District of Columbia

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and enue were provided by Black Knight Inc. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Adams St., 1317, No. 2-Derek G. and Brittany Knight to Jason Melton, $361,500.

Buchanan St., 55-Estate of Edward Graves Barksdale and Jacqueline B. Wells to Tsehainesh Sium, $400,000.

Capitol St. E., 1116-Robert B. and Ida May Mantel to David W. and Margaret E. Byrne Sedgewick, $1.6 million.

Clay St., 4718-Vaison Group Corp. to Amishi Kumar, $490,000.

D St., 901, No. 205-Yoko Lawless to Shakeem Kenya Lane, $935,000.

Emerald St., 1356-Robert Louis and Marcy Elizabeth Saltaformaggio to Miles Hampton Kiger and Angelica Casas, $880,000.

Faraday Pl., 745-Stella Dina to Gordon Thomas, $305,000.

Franklin D Roosevelt Pl., 3709-Robert M. Reyburn and Margaret M. Gallagher to Clarence Agbi, $470,000.

H St., 301, No. 403-Brooke Smith to Rafia Usmani, $429,900.

Holbrook Terr., 1220, No. 200-Slaiman Atayee to Michael Czogalla, $287,000.

Jefferson St., 15-Sondra and Alexander Hadden to Anna J. Kent, $670,000.

Raum St., 1212, No. 10-Teresa S. Butts to Jason M. Schmit, $300,000.

Terrace Ct., 5-Brian Todd and Robin Kaneshiro Urheim to Michael David Schwengel and Meredith Anne Hamme Schwengel, $685,000.

Varnum Pl., 4318-Steven and Emily C. Gustafson to Frederick Yi, $568,200.

Webster St., 90, No. 4-Romina Bobbio Da Costa and Hui Xiang to estate of Adjeley Osekre and Andrew Richardson, $170,000.

Third St., 1171-ATM Management Inc. to Sarah and Peter Bourland, $765,000.

Seventh St., 1107-Dilan Investment 1003 Corp. to Sandesh Dhungana and Prakriti Mishra, $1.15 million.

Eighth St., 5078-Gwendolen C. Ingraham and Danette A. Holland to Nwora A. Nwokolo, $451,000.

12th St., 5009-Zumra Wahla Corp. to Jay Monitz and Emily Harrison, $605,000.

14th St., 234-William and Karen Handsfield to Mallory Knodel, $770,000.

15th St., 3001-Patrick Ryan and Patricia Hughes Martin to Isaac Wilbur Bloom and Monique Rhiannon Sullivan, $780,000.

18th Pl., 308, No. 2-Ashley Hathaway to Maria L. Longo Pita Fernandez, $355,000.

20th St., 426-Mary E. Evans to Shelbi Gayle Sturgess, $595,000.

25th Pl., 500, No. 202-Matthew G. Honea to Gregory Chaffin, $345,000.

59th St., 402-Style De Vie Corp. to Leonard Bosire, $430,000.


Alton Pl., 3706-Nicole M. Frederic to Benjamin J. Mullen and Sara M. Lohmann, $889,000.

Beecher St., 3841-Thomas S. Knott III and Amy Anne Bowman to Megan L. and David M. Jones, $1.18 million.

Belmont St., 1468, No. 3W-Overlook 2 Corp. to Dirk N. Prevoo, $1.3 million.

Bryant St., 67-EMK Investments 1 Corp. to Kyle L. and Kaitlyn E. Klass, $1.29 million.

Clifton St., 1308, No. 209-Alexander S. Gorzalski and Rhea D. Patel to Min Jung Kim, $419,000.

Columbia Rd., 1851, No. 510-James Roderick Sosnicky to Luzette G. Jaimes and Adam Molyneux Berry, $395,000.

Connecticut Ave., 4600, No. 201-David Chapman and Sigrid Hutcheson to Abhay Andar and Indira Rao, $440,000.

Connecticut Ave., 5315, No. 603-James H. Carder to Hannah S. Gaber Saletan, $267,500.

Davis Pl., 3925, No. 304-Julio Lobo Neto to Christopher Leon, $278,000.

Fairmont St., 1450-M. H. Holahan Development Corp. to Elliot Nolan and Stephanie Allen, $514,500.

Florida Ave., 929, No. 5007-Goldstar Floridian Corp. to Timothy M. Rolland and Yaman D. Williams, $695,000.

Garfield Terr., 2960-Nabil W. Kassatly to Priya Helena and Pranav J. Vora, $1.73 million.

Girard St., 1419, No. 3-Jennifer C. Moisi and Samuel R. Lampert to Michael Anthony Mangiapane, $548,000.

Hawthorne Pl., 5419-Caroline West to Steven Thomas and Leslie Ann Pearson, $900,000.

Irving St., 601-Compton B. Edwards to Rodrick Edwards, $250,000.

Irving St., 1818-Richard H. Fennell to Peter Austin and Samantha Joelle Moore, $890,000.

Kalorama Rd., 1806, No. 3-Steven P. Stalinsky to Yascha Benjamin Mounk, $550,000.

Kansas Ave., 5223-Ann N. Robinson to Anna-Claire Ashby Bowers and Richard Albert Guardino, $559,966.

Kenyon St., 1390, No. 714-Ghanshyam Kumar to Caroline D. Malamut, $630,500.

L St., 2425, No. 210-Ari B. and Kelley P. Redbord to Alexander Cochran and Michelle Jefferson, $781,000.

Lane Kys. W., 3030-James Julian Wheeler and estate of A.L. Wheeler to Ashley Vizzi Akridge, $2.27 million.

M St., 910, No. 1002-Christine L. Johnson to Gregg Wintering, $550,000.

Macarthur Blvd., 5357-Gerald Slater and Halcyone H. Bohen to Morgan W. Campbell and Alexis Royalty, $1.32 million.

Manchester Pl., 5803-Reginald Mark Wallen to Eleanore and Walker P. Lambert, $1.2 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 1010, No. 209-Radian Guaranty Inc. to David A. Abrams, $463,000.

Monroe St., 1356, No. A-Keyatta Orlena to Elizabeth Orfaly and Michael Rosenberg, $582,500.

N St., 1745, No. 102-N Street Venture Corp. to Albert Jung-Du Chae, $560,000.

New Mexico Ave., 2801, No. 1121-James R. Kanski to Stephen J. and Gail Lynn Ullrich, $719,000.

O St., 2012, No. 13-Debodhonyaa Sengupta to Claudia A. Rancano, $420,000.

Park Rd., 1745-Melody L. Fox and Umar A. Ahmed to Christopher Keally and Sezin Paydas, $1.48 million.

Potomac Ave., 4865-Nathan Thomas Daschle and Leah Francis Campos to Matthew Thomas and Suzanne Dallas Castaldo, $2.62 million.

Q St., 2500, No. 322-Abigail Koplow Brener to Christopher J. Lewis, $350,200.

R St., 68-Sean David Gallagher and Makiko Taniguchi to Trenton D. Bauserman and Daniel A. Watson De Roux, $1.03 million.

Rodman St., 3403-Todd A. Dorfman and Anneli Werner to Marc L. and Kimberly A. Goldwein, $1.95 million.

Sherman Ave., 3318, No. 103-Thomas R. McDonald and estate of Steven C. McDonald to Marisa Gina Franco, $470,000.

Tuckerman St., 1610-Bryce R. and Katherine A. Pippert to Joseph Daniel Strodel Jr., $1.07 million.

V St., 1329-Bradley Klapper to Shervin Shafa, $871,250.

Vermont Ave., 2120, No. 520-Lynn S. Kim to Jeffrey Thomas Rohde, $500,000.

Woodley Pl., 2738-David M. and Robin H. Steinhorn to Greg O’Connor and Dana Logan, $1.54 million.

First St., 1924, No. 1-Leah Chandler and Nathan Mcarthy to Casie Marie Knowles and Joseph Edward St. Germain, $799,000.

Fourth St., 1240, No. T-Sean William Snyder to Amanda Medlock, $490,000.

Sixth St., 3221-Guillermo and Lynda Peralta to Abigail Charlton Grace and Alden Leclair, $627,000.

Eighth St., 4605-Nina Halper and Emila Gutierrez to Andrew Maisel, $877,500.

Ninth St., 4711-Cory and Erin L. Estep to Navid B. Rahimi and Ellen Tessa Tompsett, $825,000.

11th St., 2004, No. 430-Morris R. Goff to Denise F. Polit, $450,000.

14th St., 2125, No. 904-Lauren Clark to Lisa Klein, $1.09 million.

15th St., 2656, No. 104-Rachael E. Kozolup to Letlhogonolo Lentie Ward, $399,900.

18th St., 1545, No. 206-Zeenia R. Irani to Ardin Chi Ngai Lo, $399,999.

20th St., 1301, No. 517-Richard J. Kutchey to Joaquim V. Ferreira Levy and Denise Urias Levy, $282,000.

26th St., 1001, No. 801-David C. Schwartz to Randy and Amanda Mieskoski, $319,000.

33rd St., 1015, No. 402-Alexander and Yelena Trepetin to Darrell Kevin Smith and Monica Lynn Appleby Pampbell, $799,000.

37th St., 1922-Brian and Katherine McCarthy to Brian Hayes and Tara Burke, $1.18 million.

51st Pl., 3124-Michael N. Angst and Laurie A. Amell to Hywel and Laura Pearlstein Mills, $1.24 million.


Barnaby Terr., 1056-US Bank and Washington Mutual Asset-Backed Certificate to Cecilia Leftwich, $257,120.

Chesapeake St., 829-Imelda and David Anyaoha to Victor M. Paiva Tipismana, $300,000.

E St., 3313-Simone Management Corp. to Jason Gamache, $612,000.

Gorman Terr., 4342-US Bank and LSF9 Master Participation Trust to Precious Rideout, $334,000.

Hunter Pl., 2201, No. 302-McKinney Technology Partners Inc. to Christina Metcalf, $189,000.

K St., 1404, No. 2-William A. and Valerie A. Reynolds to Janisha Patel, $785,000.

Knox Terr., 2707-Donald S. and Yolanda R. Johnson to Ogochukwu Agwai, $449,500.

Oakwood St., 542-Kehinde A. Taiwo and Taiwo Abayomi to Nana Yaqub-Ogun, $160,000.

S St., 2916-Phillip J. Thomas-Wallace to Isaac Osei, $645,000.

T Pl., 1909-Estate of Lawrence Earl Leonard Sr. and Lawrence Earl Leonard Jr. to Chima Valentine Igwe, $364,300.

Tremont St., 2002-Von and Wyomme Pariss to Stephon Dwayne Woods, $359,000.

Wilmington Pl., 151-Estate of Minnie W. Jefferson and Chromer W. Jefferson to Carmen E. Alston, $305,000.

Fourth St., 1300, No. 612-Parcel O-1 Corp. to Eric Blaylock, $759,900.

10th St., 13-Nathan and Alison Wacker to Henry E. Litman and Alexandra E. Francis, $1.09 million.


Darrington St., 101-Carol Walls to MTGLQ Investors LP, $260,000.

Martin Luther King Jr Ave., 4308-Garry Coffee to Jonathan P.L. Steele, $405,000.