District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. in June. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Alden Pl., 3364-Jack Spicer Properties Corp. to Katherine Murphy and Justin Hay, $434,000.

Blaine St., 5400-Blaine Homes Corp. to Anndrian Walker, $337,500.

C St., 1426-William H. and Kathleen B. Hennessey Carroll to David K. Osei and Carrol Chang, $850,000.

Channing St., 1845-Narcisa Nicolau and Diego Souza to Jazzalyn Livingston, $465,000.

Constitution Ave., 1216-Amber K. Gove and Thomas R. Mitchell IV to Corey O’Brien and Rachel Kahn, $980,000.

D St., 819, No. 14-Sarah E. Rogers to James Harry Rowell Jr., $528,500.

Dakota Ave. S., 4800-Bartley E. and Hazel V. Brown to Vanessa Ercilia Pleitez, $475,000.

E St., 411-Mary Lynne Boss and Patricia Margaret Hanson to Paul V. and Joanne E. Rastas, $962,000.

Edson Pl., 4414-Nachito Development Corp. to Dimitrios Patargias and Line Deslandes, $425,400.

F St., 311-C&S Development Corp. to Thomas Martin and Emily Ruger Beline, $2.38 million.

Florida Ave., 1385-Nikolas S. and Catlin O. Coffrin to Shane and Tara Lewis, $950,000.

G St., 515-Ethan and Molly Marsh to Michael David Bonistalli and Catherine Alexandra Brandon, $1.22 million.

Hawthorne Ct., 67-Jason J. Hill to Marva Tokhi, $290,000.

I St., 1210-Davin O’Regan to Paul D. Teicher and Emily L. Wathen, $850,000.

Kennedy St., 419-Aruba Investments Corp. to John Miller and Michael Porcello, $584,000.

Lyman Pl., 1722-Estate of Hattie B. Foster and Delores F. Gray to Adam M. and Rachel Reese, $495,000.

Otis St., 1618-Reed T. and Jennifer L. Parker to Jason Alcorn and Carmen Iguina Gonzalez, $849,500.

Queen St., 1315-David L. Hooper to Shannon Lorenzo Barnett II, $600,000.

Randolph St., 2415-Wilmington Savings Fund Society and Stanwich Mortgage Loan Trust to Fernando Sanchez, $410,000.

Ritchie Pl., 1341-Adrianne M. Dale to Nisha Krishnan, $668,500.

Seaton Pl., 303, No. 1-Imran J. and Rachel L. Mahmud to Jennifer D. Karbowsky, $340,000.

T St., 160-Annie M. Goode and Joyce E. Adams to Nuer Yakefujiang and Muminjiang Patiguli, $580,000.

Upshur St., 1900-CSM Real Estate Group Corp. to Logan and Amanda Lee Yanasak Worsley, $720,000.

Wylie St., 1257-Faith Calvert and Nicholas Cordell to Sarah Walsh, $640,000.

Fourth St., 700-Thomas M. and Emily R. Beline to Abbey M. Glenn and Samra Kasim, $907,500.

Sixth St., 2628-Daniel B. Jordan to Kelly and Conor O’Brien, $605,000.

Eighth St., 4036, No. 1-Genevieve L. Moreland to Lindsay Schmidt, $430,000.

12th St., 239-Sarah Venuto and Nelson Perez to Caitlin Sullivan and Jeffrey Carson Currier, $1.86 million.

12th St., 3209, No. 101-Barbara and Akeeno Mitchell to Stephfon J. and Debra P. Walton, $480,000.

17th St., 1209-Lucrative Creative Investment Organization to Agapia Redwood and Christopher Armond Rogers, $535,000.

19th St., 750-Kimberly Howell Simmonds to Dereje Feleke, $500,000.

25th Pl., 538-Matt A. Nusbaum and Stacia J.N. Decker to Stephen Dipangrazio and Victoria Welborn, $595,000.

53rd St., 117-Brian Rich to Gornayl Beliard, $463,000.


Adams St., 49-Adam Fett and Catherine Schmierer to Andrew Brady and Benjamin Fishel, $1.17 million.

Albemarle St., 4101, No. 352-Hill Country Holdings Corp. to Bibi F. Rahimi, $530,000.

Beecher St., 3825-Alan H. Carpien to Ross Goldberg and Courtney Erin Otto, $965,000.

Belt Rd., 5020-Edward A. Hoyt and Anne L. Wakefield to Kevin E. Alonzo and Jane Luxner, $879,000.

Bryant St., 33, No. 2-David Chalian and Justin T. Bernstine to Andrew B. and Megan J. Feldman, $815,000.

Butternut St., 520-John R. Urciolo and Zoe Stern to Derek Ketchum Murrow and Alison Kelly Macalady, $750,000.

California St., 2138, No. 410-Steven Beeson and Karen C. Fox to Khai Nguyen and Mai-Lan Pham, $1.73 million.

Cathedral Ave., 3901, No. 35-Bretton Keating to Cassandra Hoch, $235,000.

Charleston Terr., 4635-Jeffrey S. and Paula J. Christie to Cyrus H. Kharas and Meghan Naik, $1.67 million.

Clifton St., 1323, No. 14-Van N. Peace Jr. and Lindsey S. Sullivan to Victoria E. Waite, $585,000.

Clydesdale Pl., 1860-Brandon R. Wetherbee and Kelsey A. Snell to Molly French, $347,000.

Columbia Rd., 1440, No. 403-Graham R. Webster to Timothy E. Ghazzawi, $350,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3701, No. 422-Pravina A. Raghavan to Lea Keeley Klock and Jonathan Marcial, $255,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5233, No. B-Alicia Pauline Allison to John and Alexandria Kellerstrass, $550,000.

Cortland Pl., 3020-Paul Stephen and Linda W. Spiegler to Todd Andrew Vassar and Bryant Hall, $1.56 million.

Delafield Pl., 400-Nona and Kevin Richardson to Alicia Paller and David Pabian, $789,700.

E St., 616, No. 818-Gabriela Carias and William Green to Jason and Rebecca Goren, $795,000.

F St., 912, No. 407-Christina and Michael Daulton to Stanley R. and Judith M. McCormick, $464,500.

Farragut St., 231-Benjamin and Rebecca Buursma to Shivshankar Srikanth and Jennifer Anne Casto, $670,000.

Florida Ave., 929, No. 3005-Sarah R. and Cynthia R. Conway to Maina Kiai, $704,200.

Fulton St., 3503-Peter D. and Caprice Nicola Thompson to Manu Gayatrinath and Anthony M. Cruz, $2.88 million.

Georgia Ave., 4621-Jose and Angela Minero to Kyra Holland, $625,000.

Harvard St., 1459, No. 2-Sandeep and Ajita Menon to Emily Ann Rauhala and Jay Marshall Kimmel, $648,000.

Highwood Ct., 4022-Laurie R. Kusch to Eduardo M. and Maria Cecilia Deschapelles, $1.82 million.

Idaho Ave., 3310-George and Nora Stavropoulos to Daniel J. Wilkinson and Chang X. Liu, $1.2 million.

Ingraham St., 721-Thomas A. and Kira Evans to Michael Polczynski and Kaitlin Staudt, $585,000.

K St., 1150, No. 804-Jennifer Chagnon to Pablo M. Vera Fabbri, $445,000.

Kenyon St., 429-Ronald Lamont Folks to Sandra E. Quel, $254,900.

Kenyon St., 1615, No. 51-Alexander M. Yabroff and Sarah D. Guy to Genevieve M. Stulb, $610,000.

Lamont St., 639-Renee A. and Liam D. Leduc Clarke to Daniel C. Brown, $740,000.

Longfellow St., 621-Megapolis Construction Corp. to Pouya Gharahdaghi, $799,000.

Lowell St., 5028-Jeanne D. Langdon to Geoffrey Gardner and Kathryn Minor Jones, $2.15 million.

M St., 910, No. 601-Neysan D. and Negin R. Rassekh to Jesse and Alyssa Levine, $960,000.

Madison St., 826-Ivy S. Morgan and Sharlina Hussain-Morgan to Allison N. and Trevor G. Fisher, $800,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 410-Alexandra Miller Murphy to Terence J. Callahan, $410,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 4301, No. 8006-Hal Rossiter to John Thomas and Gina Guzman Seelig, $318,000.

Military Rd., 4301, No. 105-Susan Scholsohn to Caroline Hartsock, $439,900.

N St., 2101, No. 301-Frances Henderson Symes to Kelsie J. Wendelberger, $429,000.

Nevada Ave., 5510-Rebecca A. Lasky Long and estate of Marc P. Lasky to Chelsea and Philip Richard Mattingly, $1.22 million.

New Hampshire Ave., 1816, No. 507-TLC Homes Corp. to Andrew Luther Goins IV, $304,000.

New Mexico Ave., 3101, No. 515-Suliman Abdulrahman S. Alameer to Ranjit Palkar and Shalini Saksena, $675,000.

Oliver St., 3433-Robert T. and Linda E. Geen to Julia Elizabeth and Timothy John Schmidt, $1.65 million.

Overlook Lane, 3510-William L. and Margaret E. Sollee to Howard B. and Jodi P. Yeager, $1.84 million.

P St., 4350-Gregory J. Melanson to Jonathan Stuart Jeffress, $1.5 million.

Piney Branch Rd., 6517-Gloria E. Jackson to Francisco D. Chagas Silva Correa, $425,000.

Prospect St., 3251, No. 412-Elizabeth Parrella to Mark and Natasha Sewell, $920,000.

Q St., 1416-John S. Weaver Jr. and Forrest R. Smith to Don Gregory Neeb, $1.83 million.

Quesada St., 3523-3519-Mary E. Doctors to Jessica Leinwand and Samuel Stein, $1.56 million.

R St., 443-Estate of Jerald Newberry and Erin Newberry Gerber to Robert Nelb and Foster Curry, $920,000.

R St., 3020, No. 3-H. Alaya Rajagopal to Paul Robert Elsen and Gina Moon Waterfield, $685,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1301, No. 4-Charles W. Galbraith to Aloysius O. Carr, $824,000.

S St., 1314-Peter Kadzik and Amy Weiss to Jeffrey D. and Sophie Oberstein, $2.38 million.

Shepherd St., 923-Modetela Corp. to Julian David and Vivian St. George Suchman, $720,000.

Stuyvesant Pl., 3346-Claire K. and Benjamin Chadwick to Elizabeth N. and Eric C. Mandle, $1.27 million.

T St., 149, No. 1-Richard Marcus to Gerald Stephen and Meagan Bates Perry, $740,000.

Tewkesbury Pl., 1355-Estate of Joan D. Davis and Keisa Hamilton to Amy N. Blaszyk and Adam James Hammond III, $675,000.

Upshur St., 724-Jason and Lindsay Marczak to Kyle Benton Simon, $900,000.

V St., 77-Erin O’Neill and Timothy R. Bodner to William Rusch and Meredith Agnes Phillips, $1.34 million.

Varnum St., 901-Maria Martchouk and Sean P. Burke to Arash Bateni and Ida Meftahi, $975,000.

Warder St., 3404-Carolyn Anne Stoesen to Morris D. and Jessa A. Cooke, $740,000.

Westminster St., 930-Rufus Justin Smith and Pamela Phuong Nguyen Phan to Pierson Stoecklein and Heather Volkamer, $1.55 million.

Willard St., 1736, No. 403-Richard Henderson to Carlos Herran, $395,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3024, No. 108-Brigit Depagnier Mullican to Christopher C. Monaco, $289,000.

Wyoming Ave., 1901-Estate of Robert F. Hardgrove to Frances Taoran Sun, $731,000.

First St., 1745-Deanna L. Wright and Dana Gantt Matassa to Wilfried Anicet Kouakou Kouame and Anne Marie Duplantier, $880,000.

Third Pl., 5821-Lyn M. Tomlinson and Jennifer Curry Cartland to Monica Debia and Kenneth McKinley, $750,000.

Fifth St., 1612, No. 2-Meaghan K. Muldoon to Helen Chen, $755,000.

Seventh St., 5012-Casey Stringer to Adrian Glenn Washington, $550,000.

Ninth St., 1815-Zachary H. Levey to Ariel E. and Andrew D. Warner, $890,500.

11th St., 1628, No. 304-NRC/FC 11TH Street Corp. to Erika Michelle White, $242,700.

13th St., 1300, No. 309-Christian James and Nathan Bowen to Jeevna Sheth, $650,000.

14th St., 1634, No. T001-Dannette Seward to Kevin E. McCurdy, $355,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 803-Anna A. Driggs to Sharif Shaarawy and Lanni Jin, $759,000.

15th St., 2331, No. 403-S-Taylor Harber Mullon and Robert Harber to John David Lee, $517,000.

16th St., 2000, No. 605-Emily Moore Fleckner to Brendan F. Haggerty, $421,000.

16th St., 3537-Todd C. Conklin and Dustin J. Allison to Leonard Maurice Pearson and Ellen Marie Bryan, $1.07 million.

18th St., 1628, No. B-Paul E. Moulden and Nybia Laguarda to Samuel Max and Nancy Tujague Harper, $1.13 million.

18th St., 3365, No. B-Catherine C. Workman to Joseph Patrick Scott and Victoria Elizabeth Barone, $535,000.

20th St., 2227, No. 502-Elizabeth D. Hochberg to Sarah Wheeler, $465,000.

22nd St., 1318, No. 403-Jose Luis Castro to Rachel Sillcox, $480,000.

25th St., 1010, No. 810-Peter Alexander Korbel to David Christian Chanady, $225,000.

29th St., 1229-Michael C. Rooney to Catherine A. Harper, $1.28 million.

31st St., 5432-Frank H. and Patsy Hoover Curran to Jean M. Henderson, $875,000.

33rd St., 5441-Joshua N. Klatzkin and Fernanda I. Montano Valdes to Ryan J. and Jordan R. Fox, $1.49 million.

39th St., 4221-Alessandro Gullo and Arianna Ugliano to Herve Kaddoura and Alexandra Maria Arango, $935,000.

43rd St., 4539-Samuel G. and Katlin M. Backfield to Brian E. and Jennifer A. Lucey, $911,000.

49th St., 4509-Theodoe R. Mitchell and Christine M. Beckman to Christopher Spina and Elizabeth Carpenter, $1.82 million.


Alabama Ave., 700-Carpenters of Georgetown Investment Group to Grayson Michael Scogin and Roseann Rowan Romano, $529,000.

B St., 5426-BBB Street Homes Corp. to Sacsheen Scott, $355,000.

Bowen Rd., 2645, No. B-Phyllistine Y. Cunningham to Juan Antonio and Maria Manuelita Rigat, $230,000.

Call Pl., 5037, No. 302-Alexandria City Properties Corp. to Umang Varma, $87,000.

D St., 1526-Austin J. Durrer to John Paul and Martha Ashley Bello, $702,500.

E St., 632-Estate of Woodruff M. Price and Richard E. Glaze Jr. to Mainon Alexandra Lisa Schwartz and Christopher Jacob Pieratt, $928,000.

F St., 5208, No. 3-Nicole L. Brown to Yulduz Abdullaeva, $185,000.

Howard Rd., 1423-Vicky Dukes Trust Corp. to Rhoderick J. Ramsey, $349,000.

L St., 330-Maureen Moore to Kenneth D. and Ann C. Bowersox, $1.23 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 1411, No. 5-Kimberly A. Beck to Aftan Snyder, $335,000.

Newcomb St., 409-CCP Holdings Inc. to Yonas H. Asrat and Ellni T. Zelelew, $439,999.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. 220-Harris Teeter Properties Corp. to Thomas Robert Fitzgerald and Joseph Matthew Piekarski, $599,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 4010-Tamera T. Adams to Scott M. Perry, $370,000.

Ridge Pl., 1437-Y and Z Investments Corp. to Abel M. Gebremichael, $380,000.

Savannah St., 1112, No. 33-BP-Savannah Corp. to Thetina Tewelde, $240,000.

Valley Pl., 1323-Estate of Marcia E. Parkes and P. Elizabeth Nicholson to Cristin McElroy and Paul Campbell, $500,000.

Seventh St., 425-Stephanie Schmid to Emily and Philip Newman, $990,000.

10th St., 517-Marshall G. and Rachel Nye Hildreth to Allison Mara Meyers, $875,000.


Delaware Ave., 751, No. 183-George Thomas Mehalko and Delacie C. Hester to Andrew Patrick and Miao Zhang, $776,200.

M St., 300, No. N306-Rachel Finan Flynn-Kasuba to Jason Richard Curry, $319,900.

Water St., 525, No. 223-Maria L. Kelokates and Jean Wright to Kenly M. Flanigan, $430,000.

Fourth St., 1250, No. W111-David Gregory Testa to Antonio Crombie, $315,000.