District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. in July. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Baker St., 3352-Toya McAllister Graham to Stevie Nabors, $400,000.

Bryant St., 1380, No. 301-Trista Soendker and Sean Soendker Nicholson to Victoria Maqueda, $265,000.

Capitol St. E., 1216-Gregory J. and Roberta D. Weaver to Kathryn Harris and Grace Meredith Parnell, $1.55 million.

Chillum Pl., 5282-Rigoberto Yanes and Meylin Lazo to Fikeraddis Gelaw Amare, $495,000.

Constitution Ave., 643-Emily E. and Benjamin D. Cichy to Jonah Moses Abraham Crane and Sara Beth Petrasso, $1.42 million.

Dakota Ave. S., 3721-John Schenk and Lorenzo M. Carlos to Sara Shirzad, $599,999.

F St., 1231-Vanessa Leigh Manchester Jordan to Shalini C. Vallabhan and Smita Rawoot, $1.29 million.

Hamlin St., 1303-Cametrick A. and Lesley N.D. Nesmith to Virginia J. Robnett and Vasiliy Gregory Kisunki, $776,500.

Hurston Lane, 2516, No. 15-Robert Hilary and Juliann Abercrombie Winn to Stella O. Chukwu, $495,000.

Jefferson St., 520-Estate of Doreatha J. Mims and Terrence Harrison to Loretta Taylor, $550,000.

Lang Pl., 1737-Estate of Vermelle J. Scott and Jean Scott Diggs to Andreas Mueller, $465,000.

Lyman Pl., 1623-Millwood Properties Corp. to John J. McLaughlin, $605,000.

Maryland Ave., 1007, No. 302-Gerald and Ivy Ken to Matthew Patrick Martz and Patrick John Lighfoot, $420,000.

Nash St., 4403-Isaac N. Asare to Ighodaro Sylvester Evbuoma, $460,000.

Oglethorpe St., 704-Vanhoose Properties Corp. to Leonardo R. and Nicola C. Romero, $569,900.

Quincy St., 1037-Estate of Maria Hrdina Sefcik and Cristine Holland to Jamitriace Hawkins, $617,700.

Roosevelt Pl., 3716-Vernell Kay Richardson to Hayda Wallen-Jaganath, $345,500.

Taylor St., 1211-Edward and Karene Steiner to Elizabeth Henri Elfman and Paul James Howard Syers, $749,000.

Underwood Pl., 14-Manuel G. and Alicia A. Ronquillo to Shakir Ghazi and Amina Khan, $600,000.

Victor St., 113-Federal National Mortgage Association to Dain Roose-Snyder, $380,000.

Virginia Ave. W., 1916-Eajj Corp. to Evelyn Washington, $472,540.

Third St., 207-Nikia Lee Gray to Joy E. and Paul H. Adams, $1.48 million.

Fourth St., 1026-Lee and Kelly Hartshorn to Robert William Pilkington and Peling Li, $765,000.

Seventh St., 4718-RGS Residential Inc. to David Hand, $595,000.

13th St., 121, No. 202-Andrew M. Stroot to Katherine A. Dylewsky, $379,900.

15th St., 426-Deirdre J. Fricke to Martha S. Thomsen, $1.03 million.


Adams Mill Rd., 3123-Barbara Cook and estate of Kathleen S. Johnson to Caitlin Avery Warner and Ian James Lent, $925,000.

Albemarle St., 4101, No. 418-Abigail G. Matthews to Daniel P. and Nancy K. Atchue, $420,000.

Alton Pl., 4645-Robert Torresen Jr. to Travis Harold and Markley Foreman Schlegel, $1.36 million.

Benton St., 3917-Ethan D. and Natalie Royal Selzer to Carl Lawrence Malm and Debra Rager, $1.3 million.

Butternut St., 921, No. 304-Daniel Apoloni to Bairy Diakite and Noorjahan Akbar, $422,000.

Calvert St., 2501, No. 601-Richard A. and Olvido C. Demarco to David Jorge Baringo Ezquerra, $520,000.

Cathedral Ave., 4101-Donn G. Davis to Julian C. Ferris, $480,000.

Chapin St., 1439, No. 102-Dimitri and Georgia Daskalos to Angela Marie Demahy, $549,000.

Chevy Chase Pkwy., 5611-Christopher J. and Marion F. Briggs to Ramon and Mary Elizabeth Noonan Sobrino, $1.35 million.

Colorado Ave., 4709-Robert L. and Marlene Church to Johannes Sebastian Kiess and Courtney Anne Ranson, $1.25 million.

Columbia Rd., 1401, No. 420-Shamik N. Trivedi to Jessica Sobel Lavin, $420,000.

Connecticut Ave., 2660, No. 5B-Nash Wardman Tower Residential Corp. to Vanda Bruce and Maria Emma McMurtry, $2.15 million.

Connecticut Ave., 3446, No. 206-Margery Nan Somers and Jodi H. Tirengel to William A. Robinson, $320,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3901, No. 206-Lisa J. Vollmer to Paul and Susan Chintis Kovach, $339,900.

Connecticut Ave., 4740, No. 406-Michael A. Hughes to Dariely Rodriguez, $453,000.

Davenport St., 4101-Jo M. Cooper to Jimmy Sheng-Yu Chiang and Yi-Wen Liu, $1.25 million.

E St., 915, No. 415-Estate of Michael Caglioti and Paul Joseph Damore to Mark William Mugler, $799,000.

Ellicott St., 4732-Stephen L. Wilkins and Margaret A. McManus to Eduardo Sierra Gonzalez, $950,000.

Euclid St., 1441, No. 107-Kathryn E. Ladewski to Monica Anne Veldman, $355,000.

Farragut St., 608-Jeffrey and Hannah Prillaman to Cara Llewellyn and Jason Robertson, $630,000.

Foxhall Rd., 1408-Stephen Hugh Williams and Margaret Sutherland to Yuan Wang, $930,500.

Glade St. N., 2818-Estate of John D. Griswold and Elizabeth Van Wagenen to Catherine Gotwald and Albert Miles Pratt, $965,000.

Harvard St., 1750, No. 5A-Brett and Pei-Zei Hamsik to Shelby Tania Gonzales, $550,000.

Ingomar St., 4206-Jean-Pierre Chauffour and Brigitte Virfollet to Elad Sharon and Laure Ines Hadas-Lebel, $1.69 million.

Irving St., 1750-Estate of Lee P. Ribuffo and Bruce M. Rich to Mary A. Sartorius, $830,000.

Jocelyn St., 3752-Alexander and Sara Meadows Shawe to Bryan Joseph and Georgianna Paul Schuetz, $1.55 million.

Kalorama Rd., 1701, No. M-4-Gregory H. and Leslie Jean Pejic to Michael B. Wills, $685,000.

Kennedy St., 507-JL Property Ventures Corp. and Julie W. Fletcher to Bruce Brown, $361,000.

Lanier Pl., 1789-Sean and Jessica Lewis McFate to Sarah Nolan, $683,500.

Longfellow St., 1352, No. 202-Lenora J. Stiles to Claire Amanda Archer and Brendan J. Rowell, $385,000.

M St., 500, No. 1-David W. Ridings to Rayon Jay and Francesca Marie Dixon, $398,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 5320-Kivanc and Ozge Gurel Kirgiz to Erica Shawn Merson, $1.17 million.

Marietta Pl., 410-DBL Corp. to Sean Benjamin Treanor and Naomi E. Eva Basik Treanor, $741,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 555, No. 711-Ari R. and Jamie B. Alexander to Adrienne Myers, $429,900.

Meridian Pl., 1421-Dilan Investment Corp. to John Kirk and Adena Tova Goza, $1.17 million.

Morton St., 764-Estela and Ever Melendez to Shafiq Arif, $580,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 700-Eugene M. and Carol E. Cicatello Sibick to David and Susan Park, $417,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1816, No. 705-Claire Shanley to Romoloe Antonio Gabriele Petrini, $302,900.

New Mexico Ave., 2801, No. 808-Mary Katherine Wood to Debra Kline Leslie, $860,000.

Newark St., 3881, No. C477-Mary Grimmer to Howard Chyung, $385,000.

Northampton St., 3328-John K. and Cora T. Han to Mark Viehman and Lynn Eisenberg, $1.01 million.

Oliver St., 3110-Luke R. Hartig and Rachel E. Martin to John Patrick and Megan Rae Slocum, $906,700.

P St., 1718, No. 807-Michael P. Kahn to Mai Huong Nguyen, $485,000.

Peabody St., 427-Tehani Collazo to Justin S. and Tayla Burney, $647,000.

Porter St., 3028-Frances Pickering to Christopher Michael McLachlan and Emily Anne Paciolla, $385,000.

Powhatan Pl., 509-Samuel B. Cofer Sr. to Earl Willbanks, $612,500.

R St., 435, No. 306-Dawson E. Law to William Harold and Catherine Mary Suggs, $424,995.

R St., 1800, No. 904-Roger Marvin and Maria Anna Nijholt Cooke to Maha Armush, $455,000.

Reno Rd., 4726-Alexander and Craig Ventures Corp. to Radhika Mohan and Lionel Lynch, $1.52 million.

S St., 1731, No. 1-Hampton Maher to Rory Kelling and Sasha Doust Cassidy, $495,000.

T St., 1621, No. 405-Adam Martin Chudy-Scheible to William J. and Carol D. Gevov, $415,000.

Tunlaw Rd., 4000, No. 700-Charles R. and Maria Mackay to Mimi W. Thein, $176,500.

V St., 1736-Ton-Ming Bay Fang and Jed Freidman to Veronique and Nicole Li, $1.21 million.

Van Ness St., 3700-Rosanne B. McTyre to Behnaz Bonyadian Dehkordi and Brian Akinyanju, $1.35 million.

Vernon St., 1822, No. 303-John M. Jacobson and Elizabeth A. Burks to Aleksandar and Jessica L. Jarcev, $643,000.

Westminster St., 934-Troy C. Andre to Craig and Helen Chason, $1.24 million.

Winfield Lane, 3657-Babak and Sharon Eblaghie Bahador to Emmanuel Marie Francois Cuvillier and Veronique K. Cuvillier Leong, $1.77 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 5201, No. 301-Yin Myo Naing to Jennifer Laedlein, $450,000.

First St., 1827, No. 2-Jory and Wiebke Tapken Striegel to Hannah Hunt and Justin Meuse, $486,000.

Third St., 4218-Michael B. Marion to Amelia Margaret Hogan and Mark Knight Melamed, $800,000.

Eighth St., 2030, No. PH5-Charles Joseph King and Lu Tang to Trusha Kamlesh Amin, $465,000.

Ninth St., 5621-Kimpoko Sonia Barry to Emily Rose Hillman and Luis Eduardo Marquez, $795,000.

10th St., 1510-Anita Chopra to Sandra Marshall and Lee Bagel, $612,500.

12th Pl., 2229-Tara E. and Jonathan Stewart to Drew Michael Rosen, $628,000.

13th St., 1225, No. 306-Daniel S. Fichtler and Jennifer B. Frey to Hang Liu, $399,000.

14th St., 1133, No. 806-Cristina M. Sorgi to Sulayman S. Masumi, $515,000.

14th St., 2750, No. 306-Elena Curti to Shanon G. Kolasienski, $397,000.

15th St., 1515, No. 408-Michael L. and Cecelia A. David to Daniel Patrick Schmelzer and Maria M. Garcia-Escribano Martinez, $1.68 million.

16th St., 1901, No. 201-Daniel M. Hayes to Mark Barba Pacheco, $226,000.

16th St., 5315-John P. and Kristiyani Garrity to Traci L. Watson and Diego Zamberlan, $1.42 million.

17th St., 1700, No. 403-Alyson M. Kil to Frank David Ford, $460,000.

18th St., 1736, No. 301-Lisa Monaco to Aimee Caramico, $587,000.

18th St., 2922, No. 4-Tyler M. Frederick to Clara F. Gilbert, $382,000.

20th St., 1301, No. 908-Estate of Roger B. Hirschland and Edward C. Hirschland to Matthew John Flagge, $359,900.

21st St., 1314, No. 1-Gregory Marston Luce to Sam Gilliam Jr. and Annie Gawlak, $625,000.

25th St., 1275, No. 604-CFB Corp. to Wellington Y. Tong and Anita Choy Wong, $635,000.

29th St., 5359-Sharon K. Borton to Nicholas Christopher Perros and Emily Marie Wack, $1.05 million.

32nd St., 1646-Ad Hoc Holdings Corp. to Claire Gibson and Allen Barksdale Green, $1.7 million.

34th St., 2909-Charles H. and Patricia K. Betts to Debra Niemeier and Elizabeth Honig, $1.64 million.

38th St., 2303-Daniel F. and Leslie A. Drexler to Kenneth A. White and Elizabeth C. Breckenridge, $1 million.

39th Pl., 2430-Alexander R. and Page Napier Morris to Valerie Bess Kamin, $1.1 million.

42nd St., 2325, No. 410-Maureen Lemire to Sunil Bhambhani and Bhavyata Ramani, $326,000.

47th St., 3809-Virginia S. Carson to Gonzalo Ruiz Navarro and Esther Perez Ruiz, $1.36 million.


A St., 627-Erik B. and Patricia S. Rasmussen to Lauren Catherine and Gentry Alexander Kowall, $1.05 million.

C St., 1219-Patrick C. and Emilie Y. Dill to Mary L. and Dwight C. Johnson, $685,000.

Capitol St. E., 5045-Veronica Ragins Fernandez to Littane Darilus Bien-Aime, $450,000.

D St., 147-Lowell Clayton Bridwell to Brian Looser, $835,000.

E St., 3103-Phillip McMahon to Christopher Phillip Richardson, $399,900.

Fort Dupont St., 1657-Scott Construction Group Corp. to Deandre Derrick Price, $379,999.

Gorman Terr., 4314-Ramien Pierre to Jerome W. Jackson, $335,000.

K St., 407-Bradley G. Goodrich to Gamunu Ukwattege Wijetunge and Rachel Heather Eng, $999,000.

Oakwood St., 433-Chloe D. Louvouezo to Torren J. and Anyela Moore, $410,000.

Potomac Ave., 911-Ik Construction Group Corp. to Jonee Taylor, $719,000.

Seward Sq., 414, No. 404-Jason D. Holt to Maria K. Stavropoulos, $299,900.

Trenton Pl., 1910-Cassandra Addison to Kidus Ketsela, $370,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 413-Omar and Myisha R. Harrison to Cheryl Denise Mouchette, $462,000.

Fourth St., 14-Addison B. Thompson Jr. and Heather G. Childs to Lawrence A. Lokken and Mae M. Clark, $2 million.

Fifth St., 725, No. 1-Lindsey E. and Anthony R. Hill to Shawn Louis Everett Robertson and Christina Nadia Krute, $690,000.

Ninth St., 527-Woon S. Chang to Justin C. Simeone and Allison M. Maranuk, $735,000.

15th St., 912-Daniel Levy and Mary Chlebowski to Yung-Lin Judy Chang, $720,000.

17th St., 102-Jane St. Clair to Christopher Marc and Danielle Tabeth Betz, $740,200.

40th St., 1736-Shomari A. Jennings to Christopher L. Mahone Jr., $379,000.

51st St., 845-Rufus Properties Corp. to Ninotchka Y. Land, $349,999.


Delaware Ave., 1301-Jennifer Lauren Laberge to Jacob G. Goodman, $224,500.

M St., 286-Darold L. Hamlin to Douglas Harold Cleary, $595,000.

N St., 461-Estate of Timothy Baker to Rudolph Hamad and David A. Harper, $160,000.