District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Black Knight Inc. in August. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


A St., 613-Michael D. and Mary Ann Farley to Emily A. Odom and Charlene Fletcher, $1.3 million.

Bunker Hill Rd., 2215-Amanda L. Sargent to Taras Wolodymyr Matla and Michelle Eve Romo, $500,000.

Capitol St. N., 2615-Karen M. Daniels to Christopher Kurtis Koeber, $600,000.

Constitution Ave., 1002-Michael S. and Janelle L. Caplan to Jonathan Robert Millstein, $950,000.

Division Ave., 232-RR Ventures Corp. to Cyrus and Ann Artz, $439,999.

E St., 1326-Jean-Baptiste S. and Mary E. Elgin-Cossart to Frank L. Norcross and Jillian Elizabeth Curtis, $826,524.

Emerald St., 1315-Brent J. and Stephany Perez Cohen to David Crane and Megan Ledell, $772,400.

Hansberry Ct., 3808-Jeffery Willoughby to Paola Jimena Castro, $594,900.

Irving St., 2427-Kimberly Foster Price and Sherry Andrea Foster to Andrea Fitchett, $597,000.

Kearny St., 2006-Michael C. Fox to Nathan and Paula Salerno Fry, $715,000.

L St., 1815-Daiyyah A. Abdullah to Patrick Shamey Molitoris and Scott David Annis, $405,000.

Oneida St., 335-Willco Properties Corp. to Matthew O’Connor and Rebecca Steele, $595,000.

Ritchie Pl., 1334-Estate of Joyce Hemmons and Russell Terry Crockett to Amelia D. Whitman and Aaron M. Weisbuch, $540,000.

Sheriff Rd., 5106-Kevin Marbray to Oghenekome I. Odu, $379,500.

Tennessee Ave., 324-Luis F. and Parinaz K. Mendez to Yatin Patel, $1 million.

Uhland Terr., 164-Nathan D. and Connie Kim Briggs to Sean Michael Hendershot, $760,000.

Third St., 1920, No. 3-Jeremiah Whitmore to Ittie Rehani, $535,000.

10th St., 908-Kimberly Y. Schaich and John A. Gerlach to Matthew Green, $740,000.

12th St., 4213-Derek Jesse and Jessica Ellise Myers to Thomas Pellman and Maria Magdalena Navarro Perez, $815,000.

13th St., 604-Larry M. Sutton to Celal Gulluoglu, $605,000.

15th St., 68-Russell J. Prechtl and Craig M. Freeman to Gregory Brian Pogue, $675,000.

18th St., 629-Anna Edney to Lauren Christina Sharrock, $477,500.

44th St., 126-Mt. Sinai Baptist Church of D.C. to Emily Marie Huetteman and Christopher T. Trepky, $452,000.

47th St., 528-Ammengemcy Construction Group Corp. to Marvette James, $464,000.

57th Pl., 714-Kyung H. Lim to Jason W. Navarre, $385,000.


Alton Pl., 4820-Phyllis P. Hedlund to Barbara Gregory Lyman, $1.2 million.

Butternut St., 708-Christy Lynn Swanson to Alexander Burton Willingham, $775,000.

Calvert St., 1930-Raymond J. Bingham to Aydin Hayri, $1.31 million.

Cathedral Ave., 4201, No. 620W-John Sparks to Shannon Rose and Edward Alston, $267,000.

Chapin St., 1417, No. 202-Lucas P. and Lora R. Moinkoff to Andrew H.C. and Kayoko Sobey, $539,000.

Columbia Rd., 1401, No. 220-Estate of Majid Jahangiri and Nikki Jahangiri to Alexander Reid Tonsing and Neil Andrew Macintosh, $442,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3100, No. 321-Cynthia L. Elesinmogun to Janell M. Pagats, $219,500.

Connecticut Ave., 5315, No. 606-Sherry Harper Widicus to Karen L. Cox, $270,000.

Corcoran St., 1424-Fred B. Weiss and Martha P. Taft to Allegra L. Funsten and Andrew W. Eklund, $1.88 million.

Dorsett Pl., 5304-Palisades Development Inc. to Evan and Tiffany Chan, $2.71 million.

E St., 616, No. 850-Jason Luke Amerine to Karen V. Lawrence, $640,000.

Emerson St., 605-Dilan Investment Corp. to Erica Monteith and Justin Roberts, $899,900.

Farragut Pl., 16-John Patrick Pray and Carolyn Gayle Reynolds to Artur and Nicole Y. Belov, $575,000.

Florida Ave., 2129, No. L3-Rebecca Small and Seth Fink to Jason Lee Shapiro and Jamie Lynne Fratkin, $483,000.

Garrison St., 4514-Elad Sharon and Laure Hadas-Lebel to Scott B. and Laura J. Ressler, $1.18 million.

H St., 925, No. 713-Adam Richard Bieber to Adam Lavine Williams, $815,000.

Harvard St., 768-Peter M. Piatetsky to Matthew and Erin Billei, $710,000.

Hertford Pl., 3515, No. 2-Janelle Ozusta to Mohammad Kouzaei, $305,000.

Illinois Ave., 4408-Katie and Robert G. Cain to Sally J. and Maxine Ayhan, $715,000.

Irving St., 1341, No. C-James R. Addison to Anna D. Skinner, $747,500.

Kennedy St., 820-Wacap Corp. to Karen Denise and Hosea Jerome Moore, $610,000.

Lamont St., 1759-Robert Gordon and Catherine Brown to Arik Gabbai and Anna Altman, $1.61 million.

Linnean Terr., 5183-Metaxatos Properties Corp. to Nicholas James and Heather Sue Williams, $920,000.

Luray Pl., 442-Nagender Taalla to Justin Wyatt Fore, $840,000.

Macomb St., 3039-Gail E. Joice to Marshall Kaiser, $335,000.

Madison St., 1416-Chaka A. and Nayamka A. Long to Alan and Jodie S. Goldberg, $1.2 million.

McKinley St., 3219-Shanti L. Stanton to Dennis Francis O’Brien and Jessica Anne Tvelia, $1.49 million.

New Hampshire Ave., 700-William J. Caldwell and Michele P. Toth to Abhai and Renu Johri, $1.62 million.

Newton St., 1454, No. 401-Tammy Zeng to Adam Charles Smith, $410,000.

Ontario Rd., 2515, No. 1-Meier Development Corp. to Alexander M. Laskaris, $1.16 million.

Prospect St., 3317-Brian A. and Deborah B. Murdock to Mitchell Scott and Carrie Jean Ettinger, $4.35 million.

Q St., 2500, No. 240-Robert Grant Layton to Michelle Bove, $345,000.

Quintana Pl., 506-Bryan David Crumpton to Ryan Laurence Jones, $450,000.

Rock Creek Church Rd., 23-Dustin J. Maghamfar and Laura Belazis to Kerry Elizabeth O’Brien and Douglas Matthew Gascon, $715,000.

Sedgwick St., 3031-3041-Estate of Lucia C. Hanmer to Christian and Marco La Pietra, $657,000.

Sherman Ave., 2608, No. 101-Larry A. and Margaret B. Green to Philip Fromyer, $329,000.

Tilden St., 3619-Neal Cohen and Nancy Beer Tobin to Benjamin E. Kessler and Mollie Van Lieu, $2.26 million.

Underwood St., 1340-Phyllis J. and Darren C. Pyles to Daniel and Suzanne Balson, $749,000.

Veazey Terr., 3101-Estate of Natalie S. Mariotti to Zainab M. Jawad, $315,000.

Virginia Ave., 2700-Ruben Omar Donis to Lynn Williams Holbert, $448,500.

Winfield Lane, 3547-Estate of John McGough and Mary F. Campagnolo to Anne Suzette and Steven Alexander Goldstein, $1.6 million.

Wisconsin Ave., 3211, No. 103-Martin and Carol K. Segal to Heather Nowakowski, $510,000.

Second St., 5313-Eunice Elberta Henderson and Marcella Rene Turk to Troy and Jacquelyn A. Zinck, $625,000.

Seventh St., 777, No. 917-Catherine Myung Sook Hwang to Lisa Feige Silverman, $410,600.

11th St., 1616-1616, No. 202-Donald and Ragnhild Malnati to Luis Alberto Sanchez Quintana, $433,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 316-Lani Marsden and William Chester to Elizabeth I. Eckel, $774,900.

15th St., 2656, No. 301-Haci Halil Killicoglu to Chelsea M. Kinsman, $413,000.

16th St., 3533-Sean Khozin and Samantha Stark to Rafael E. Alfonzo and Lauren Jacobs, $1.3 million.

18th St., 4310-Gatha Lafaye Manns to Raymond A. Ramirez and Rachel L. Tommelleo, $1.2 million.

20th St., 1301, No. 111-Thomas Zawalich to Constandinos and Katherine Z. Himonas, $465,000.

21st St., 1320, No. 202-Andrew L. Sandler and Karen Lee Degerberg to Marco Antonio Monje Silva and Cecile Ferro, $575,000.

22nd St., 1511, No. 54-Celeste A. Connors to Lauren Ludi, $420,000.

26th St., 1516-Estate of Alexandra R. Gisiger and Valerie Gisiger to Alexandra Scott and Anthony Jack Drobnick, $819,000.

31st St., 1045, No. 505-Luis J. and Mirtha G. Bertorelli to John Joseph Buchovecky, $865,000.

35th St., 3119-Molly M. Teas to Henry Gantt Nuzum and Farzaneh Paslar, $2.1 million.

39th St., 3530, No. 651-Andrew Kreussel Barnett to Molly Heffner, $365,000.


A St., 506-Steven Bumjin Choi and Jeffrey W. Sherman to Sarah Luise Henn and Paul Ray Shin, $3.4 million.

Bangor St., 1433-Aga Corp. to Rhianna Green, $375,000.

Carpenter St., 3300-Danielle M. Gordon to Victoria Lynn Zyp, $625,000.

Dexter Terr., 1313-TLC Property Holdings Corp. to Shatoya S. Brown, $306,000.

I St., 409-Scott A. and Virginia E. Faulk to Joseph Patrick and Ellen Fong Koch, $1.27 million.

Mississippi Ave., 2006-U.S. Bank and Truman Title Trust to Deon Dawkins, $365,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 1391, No. 525-Jeffrey Edmonds to Anthony Clarence Sedillo and Katy Michelle Zamora, $500,000.

Southern Ave., 4272-Arash S. Pirooz to Michael Jwuan Lane, $392,000.

Trenton Pl., 1222-Estate of Debbie Marbury and Edward Marbury to Glenn Sewell, $275,000.

Third St., 304-Margaret M. McHugh and Demetrios G. Papademetriou to William Derrick and Sara Whitney, $1.23 million.

11th St., 243-Dilan Investment Corp. to Alan Martin Cole and Natalie Ann Rehnquist Lynch, $1.48 million.

41st St., 1545-Natasha S. Boyce to Sharon Wright and Robert M. Bigham Jr., $381,900.


I St., 355, No. 604-Babak Soltani and Shahin Saidian to Omer Yasin and Janelle Melinda Ozusta, $489,000.

N St., 461-Geoffrey A. Johnson to Lisa K. Rosenstein, $240,000.

Third St., 857, No. 104-Linda L. Delk to Henry Adam Shih and Melissa Lin, $689,000.