, $863,000.

15th St., 245, No. 202-Kevin Stephens to Kimberly Elizabeth Meek, $525,000.

16th St., 408-Scott Williams to Colin Reed, $784,000.

18th St., 223, No. 2-Chad S. Gallinat to Christopher Chaves E. Silva and Natalie Peterson Andrews, $465,000.

24th Pl., 1802-Phillip D. Perry and Joshua Hicks to Jacqueline Lee, $550,000.

32nd Pl., 2111-Estate of Kim Raymond Hankins and Bradley Ernest Hankins to Sean K. Turner and Melinda N. Moyo, $569,000.

46th St., 725-Madison Management Properties Inc. to Kimberly R. Baxter, $475,000.


G St., 350, No. N113-Andrew P. Young and Matthew D. Robinson to Mark J. Arevalo, $399,999.

I St., 355, No. 511-Nevardo Javier Arguello to Samuel Byun, $465,000.

N St., 361-Nancy H. and Dennis B. McCarthy to Shay Johnson and Joshua Delaney, $659,000.

Third St., 1101, No. 211-Mougeh Nazmi Ansari to Alexis Norman and Michael Iwunze, $327,000.

Fourth St., 1435, No. B803-Nino Zahrastnik to Valerie J. Howard, $348,740.