In his latest holdup of the 7-Eleven on Bladensburg Road in Northeast Washington, on Tuesday, police said the 53-year-old escaped with $35, four packs of Newport cigarettes and a single doughnut.

He was dressed in a black coat, black winter hat with a mask, dark pants and dark gloves.

About 45 minutes later, police said they spotted him walking in front of his home, around the corner from the convenience store, but this time he was in his pajamas.

Court documents say the man told detectives that his girlfriend was angry at the tiny haul and sent him back out to get more. But police said they arrested him before he could go back out.

As police from the 5th District investigated, they learned that the suspect had worked at the store in the 900 block of Bladensburg Road in the past, been fired after being charged with stealing merchandise off the shelves and was awaiting trial at the time of his arrest Tuesday.

Not only that, police said they suspect he held up the same 7-Eleven on Nov. 22, Nov. 26 and Dec. 7. Police said Wednesday that they charged Daniel H. Richardson with four counts of robbery. Clerks told police that they recognized him as a former worker during the latest encounter.

In his apartment, police said they found clothing matching descriptions from some of the robberies, along with a black puffy coat with a wooden handle rigged to make it look as though he had a gun in his pocket. Police said he robbed the stores by handing clerks holdup notes.

“We closed four robberies with this guy,” said Cmdr. Andrew Solberg, who heads the 5th District. Asked whether he ever encountered one person holding up the same place four times, Solberg laughed and said, “No, never.”