District of Columbia

This sales data recorded in March by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue was provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Blaine St., 4920-Rutilio Pena to Eric and Agnes Joyce Robinson, $385,000.

Bunker Hill Rd., 1818-Bunker Rose to Noah David Jacobs and Jasmine Emma Niernberger, $475,000.

Clay Pl., 3934-Ronald Adams to Chantel D. Rutland, $470,000.

D St., 1016-Allen Bradford and Lorine Dawe Card to Joseph James Katona and Rebecca Nicole Hook, $1.5 million.

E St., 520, No. 301-Jessica Reis and Anthony Deangelo to Kathleen Baldwin and Michel D. Arlon, $585,000.

Faraday Pl., 708-Appraisal Continent to John Eric and Angelica Pascual, $570,000.

Hawthorne Dr., 3033-Molly O’Keefe and Zachary Jackson to Benjamin Norman Alfred Cabana and Jessica Ann Milcetich, $440,000.

I St., 643-Daniel B. Prieto III to Young D. Suh, $929,500.

Meade St., 5048-Capital Strategy Fund to Joseph and Martine Felix, $499,000.

Olive St., 1612-Infinity IV to Eric and Jennifer Stecklow, $435,000.

R St., 227, No. B-Charles Orville Warner to Jeffrey A. Tobey and Sterling E. O’Neal, $600,000.

Sargent Rd., 4613-Carisa Stanley to Gregory L. Haugan and Angela C. Tovar Velasquez, $600,000.

Staples St., 1312-Jonathan E. Stevens and Joel D. Jowers to Courtney Nicole Temple, $819,000.

Varnum Pl., 4359-Reliance Homes to Seyed Mohammadreza Mirghasemi, $570,000.

Second St., 11, No. 305-Charles N. Sweet to John Timmothy Bourbonia Cummins, $325,000.

Sixth St., 2810-Alfredo and Rosa Mojica to Jordan David Maurand and Lacey Rae Shaver, $675,000.

Seventh St., 3000, No. 118-Michael and Mary Theisen to Clarke Jamison, $220,000.

Eighth St., 5416-Howling Mine Homes to Julie E. and Steven W. Scarano, $595,000.

11th St., 145-Margaret G. Holwill to John Paul and Rebecca Rose Nolan, $1.88 million.

12th St., 304-Michael A. Hamlin Jr. and Warren R. Griffin to Brian David Arthur and Marie Cho Ebers Arthur, $1.35 million.

12th St., 5015-AMRC to Gregory L. Pishko and Erica B. Carlsson, $580,013.

18th St., 429, No. 4-Courtney N. Temple to Raj and Suresh R. Shah, $490,398.

18th St., 4108-Josephine M. Kemathe to Allison Greer Grossman and Ryder David Cobean, $590,000.

20th St., 440-Greg McLaughlin to Kevin Richard Ulrich and Colleen Noel Clark, $595,000.

31st Pl., 2745-Estate of Pamela J. Carter and Jerry L. Hunter to Stephen Cole, $330,000.


Appleton St., 3715-Estate of Harry K. Morlock and Patrick C. Horrell to Stephen E. and Emily J. West, $950,000.

Arkansas Ave., 4914-Peter Jones to Jasmeet Kaur and Ashish Patel, $855,000.

Belmont Rd., 2032, No. 522-Susan E. Subak to Maureen Rose Johnston, $390,000.

Brandywine St., 3626-Tyson R. and Renee J. Redpath to Andrew M. Lacy and Valerie Cupp, $2.5 million.

Church St., 1440, No. 605-John E. McCullough to Michael J. Barluk, $1.23 million.

Columbia Rd., 1129, No. 200-Eugene N. and Rachel E. Schacht to Ariella Shifra Bock, $645,000.

Columbia Rd., 1954, No. 512-Amanda Katherine Herrington to David P. Meyers, $281,500.

Connecticut Ave., 3901, No. 212-Martin J. Monaghan to Annalisa Bucalossi and Andrea Carocci, $408,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5410, No. 110-Estate of John Michael Neander and Mark Neander to Ekaterina Anatolyevna Ananyeva, $245,000.

Davis Pl., 4114, No. 305-Matthew and Mary Bailey to Lauren Hudspeth, $216,000.

E St., 915, No. 411-Valarie Molaison to Amanda Brooke Cranford, $475,000.

Fairmont St., 1340, No. 24-Cynthia Aarons Love to Noor Shah, $426,400.

Florida Ave., 1828-Laurana Coleman Reed to Jessica Nicole Moscoso and Brian Patrick Hagerty, $940,000.

Garfield St., 3718-Dilan Investment to Christopher and Katherine Long Mathieu, $1.8 million.

Harvard St., 1012, No. 4-Sarah and Jonathan Ewing to Jacob Benjamin and Caroline Gabriel, $520,000.

Hemlock St., 1326-Dwayne M. Toliver to Daniel and Jodi L. Arellano, $910,000.

I St., 920, No. 807-Kelly A. and Christopher Mufarrige to Ryan Watzel and Matthew Sipe, $735,000.

Jefferson St., 830-Tammy Wright to Enrique Borroto, $525,000.

K St., 1150, No. 1107-Faranak Zafarnia to Katherine Riedel, $475,000.

L St., 1001, No. 707-Brian and Steven Schram to Caitlin Ann Rogalski and Janice Glennie, $523,000.

Longfellow St., 605-Joshua W. and Gugulethu M. Polacheck to Marat and Elvira Metoff, $550,000.

M St., 910, No. 629-Daniel Raoul and Rachel Claire Shively to Olga Gorodetsky, $725,000.

MacArthur Blvd., 4555, No. 102-Elise K. Aronson to Rajinder and Meena Singh, $227,000.

Madison St., 427-Jad Kamil and Nichole Lynn Atallah to Rebecca B. Jones and Peter D. Gaff, $737,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 400, No. 507-Kathryn Herr to Douglas Stroock and Alexandra Sabater, $611,900.

Massachusetts Ave., 1711, No. 105-Roger W. Beckman to Marie Blandine Wu Yao Kuang, $395,000.

Mount Pleasant St., 3314, No. 39-Eileen M. Barber to Linda Ann and Paul Michael Eyerman, $360,000.

N St., 1440, No. 312-Adam Scott Glickman to Adam M. Fritz, $280,000.

Nevada Ave., 5538-Kevin A. Hunt and David L. Dildine to Kevin A. Hunt and David L. Dildine, $132,652.

New Hampshire Ave., 1903-Alejandro Lopez-Mejia and Maria Margarita Uricoechea to Emily and Daniel E. Wallace, $1.25 million.

New Mexico Ave., 3101, No. 805-John K. Crawford and Keviar Warner to Maria Contos, $227,500.

O St., 2007, No. 505-Orlie Natalie Yaniv to Ryan Michael Kofron and Eric Michael Hudak, $439,000.

Olive St., 2708-Joanne E. Osendarp to Eric G. Toumayan and Trini M. Rodriguez, $1.23 million.

Ontario Rd., 2450, No. 2-Brian Michael Olden to Rosa Esperanza Gonzalez Mahecha and Brian Patrick Wanlass, $732,000.

P St., 2141, No. 906-Ariturk Properties III to Xiaoheng Geng, $480,000.

Park Rd., 1309, No. 101-Gauri A. Deshpande to Kimberly Ann Coletti, $576,000.

Q St., 1615, No. 801-Constance L. Chubb and Patrick A. Squires to Leia Jayne Schantz, $422,500.

Q St., 2910, No. A11-Leslie A. Fahrenkopf to Judy L. Patterson, $1.15 million.

R St., 20-Daniel Dall and Kathryn Dall Asta to Caitlin Hartman, $1.1 million.

Randolph St., 438-Ricardo E. Roberts Sr. to Melvin Lee Waldrop Jr., $670,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 66, No. 1-Sarah Temin to Matthew Christopher Choi Sullivan, $596,000.

S St., 46-Profile I Properties to Henry James Brewster and Geoffrey Clinton Wetrosky, $1.32 million.

Salem Lane, 4474-Adam Jay and Jordan Kyle Cohen to Courtney and David Christopher Hodapp, $1.38 million.

Shepherd St., 312-Leslie Patykewich to Stephen Swern and Marisa Goldstein, $675,000.

Sherman Ave., 3318, No. 104-James and Stephanie M. Ogorzalek to Maggie Griebert, $328,500.

Spring Rd., 1456-Armando Garcia Mulato and Angelica Rivas De Garcia to Glenda Torres Contreras and Alfredo Solis, $725,000.

Unicorn Lane, 2769-Timothy Michael Day to Kenneth A. and Andrea P. Edmonds, $1.22 million.

V St., 67, No. 2-Jeremy Bennett Freeman to Monica Gadkari, $740,000.

Warren St., 4705-Laura A. Ingersoll and Tom Jansen to Debra T. Kurshan and Benjamin A. Bolitzer, $1.37 million.

Willard St., 1736, No. 505-Jennifer L. and Janet A. Kline to Patricia Lee McLaughlin, $341,500.

Wisconsin Ave., 2800, No. 201-Jose H. Bezerra to Amanda L. Gant, $205,000.

Yuma St., 3814-Mary E. and Joseph Martin Devlin to Quinton Ng and Denise C. Hsu, $1.03 million.

Third Pl., 5819-Patricia Simms to Emily Vogtmann and Carlo S. Munoz, $637,000.

Fourth St., 1724-Mitchell Yale Davis to Joshua Zimmerman, $915,000.

Sixth St., 3532-Serhiy Rudomyr and Anna Vorotniak to John D. Hendel, $535,000.

Eighth St., 5003-Fame Homes to Eric Scott and Nick Scott Fafoglia, $875,000.

12th St., 7306-Urban Properties to Molly and Jon Raglani, $1.28 million.

13th St., 1615-William Emnett to Korab Zuka, $1.7 million.

13th St., 3500, No. 401-Alonso Jose Chaverri Suarez to Steven Collat Kameny and Jennifer Ann Hanley, $392,500.

14th St., 1133, No. 801-Jack Dishner to Panagiotis Tzanopoulos, $490,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 905-Alexandra Nicole Richards to John Davis Price and Anne Clarke Shoemaker, $1.12 million.

16th St., 3102-Seth Morris to Matthew T. Miller, $995,000.

17th St., 1939, No. 9-James J. Lumalcuri to Jacob Arem and Matthew Holden, $645,000.

17th St., 3330-David A. Shapiro to Brian T. and Amy E. Hughes, $1.14 million.

18th St., 3166-Jeffrey L. Davis and Deborah R. List to George Shukri Emile Zaidan and Julia Price Radice, $1.31 million.

21st St., 1260, No. 501-Shirley Pauline Lyons to Hila Pridan, $251,500.

25th St., 800, No. 301-Estate of Marilyn Grossman and Kaaron Stiles Ross to Lewis and Felice Rovegno, $1.12 million.

30th St., 2610-Smith Salem Heights to Thomas Alden and Lauren Elizabeth Ellis, $4.97 million.

33rd St., 6948-Larry M. Goldes and Shirley Diane Conley to Jolanta M. Rubio and Marian S. Zaczkiewicz, $823,000.

39th St., 3810, No. C123-Michael J. Sellers to Karin Paige Steinmann and Alex Levon Dogum, $374,000.

44th St., 4911-Jedidah M. Mussey to Christopher Jordan and Adrienne Kara Lafrance Ordan, $1.02 million.


Alabama Ave., 3679, No. B-Radu and Luda Bujoreanu to Randez Xavier and Robin Hadden, $227,000.

Barnaby Terr., 1238-DC Property and Hallaltrend to Mekeda R. Ingram, $365,000.

Bowen Rd., 2507-David A. Johnson to Milton D. Quintana, $449,500.

D St., 142-Carter and Julia Collison to Catherine Pallenik and Bradford Simmons, $815,000.

E St., 138-Gary A. and Lisa D. Jones to Joseph B. and Kyle H. Fortson, $1.42 million.

Fort Dupont St., 1658-Bernard McKoy to Terence Asongwed, $409,000.

Guetler Way, 419-Jennifer and Brent Timothy Mosley to Matthew William and Carolyn Jo Lachman, $1.28 million.

Knox Terr., 2725-Johnetta E. Watson to Vanessa Ann Marrow, $397,500.

Prout St., 2226-William H. Hall Jr. to Mawusi Bridges, $305,000.

Fourth St., 1300, No. 703-Therese Dahlen to Zoe Newberg, $870,000.

Seventh St., 1014-James R. Shappell Jr. and Antoinette M. Valenti to Joshua and Liudmyla Tretter, $690,000.

15th Pl., 3287, No. 201-Yolanda Allen to Ndaya S. Johnson, $240,000.

18th St., 1814-Copeland Acquisitions to Darcelle C. Williams, $465,000.

41st St., 1575-Dwelling Edge to Patrick H. and Haley E. Richers, $424,000.


Danbury St., 103-U.S. Bank to Richard Fowler, $385,000.

M St., 300, No. N315-James P. Elder Jr. to Tamlyn Sheng, Alex Sheng and Stephanie Sheng, $449,000.

First St., 3926-Beniam W. Ado to Tahina Vatel, $481,507.