A guest at a downtown Washington hotel was arrested Friday and charged with kidnapping and sexual abuse after an encounter with a woman he found unconscious in the lobby, according to D.C. police and court documents.

Police identified the suspect as David Millard, 60, of Hono­lulu. They said the incident occurred early Thursday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel on H Street NW.

According to a sworn statement filed by police, security camera footage from the hotel lobby showed a man carrying a woman who appeared to be unconscious toward the elevators.

In the statement, police said the woman told them that she drank alcohol before going to a hotel bar and drank more with co-workers at the bar. She said she remembered being in the bar and then nothing more until she awoke “totally undressed” in a hotel room Thursday morning next to a man.

When police later found her in the lobby, she was “visibly shaken and distraught,” authorities said.

An examination at a hospital showed injuries consistent with a sexual act, the statement said.

According to the statement, the suspect told police that he tried to help a woman whom he found “unconscious and/or passed out.” He said he took her to his room but did not force her and had her consent, the statement said.