Not every robber in the District uses a gun. Many merely grab an item and run. Police said the weapon shown in a holdup early Sunday near 14th and Q streets NW was a knife.

But many robberies do involve guns, and police said guns were found last week in many parts of the District, as they were being carried, kept indoors, discarded and even stored on the street in a cable television box.

Two loaded pistols, a Sig Sauer and a Beretta, were found Thursday night in the 4200 block of Fourth Street SE, police said, “stashed away in a cable box for easy access.” Police said they were trying to find who put them there.

The same night, police said they seized four guns in a raid in the 6200 block of Eighth Street NW. The same night, police said, officers saw a man in a mask cast a pistol aside near the 300 block of Van Buren Street NW as they came up.

The day before, police said they took a gun from a man near Seventh and R streets NW. He was stopped based on a tip and on judgment based on special training, they said.