After a teenager was shot in Georgetown on Halloween night, two witnesses saw a man stuff something in his waistband and take off with a companion. The witnesses flagged down a police officer who captured one of the men, but the other got away.

The account of what happened Monday night in the 2800 block of M St. NW was revealed in court papers Wednesday. The man arrested, 24-year-old Andre Coleman of the 4300 block of Gorman Terrace SE, has been charged with carrying a pistol without a license. Nobody has been charged in the shooting, which left the 17-year-old victim hospitalized Wednesday in critical condition.

The Georgetown shooting was one of at least five incidents of gunfire around the city on Monday night and Tuesday morning. Six people were hit in the shootings, none fatally.

According to court papers, two witnesses in a car in Georgetown heard a gunshot around 11 p.m. They saw a man stuffing what looked like a gun into his waistband, then watched that man and another person leave the scene together. The witnesses followed the men in their car, the court papers said, then flagged down a police officer.

After describing what they saw, one of the witnesses entered the officer’s car, according to the court papers. As they drove, the witness recognized someone.

“That’s him right there,” the witness told the officer. The officer stopped the suspects, but they then ran off, according to the court papers.

The officer chased one into a dead-end courtyard, the court papers said. After hearing what he described as a “metal-on-metal sound,” he went into the courtyard, where he found the person described in court papers as Coleman sitting on steps in the 900 block of 24th St. NW.

Coleman appeared in court Wednesday before Judge Diana H. Epps on the gun charge, and he was ordered held ahead of a hearing scheduled for Thursday.

The officer found a gun in a nearby alley loaded with 12 bullets and an expended shell case in the barrel, according to court papers. Witnesses have reported hearing several shots, and police sources said they are investigating the possibility that at least three guns were fired Monday night.

Meanwhile, police have gone store to store in Georgetown in search of video surveillance footage, and they were trying to obtain video from Metro stations in an attempt to identify witnesses and possible suspects who may have entered and left the subway system, according to police sources.

Police sources also gave an account of what led to the shooting: Groups of young people were walking in opposite directions on M Street near 28th Street, and when they met, members of one group began bragging about their neighborhood. That sparked responses and, eventually, violence, the sources said.

Police spokeswoman Gwen Crump declined comment, citing the pending investigation.