A District police officer with nearly two decades on the force has been convicted of stealing her brother’s identity and taking out thousands of dollars of loans in his name, according to the Prince George’s County state’s attorney’s office.

Officer Jamell Stallings is to be sentenced April 2 in Prince George’s County Circuit Court and faces up to 150 years in prison if given the maximum time on all the charges. A jury convicted her on three counts of counterfeiting, three counts of identification fraud and five counts of theft, according to a spokesman for the prosecutor’s office.

Stallings, who joined the District police force in 1989, remains suspended without pay. A decision on her job status has not been made, the spokesman said, though it most likely will end her career. Her attorney said he plans to appeal.

The state’s attorney’s office said that Stallings used her brother’s identity to obtain loans under his name and Social Security number. Prosecutors said she used a fraudulent W-2 tax form “to show that she was gainfully employed, when she was not.”

Stallings’s attorney, Kenneth E. McPherson, said the jury found his client not guilty of manufacturing the documents she used. He also said that she was not allowed to introduce evidence to support her contention that her brother gave her permission to use his identity to give her money.

“We have a strong basis for reversal on appeal,” McPherson said Tuesday. He said the total his client was convicted of stealing was $25,000, of which he said $14,000 has been repaid to the lending institutions.